Heart Harmony was the living reality of the Lemurian collective civilization. With the returning cosmic cycle through the Light emanating from the Galactic Center, the time has returned to easily gain this wisdom back to our reality. We can awaken the deepest harmony in our hearts to create our collective harmony, a world filled with Love, Peace, Compassion, Balance, Gratitude.

If you feel the call to experience this Heart Harmony on a collective level, once was fully experienced on this planet in the time of Lemuria, you are welcome to join to one of our Heart Harmony adventures. The very first of these actions will take us to Lake Baikal next year. The untouched crystalline beauty of the lake has the very essence of this universal harmony. The Crystalline Heart of Lake Baikal has the Source Codes for our collective Heart Harmony… We will visit truly untouched, very powerful sacred places on this journey. We will connect the guardians of the lake, as we get step by step closer to her ancient crystalline wisdom… The crystalline essence of this lake can work as a catalyst for creating collective Heart Harmony for the entire planet and beyond.

June 2016. Heart Harmony in Action


Day 1 – Shaman Rock – PREPARATION

Olhkon island, the biggest island of the lake and the center of the Northern hemisphere’s shamanisms. This will be our home for the upcoming week. We will start our journey with a Lemurian greeting ceremony at the lake. We start our work to connect her precious vibration. We will receive her healing, transforming codes day by day, step by step as we discover more and more from its ancient secret wisdom and beauty. The guardians of the lake will be with us all the way long until the end of our adventure.

June 2016. Heart Harmony in Action

Day 2-3 – Cape Khoboy – ACTIVATION

One of our truly amazing experiences will start today. Cape Khoboy is the most remote and most sacred part of the island. We will ask permission from its gatekeepers to let us inn. We will feel as the dimensional gates open and we gain access to its most sacred invisible realm. We will stay there for the night. Connecting the starry sky to the heart of the lake… Our Summer Solstice ceremony will be held here. This will be one of the most powerful part of the entire journey… very precious gifts are awaiting us…

June 2016. Heart Harmony in Action

Day 4 – Mountain Zhima – RECONNECTION

One more adventurous day will take us to the sacred mountain of the island. The powerful transformative vibration of the mountain will help for all of us to receive the most ancient codes of the lake… We will connect the deepest, oldest part of the lake today, we will connect her eternal guardians and their crystalline home…The Heart Harmony codes for the entire planet, the most ancient crystalline essence of the lake will be reconnected…

June 2016. Heart Harmony in Action


This is the day to settle all the gifts we have received so far on this journey. We will spend the whole day as close to the water as possible. Walk, swim, sing, dance are the key words for this most unique interaction with the crystalline essence of the water…and the Siberian sauna…

19-28 Июня 2015 года: Гармония Сердца в Действии

Day 6 – Lake Hanhoy RECALLIBRATION

Lemurian Awakening Day. The wisdom of the Lemurians Masters and their eternal teachings. Today we will work with the Crystalline Grid. The Crystalline Essence of the lake will be connected to it through the Heart Harmony of our own hearts.

19-28 Июня 2015 года: Гармония Сердца в Действии

Day 7 – Island Ogoy COMPLETION

We will spend the whole day ON the water. The Pure crystalline island of Ogoy will help our integration work. We will connect our own crystalline essence. Being Crystalline is a state of being that we could nourish with perfection with all the wisdom the lake ready to reveal to us… The Crystalline Wisdom of the Ancients is the gift we can take home from here, from her, from the Goddess of the Lake…

June 2016. Heart Harmony in Action

‘Lake Baikal is one of the world’s most amazing natural eco-systems. It is the world’s oldest lake at 25-30 million years old. It is the world’s deepest lake at 1642m (5,387ft) deep. It contains 20% of the world’s surface unfrozen fresh water. The lake is crystal clear, surrounded by mile-high snowcapped mountains, offering vistas of unmatched beauty. And it is so much more.

Lake Baikal’s untouched core still holds the crystalline wisdom of our ancient planet. Because of the Siberian cold climate, every year for 5 months the lake is covered with three-foot thick ice. This melting/freezing rhythm is one of the reasons why the water in this lake is so special and carries more crystalline vibration than any other water system on our planet. And it is so much more.

Lake Baikal’s ancient formation has so many secrets deep within her. Creation codes from the very beginning of Earth’s history are pulsing there silently, waiting for the ones who are ready to reconnect – waiting for us as humanity to finally reconnect.


“The Pearl of Siberia – Visiting the Crystalline Heart of Lake Baikal”

So if the call is yours you are so welcome to join us for this most powerful Summer Solstice Journey. The Precious Lake of Crystalline Wisdom will reveal her secret for us…

Let your heart navigate you,


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