Lemurian Awakening Workshop – Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, February 17-21th, 2010

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This week long experience includes some adjusting time at the beginning and at the end. It will bring closer to our hearts the wisdom of the record keepers and guardians  of this sacred lake, God and Goddess Meru.

Our unique workshop will take place on different venues all around the lake including the  Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon. We will have our meditation at the ancient walls of  Tiahuanaco. We will go to greet our Higher Dimensional Masters at the sacred gate  Amaru Muru where according to the elders, the dimensions merge and where the Golden Disc of Mu was visible the last time in our physical dimension a long, long time ago. Our pure intention and love will  reconnect us to those Lemurian Masters who reside here with a strong connection to the Inner Earth under Lake Titicaca and a strong connection to Telos under Mt Shasta. The lake has one of the  most powerful Lemurian vibration on Earth.

This is the preparation event, the first phase of the Worldwide Lemurian Cosmic Ray Ceremony that will take place here in 2011.


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