This is a program to create and connect as many hearts with ancient divine memories aka Local Love Circles worldwide as possible.

The ancient codes reside dormant within our hearts – there is an ancient protocol to awaken those memories that can help the most for all of us in these extremely important times we are all living in at the moment.

These Lemurian Love Circles can bring alive those long forgotten codes of our own physical system that can make this transformation smooth and fluent. We are all will experience the switch in dimensions our great great great ancestors called as the diamond body initiation. We will keep our physical body but our light body (aka our inter dimensional embodiment) will become inseparable part of our loving physical system. There are those methods that can ease this transformation. More intense your connection can be to the crystalline grid of the planet easier the transformation can become.

Recreating these ancient love formations called Lemurian Love Circles you can gain much more easier access to the crystalline grid and through the grid to your own separated light body codes and your transformation will create the necessary light frequency base for the planet to transform. You come first. Your 5 dimensional divine existence is the very key for your planet to transform. You know how to do it. The only thing you need is to remember. The time has arrived for your divine heritage to return to your own personal system. Your heart knows everything. Those dormant codes within are ready to be activated. It is time to know who you really are. And how precious your mission is in this most amazing universal adventure called life on Earth…