Our Ancient Lemurian family is  waiting for us. They are ready to greet us in their  multidimensional city Telos, under Mt Shasta, or many other wonderful places all around the world. They are ready to reconnect, TO HELP. When can all these be part of our every-days’ reality? When can any of us communicate with them on a daily basis, and visit Them whenever ready and feel so? Very soon. If we finish our divine preparation and make our hearts ready for these 5th dimensional experiences. The timing is on our side.

This site’s mission is to help in this preparation. If your heart leads you here, you can decide how ‘deep’ participation  you are ready for. The only thing THEY ask from you is be ready for miracles. If you tune in Their teaching can help a lot. There is not only one method to achieve the requested readiness, however this is one of them which fully monitored by the Higher Dimensional Lemurian Masters

This is a site, a gathering place for those who feel the calling to know more about the wisdom of Lemuria, the most ancient civilization of our human Earth history.

The fact that you are here is the brightest proof that you are somehow connected to it. The happenings these days on our beloved planet and in our very personal life just make the realization faster.

Stay tuned, register our news letter and be welcomed in the awakened Lemurians ever growing club.

Let your heart navigate you on this site.



Adama: Cherish your Victory and Create your own Freedom – Harmony-Gratitude Operated Matrix

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Sit back and breathe deeply. Enjoy the peace that surrounds you now. In your planetary journey you have achieved a level where you have fully gained back all the tools that once in your divine enbodyment already belonged to you. … Read More

Adama: All is in Change – Anchoring your Crystalline Light to the Heart of the Planet

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All my love is there with you. If you keep your heart wide open you can feel my presence around you, all the way long, all the daylong… I am not in the visible spectrum yet but soon, and it’s not … Read More

Adama: The Sacred Water of your Body and the Lemurian Heartbeat of the Pacific

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Greetings to the Masters, What an amazing period if time you are in the middle right now. All that you have witnessed the last few years was just the rehearsal for this phase of transformation finally to happen. I know … Read More

Adama: The Mirrors of MU

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Is it challenging to find your balance and to keep your harmony in the chaos that manifests all around you? Does it take extreme effort to keep a pure ‘heart oriented’ approach to the daily events in your lives? Peace, … Read More

Adama: The Lemurian Way of Creating Harmony

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Greetings to the Masters, Take a look behind yourself as this powerful summer, which was filled with intense transforming energies ends. So many major achievements have paved your path up until this very moment. Ascension is not an easy ride. … Read More

Adama: Summer Solstice – Breathe in your Freedom and Create your Harmony

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Greetings to the Masters, What a year you are marching in. You have left behind a very special chapter with all of its transformational energy. And here you are today, with all your clarity and wisdom in the chapter called … Read More

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