The Sacred Merkivah – Lemurian Light Body Activation, Lemurian Awakening workshop on Mt Shasta, September 22-24th, 2010 with an Autumn Equinox Meditation on September 22nd

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The expansion of the Lemurian Consciouness worldwide has opened a new chapter for those who would like to work deeper with these sacred ancient energies. The time has arrived to learn more about the Lemurian method of reconnecting our eternal Light body. In this three days long gathering we will work on a deeper level with our beloved Lemurian Masters. Lemuria is in our hearts. We will start to discover it together on September on our beautiful Mt Shasta which resonates deeply with these ancient vibrations.

For further details and registration please contact us on We will reply when we get back from Tibet.

See you on Mt Shasta on this beautiful planetary occasion.


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