KataDear Ones,

This is a very special year. Its energy helps us to achieve our most desired goal to get closer to our own Divinity. All the help will be on our side. Everything that will happen with our planet will just be a mirror of all the thoughts, feelings and energies that we will be able to bring alive. More hearts will be ready for this divine realization, more physical, aka 3 dimensional results will prove this truth.

All that we are longing for as humanity begins in our own heart. Be a conscious creator of every single moment of your life. Hold the light, feel the essence of your heart and feel its constant connection to the heart of the planet and the heart of the Universe. This connection will lead us to the very next phase of our long awaited Ascension process. There is a saying that was never more valid than in our next planetary chapter: ‘Be careful what you wish for because you might get it’. We can alter this saying and as a mantra can keep it in our heart: ” Be conscious of your creation because you will get it all. It is so simple; just stay conscious in your heart. Let’s take all the lessons and achievements unfolded until 2012 as a great rehearsal and greet this new period with the readiness to create your own reality.

Crystallization is the name of the process we are all walking through. There are so many symptoms and every body reacts differently. Just be patient and stay consciously in the process. Let your body be your partner. Listen to his or her own atavistic wisdom as it surges out from your own DNA. This year will bring great changes in our physical structure as we will witness great changes in the crystalline awareness of the whole planet. The crystalline grid is in rapid transformation to help us greatly while we are ready to find its new sacred geometric formation in our own light body. Light bodies adjust each-other for the greatest wisdom of the entire universe.

This period brings the most profound realization of how our past is ready to affect our future in the NOW. The Lemurian Masters, as the Ancestors of Humanity, will be able to bring closer their vast wisdom and sacred tools to use. Divine Balance will be the key word in getting closer to the final phase of this most desired realization. Healed Balance is the very gate we will be allowed to walk through. Divine Balance is the merged essence of the healed Divine Feminine and Masculine. Great energy waves from the cosmos will help with this most important process as it unfolds.

Keep your heart open. Feel the beauty and wisdom of ALL the upcoming personal and planetary happenings. Keep your conscious connection to the heartbeat of the Universe and feel the Love and Light of the entire Cosmos in your heart with the realization that you are the One who is part of this most sacred creation. We are One in this most special journey to feel our Oneness in all the hearts, all the dimensions, in the universes and beyond.


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