RanaMu: Extraordinary times

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Extraordinary times

Greetings to my dearest Masters,

So much is happening on our beautiful planet. The veil is so much thinner now, everybody who is ready can be in touch with us, on a more and more intense way. We are part of a bigger family, we are an important participant of all what is happening in our vast Universe. We are in connection with the representatives of all the divine dimensions and the supreme galactic order. Telos is one of the headquarters on the planet for the Galactic Federation. Adama is one of the key representatives of the entire Ascension process. With the participation of all the Ascended Masters and our galactic friends he is among them who help to raise the consciousness of the entire planet and the humanity, to move to the 5th dimension on the smoothest, the most un-armful way. Yes it takes a lot of work from you. Humanity is not so ready for this shift as we expected. Not to worry, but the number of surface dwellers with open hearts and light can affect the magnitude of the upcoming events on a very dramatic way.

I know I am not telling anything new. All who familiar with the importance of these times can see clearly. But still after so many ‘awakening call’ it is indeed important that how many people on the surface are ready to see the entire ‘picture’ and of course act accordingly. Please do everything to keep your heart open and bright. Please forward this wisdom to everyone. From this side of the veil we have helped and are helping as much as possible. No time to worry about ANYTHING. Just let happen all what is coming. Be conscious whatever appears, know and greet, as part of the process. To accept the Will of God as you called it, it is the first gate to get us closer. But do not allow it as a puppet, do it with wisdom, which can transmute the acceptance into divine surrender.

My beloved children on the surface, I can call you like these, because on a symbolic way I am one of the mothers and the representatives of the feminine aspect of all what is called Ascension. Trust in your divine power and whenever you feel so, ask our help. Nobody will be left alone. Never but especially now. If you feel any disconnection for a very short period of time just be sure that it is very much part of the process before feeling greater divine connections than ever in your life. If you feel serious physical symptoms just be sure that it is very much part of the process before feeling yourself in your physical body as divinely comfortable and lighted as never before. Of course according to your recent memory.

Telos is one of the main headquarters of all what is currently happening on the surface and above. You know we are ready to greet you here on the physical. Actually we can’t wait the time to do that finally. More and more people will be able to realize what exactly the Code of Entry means. Well welcome all those in our very alive family. The Code of Entry is a way of feeling and seeing the ‚reality’ around, rather than a strict acting process to get through. Feel, see, sense according to the openness of the heart and more. Beyond the widest expectations. All the priesthood in the different temples can add you something for this process so I strongly recommend for every single one of you to visit our temples. The order is in your heart, and very much reflect to your monadic rays’ preferences.

Adama my beloved and respected high priest keeps telling you and it is more valid in these days, that in your etheric body during sleep state or meditation, we can teach you many more. There is a new method on the horizon. Keep listening to the wayshowers, because their readiness will speed up the groups’ vibration. Vibration is the key, which can lead you to the hearts’ readiness.No way to contact or visit us without the proper method. To achieve the requested vibration level is the first step. So my Beloveds, my beautiful children who wish so eagerly to reconnect with your divine ancient past and connect your most divine future… Manifest all your whishes into your very present. Act, feel, sense, love, be conscious in the very moment. That is the simple method to keep the light and raise the vibration more. The amount of the light arriving to the surface will increase daily now. The open hearted ones can accept more and more from it day by day.

I am so happy to talk to you finally like this. You are ready to receive – during reading these words- my very high frequency love energy. So I am allowed to speak directly to you now, to your hearts. Be assured that reading me, there will be transferred a huge amount of healing energy right into your heart chacra. Your very core center will know which part of you needs the healing most, and my energy will be taken there.

Keep it, take it with the LOVE and LIGHT I am sending through my words.

These are truly unique times. I can talk to you directly what I have not really done the last period of time, for thousands of thousands of years. Take my love, take my energy, be healed and continue your divine mission to get closer to us and your divine beauty, your wholeness in the wholeness of the Universe.

You Are Loved So Much,

Queen Mother RanaMu

November 25, 2007

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