Lemurian Awakening Tour to New Zealand – with a Lemurian Equinox Water Healing Ceremony for the entire Pacific, March 18-28th, 2010

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The call is extremely strong to return to New Zealand. The sacred beauty of the land and the love of the Waitaha Grandmothers will be our host for this unique journey. We will be active participants of a Lemurian Water Healing Ceremony for the entire Pacific with the divine help of the Whale Grandmothers. We will have our Lemurian Reactivation meditation on different powerful sites of the North island. We will connect our heart fully to the Whale Grandmothers and through the love of island to  the ancient land of MU itself.

March 20th will be the first Equinox, guiding us to 2012 and beyond, bringing in an enormous amount of Light to our living Earth from the heart of the Universe.  Every Solstice and Equinox will have a major role in helping to settle the New Earth’s new vibration for us as the New Humanity.  New Zealand is one of those sacred points on Earth that is keeping alive the Earth’s most ancient vibration and is ready to blend it with the arriving Universal Crystalline Energies. Please read the attached program with your heart. We will have the honor of spending time with the Waitaha elders. We will visit some of their most sacred places. We will be invited to stay in their Marae, where they greet their family members and dream with them.  We will learn about their ancient traditions and witness through our hearts their deep connection on the physical plane to our Lemurian ancestors.

The date of this journey is March 18- 28, with a five days extension to experience the heart energy of Fiji from March 29- April 2.

A dedicated group will be formed to join this special journey energetically or physically. Your heart will know how deep is the calling in your awakening DNA layers to join. The codes of MU are ready to reveal themselves to us. It is indeed the time to reconnect fully to the wisdom of the most ancient civilization with our reawakened collective conscious Heart.

For further details including payments and registration please contact us on the following email address : lemurianawakeningNZ@gmail.com.

We have so much to learn and more to remember. Let your heart navigate you.


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