Crystalline Journey to Lake Titicaca

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I promised in my latest Letter the details of our Lemurian Crystalline journey to Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. As I wrote there our Lemurian Ancestors  loving caring support is constantly with us. They are just waiting for the momentum when our harmony filled silence can tune into their timeless, pure, unconditional love vibration. Their message of hope, love, and support is the same. However the quality of our vibration, the way we are ready to receive them is much more evolved, deepened, and prepared. We were never so ready for their paradigm shifting wisdom than now.

The merging of our realities is only a question of (none linear) time. We are in the final phase of our preparations. The phase where they are ready to present themselves on the physical level, and are able to take part in our final historic steps to enter into their and (soon to be) our common dimensional reality.

Sitting with our newly calibrated crystalline readiness in the loving timeless presence of Lake Titicaca – can you imagine how precious could that be. There is no better spots at the moment to witness the merging realities than the pure crystalline spaces like Lake Titicaca  and Salar Uyuni.

Lemurian Crystalline Journey to Bolivia – November 2017

We as humanity have arrived to our next planetary milestone in the extremely intense transformation we are all going through. Our crystalline essence is ready to fully return into our own physical reality. Along with our beloved planet we are invited to proceed further on our ascension path. There are certain sacred places that can greatly enhance the energy of this transition.

The call of Lake Titicaca and the crystalline field of Salar Uyuni never were so powerful then this time. The moment is here when the Lemurian aka most ancient pure crystalline light vibration stored hidden in these most special places can return to the surface, to our reality. Our crystalline codes are ready to be activated. The wisdom of the Ancients is fully available for all the open-hearted seekers. The love vibration of the Disc of Mu is ready to reveal its eternal crystalline wisdom to all of us.

This journey will lead us to our own hearts and through our hearts to the heart of the planet. We will awaken in our heart step by step, all the codes and wisdom of those ancient sites that will open their gates for us. We will reconnect the Disc of MU, we will reactivate the crystalline codes of these places to recalibrate them in our collective consciousness. This sacred land is a living code for the wisdom of the Ancients. The time has arrived to invite this wisdom fully to our hearts and through our hearts send it back to the heart of the planet and the heart of our vast Universe.

This journey was put together with so much care and love by my dear friend Pilar. Read through the program below and just feel the call.

Click on the link Spiritual Journey to Bolivia

With love always,

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