Kata is a writer, teacher, channel. She founded Lemurian Awakening in 2006. She leads workshops, sacred journeys and worldwide Lemurian reactivations of specific energetic sites. Her inspirational letters and channeled communications awaken our deepest memories of ascension. Kata understands and assists those hearts that are called to shift their beings into crystalline by transforming and awakening their DNA. If you are called, you can join her on a transformational journey.


June, 2008

KataFirst of all, I am not the one who can tell that channeling was part of my life from my childhood. However, I can tell that I was always amazed by ancient civilizations. Somehow with reading more and more in the subject I became confident that at the dawn of our Earth’s history there was a much more advanced civilization, the one that later showed the way for all the others. I remember the first time when I was in Hawaii (that was a kind of magic for me too, from this part of the world (Hungary) end up there), instead of laying under the sun I spent days with my computer. I could surf on the internet to read about anything but somehow I was ‘pushed’ to collect everything about Lemuria The air was full with the energy of the ancient continent there. I think that was my first ‘official encounter’ with the concept of Lemuria.

I found Lee Carroll’s wonderful Kryon books in 2003. From that time to read about channeling started to mean something different for me. Thanks to some kind of very intense invitation energy (I did not know that time where was it from) I managed to participate on the Kryon Summer Conference two and a half years ago on Mt Shasta. I remember Kryon’s last words at the very end of the conference in the Kryon-Gaia -Adama-Kirael quad channeling. Kryon said that  the capstone is finally open.The Lemurians after thousands of years of separation, can be among us again and we are all ambassadors of Them whatever part of the world we are from. Kryon’s advice was to take home a Lemurian with us. That was a joke with some serious meaning at the bottom.

KataAnd it happened. Adama ‘came home’ with me. It took me six more moths to start to communicate. On a cold, grey Sunday afternoon, I got an unforgettable sign from him. That was in January 2006, since than we are in constant dialogue. Now they are messages for others, but in the beginning these were written dialogues to help me to raise my frequency, so I could learn more and finally start to share these messages with you…

Since that time so much has happened. Adama and my Lemurian family showed me so much, and I am so much more aware of my mission now. This is really amazing how spirit helps to move all the obstacles and helps to realize what is the divine mission we came to do a long, long time ago… The last two years brought a lot of wonderful realizations and happening on three continents. It brought into my life wonderful teachings regarding our Lemurian past-present and future and the importance of this wonder in our ever changing reality.
I had the privilege to go through different activation processes, visiting the mountain 9 times, downloading precious Lemurian teachings in Hawaii, Egypt and Mt Shasta.
And now I am ready and expected to share all these and more with the wonderful help of Adama and the Lemurian Council of Twelve.
I am blessed and honored to be able to present all what they wish for us to know and forward.
Thus with their request, the sharing workshops will begin this August of 2008 in Mt Shasta.

For those of you who wish to know more about my very personal path and all the wonders which help me to be where I am now, soon you can read my e-diary.

Last but not least, I would like to express my warmest gratitude and love to Adama, RanaMu, Kyra Namu, and all my Lemurians in the higher dimensions for their Guidance, Wisdom Light& Love.

With My Deepest Love,