Lemurian Letters Archive 2007-2011

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Lemurian Letters Archive 2007-2011

Here you can find archive of Kata’s letters! Enjoy!

LL37: The year of the Water Dragon.

LL36: Journey to the Land of Ever Shining Light, New Zealand, February 22 – March 3, 2012.

LL35: Adama & KyranaMu: Returning the Disc – Divine Balance Ceremony.

LL34: 11/11/11 – Divine Balance and its connection to Lake Titicaca S

LL33: Equinox for the Mothers and for Planetary Balance

LL32: Montsegur/Chartres – The Fountain of the Mother

LL31: MU 11.11.11 – Sacred Journey to Bolivia and Peru

LL30: 7X7 – Worldwide Solstice Crystalline Meditation

LL29: Best Game Ever Played

LL28: Take a walk with your Golden Sphere

LL27: Breathe and Smile

LL26: The Process of Becoming Crystalline

LL25: Back to Life, Back to (New) Reality

LL24: Witnessing the Birth of New Humanity  S

LL23: Summer Solstice 2010 – The Golden Shower of Divine Balance

LL22: Aotearoa 2010 – Remembering the Divine  S

LL21: Bolivia – The Love of the Ancients  S

LL19: The Holographic Message of the Great Pyramid  S

LL18: No Time to Waste  S

LL17: Back from New Zealand  S

LL16: The Calling of the Whales S

LL15: Lemurian Retreat on Mt Shasta – September 24-26th S  S  S

LL14: Constant Conscious Connection S

LL13: Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony in Montserrat (Barcelona, Spain) S

LL12: Come for a walk with me on Mount Shasta S

LL11: Back from Glastonbury

LL10: Lemurian Reactivation Mediation at Glastonbury, England 2   S  S

LL9: Lemurian Reactivation Mediation at Glastonbury, England S  S

LL8: One World – One Heart   S  S

LL7: Lemuria is a song   S   S

LL6: Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony – Teotihuacan – 2.   S  S

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