Lemurian Awakening in action – Autumn Equinox in Palenque – September 21-26, 2011

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2010 was a very special year in terms of our Lemurian Awakening journeys.

We started the year in Palenque Mexico, we had an amazing workshop at Lake Titicaca and an unforgettable March Equinox celebration in New Zealand. We greeted the Summer Solstice in the crypt of Chartres, France. The magical Grand Cross on the sky on June 26th found us on the top of Montsegur, and Rennes la Chateau, France and we celebrated the ancient feminine vibration on the 15th of August at Mt Kailash, Tibet. We completed it all with all the extremely intense vibrations of 2010 in the Underground Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt at the dawn of the Winter Solstice. I am so greatful for having all these magical experiences. It is so wonderful to see how these sacred journeys are building up a beautiful Mandala of ancient vibrations, helping certain long dormant frequencies to finally return to the surface from the heart of our beloved planet. (The essence ofwhich hopefully will soon be published in a book called the Journeys of the Heart.)

The series of connecting amazing ancient locations will be continued this year; wonderful journeys are awaiting us in 2011. We will return to Palenque, New Zealand and Shasta, and hopefully we will add Portugal and Israel to the itinerary. The magical energies of 11/11/11 will meet us at Lake Titicaca with one of the final Lemurian Reactivation Ceremonies connecting a very special layer of the Golden Disc of MU and the long dormant ancient codes of the Universal Mother. The Worldwide Lemurian Reactivations, the journeys of the Seven Sacred Flames will be completed soon. All these journeys are linked to the soon to be ready Rainbow-White Crystalline Sphere around our planet, and they are deeply connected to the crystallization process we as humanity and our beloved Earth are going through. If you want to feel and experience these amazing transformative energies in action you are welcome to join any of our  trips. If you would like to know more about them or connect with us through our meditations please keep reading our Lemurian Letters.

The first workshop/ceremony of this year is on the horizon. The call is extremly strong to return to Palenque. If you remember, we were there for a Lemurian Awakening Reactivation Ceremony last January to connect the Golden Flame of Divine Wisdom. With the newly arriving cosmic assistance as well as the year long preparation since then, it is time to complete the reactivation and open the gate for the full return of the long hidden vibration of the ‘First Mother’.

We had a great experience on this special location last year. The return date is September 21-26. Our Crystalline Reality is not in the future, but it is in the NOW. There are those ancient tools and places that can help our long awaited access to our NEW Reality. Palenque is one of them, so the magical setting of the workshop will enhance the process of stepping into our Fifth dimensional new lives. But there is something else, too at this magical location. Palenque has certain secrets. Its unique vibration holds those ancient codes of the First Mother that now are ready to be reactivated. There will be a three day workshop about this secret vibration; on the agenda are the connection of the Universal Feminine vibration of the Cosmic Mother to our beloved planet and learning its relevance to our upcoming major changes, as it is according to the Lemurian Masters.

The workshop will be followed by a two day integration process with personal healing sessions and ancient rejuvenating ceremonies.

If you are interested to get more information or just simply feel the call, please write to us at lemurianawakeninginfo@gmail.com

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