Journey to the Land of Ever Shining Light, New Zealand February 22 – March 3, 2012

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New Zealand is one of those sacred points on Earth that is keeping alive the planet’s most ancient vibration and capable to blend it with the arriving universal crystalline energies.

2012 is our first fully crystalline year. It is indeed a special start to greet Aotearoa, the Land of the Ever Shining Light by being there on the physical, or connect it though our hearts.

All the crystalline vibrations that returned to the surface and to our hearts in the last few months through the sacred ceremonies worldwide are ready to be reconnected to New Zealand. Lake Titicaca is one of its strongest links from the beginning of time. I am sorry for the short notice. There are certain journeys, which meant to happen this way. If your heart resonate you will understand. I will get back in my Lemurian Letter very soon with all the beauty of our MU 11/11/11 adventure in Bolivia and Peru. In the meantime this email has all the details of this Crystalline New Zealand adventure. It is like being constantly in the Flow of divine energies that some of you experienced with such delicate beauty in Bolivia and Peru. And yes of course it is so different in the same time. Rule number one is to leave behind all your expectations and just open your heart for the divine…

This journey has been dreamt into form and organized by Loma Allen. It is my great honor to have met her and time to time walking the same path with her. If I say that she is a profound healer and a very unique type of Maori Grandmother I have not said anything. If you want to know more about her just read the Aotearoa chapter in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Serpent of Light book. He wrote about her with such a high respect and gratitude. Having Loma as our guide on New Zealand is like being in constant connection with the Spirit and Love of that special land. She knows so much about those sacred places on the island that still hold the ancient vibration of MU the purest love essence of our beloved Gaia.

Regarding the places, you will see in the itinerary a long list of those special spots we will visit. My personal favorite is Spirit Bay. My very first arrival to New Zealand in 2009 with Drunvalo happened because of this very special bay was calling me, actually the Whale Grandmothers who are the guardians of an extremely ancient Crystalline Temple deep in the ocean right there. Since then I returned to this sacred spot two times to feel its most magical and very unique vibration. You will love it, although in a very special way your heart can be there already…The other place to mention among these beautiful spots is ‘Miringa Te Kakara’ the ‘Temple of the Four Winds’. It is like an ancient Crystalline Library. Drunvalo wrote about its very unique role in his book. There are some spots that will be new to me also. I am so looking forward to experience their loving vibration on this unique journey.

If you feel the call to join you can find all the details in the attachment. If you feel to connect us through your heart I will let you know the details soon. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to connect me ( or Loma (see in pdf below). She is so excited to welcome us. She knows so much about the importance of this journey and its strong connection to Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu and the Golden Disc in our hearts…

Have a blessed 2012 and follow your heart because she/he is the one who knows the way Home…

Love beyond worlds,

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