Lemurian Reactivation Tour to Egypt – November 9-24, 2009

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The time has finally arrived for our Lemurian Reactivation Tour to Egypt.

I am sorry for the short notice to those precious hearts who feel that more preparation time is needed for a journey like that. I would like to assure you that this date has been chosen carefully and this journey has to happen now. It has and will have a great planetary importance.

Our journey will start officially with the Third  Worldwide Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony as a private gathering in the Great Pyramid in the early morning of the November 11, 2009 (11/11/11). This date will be one of the most significant ones regarding the planetary happenings of  this period of time. A huge amount of light will enter to our planetary system ready to influence greatly the upcoming events in so many levels. Our group with the help of our Lemurian Masters and the Ascended Masters who are here with us to assist the ascension process will create a sacred path for the incoming divine light. We will create a pattern together which will run throughout the planet, strengthening our Lemurian Web of Light through the hearts and through the Grid.

This special Lemurian ceremony will be followed by an amazing journey through Egypt, following the sacred path of the ancient initiatic journeys. Aswan, Philae – the Temple of Isis, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Dendera, The Hathor temple Abydos, the Osireon, just mentioning a few of those sacred sites which will be visited. Seven Sacred Temples will be reactivated. All these sacred venues have a strong ancient connection to the Divine Feminine and  through our reactivation ceremonies this vibration will be awakened, bringing back the ancient power and light which emanated once from these sacred monuments. We will spend extra time in the Valley of the Kings, letting ourselves feel the vibration of the wisdom of these ancient times with no rush just to be open and feel their timeless message for humanity. We will have our sacred walk through the temples of Karnak and Luxor. And we will visit the symbol of Lemurian heritage in the ruins of Tel al Amarna, the palace of the once – for a short period – highly respected pharaoh Akhenaten and of course her mysterious mother Queen Tiye. She was one of those who kept alive the wisdom of Lemuria with immortal beauty, grace and wisdom.

One more surprise at the end for those who feel to experience something really unique. We will have a three days long extension to Mount Sinai , visiting the St Catherine Monastery, another very sacred place for the eternal divine feminine. Moreover we will visit a unique site after spending the night in the desert the Cave of Hathor, which hold a strong special  vibration for the open hearted seekers. Two weeks in one of the most ancient sites carrying strong and semidormant (yet) Lemurian vibration. Isn’t it amazing?

Below you can find the detailed schedule and the costs. If you feel to be with us on this most unique Lemurian Journey please send an email for  registration  and  further  information to LemurianawakeningEgypt@gmail.com

Diane Cooper, from One Heart Production who organizes together Drunvalo Melchizedek´s journeys, will assist us to make this Lemurian Tour to Egypt indeed one of a kind.

Lemurian Reactivation Tour Schedule, Egypt November 9-24, 2009

Nov. 8: Leave  JFK at 18:00 ET on board Egypt Air MS 986

Nov. 9: Arrive at Cairo at noon.

Nov. 10: Meeting from 8-11 am . Lunch in Saqqara. Visit to Saqqara. –
Greetings from the Lemurian Masters – Opening meditation

Nov. 11: Visit to the Pyramids, Sphinx, and Giza plateau.
Third  Worldwide Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony in the Great Pyramid from 6-8 AM

Nov. 12: Visit to Old Cairo and the Egyptian Museum. Flight to Aswan in the evening. Check in the Movenpick Aswan Hotel.

Nov. 13: Check out of hotel. Visit to Philae temple in the morning,
Lemurian Divine Feminine Activation in the Temple of ISIS – First Temple activation – Philae
Check in  Nile Cruise and have lunch. In the afternoon enjoy a Felucca ride. Free evening on board the Nile Cruise.

Nov. 14: Sail to Kom Ombo and visit to Kom Ombo,
Meditation in the Second Temple – Kom Ombo
Sail to Edfu.

Nov 15: Visit  to Edfu temple and sail to Luxor,
Lemurian Reactivation Meditation in the Third Temple – Edfu
In the evening visit to Luxor temple,
Heart Opening Meditation in the Fourth Temple – Luxor

Nov 16: Check  out of Nile Cruise. Visit to the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut’s temple.
The Call of the Ancients – Sacred Journey to the Duat – Meditation with the Lemurian Masters
Visit to Karnak temple – Activating the Fifth Temple – Karnak

Check  in Sonesta St. George Luxor hotel.

Nov 17:
Check  out of Sonesta hotel. Drive to Dendera and visit  the Hathor  Temple.
Lemurian Divine Feminine Invocation with Hathor – Activating the Sixth Temple – Dendera
Drive  to Abydos and visit  Abydos
Lemurian Reactivation in the Heart of Ancient Egypt – Seventh Temple Activation – Abydos
Drive  to el Menya. Check  in hotel.

Nov 18:
Visit to Tel el Amarna.
Calling of Lemuria – Final Sealing Activation with the Seven Reactivated Temples
Ceremony with The Sacred Wisdom’s Ancient Guardians – Akhenaton, Tiye, Serapis Bey, Adama, KyraNamu

Nov 19:
Check  out of El Menya hotel, visit to Beni Hassan and drive  back to  Cairo.

Nov. 20:
Fly  from  Cairo to JFK on board Egypt Air MS 985 at 09:10 am.

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