Lemurian Retreat on Mt Shasta – September 24-26th,2009

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The expansion of the Lemurian Consciouness worldwide has opened a new chapter for those who would like to work deeper with these sacred ancient energies. Adama, KyraNamu and all of our Lemurian Ancestors are ready to share their vast wisdom and eternal light and love with us on a more personal platform. Lemurian Retreats will be organized in those region/cities that resonate the most with this ancient vibration.

I am proud to announce that the first Lemurian Retreat in Mt Shasta, one of the heartpoints of these sacred energies, will be organized on September. In this three days long event we will work on a deeper level on our Lemurian roots and the way the wisdom of our ancestors could help us to gain back fully our own personal Mastery.

We will start to activate our long dormant Lemurian DNA layers. We will get a deeper understanding of  how those long forgotten wisdom and light affected our lifestreams and help to lead us back to our Oneness with ALL. Our Lemurian Masters will be with us to share their wisdom and love from the higher dimensions and how Divine Balance can be achieved in our personal life.

Lemuria was one of those sacred periods of our human history when the Divine Feminine was held on its greatest beauty. This wisdom needs to be brought alive fully again to help us to gain back our own mastery and help the planet as well.

Lemuria is in our hearts. We will start to discover it together on September on our beautiful Mt Shasta which resonates the deepest with these ancient vibrations. If you feel to stay in this special energy longer, we invite you to arrive earlier to participate in our Lemurian Autumn Equinox Ceremony on September the 22nd, two days prior to our workshop.

For further details about the workshop and registration please send an email to my wonderful friends John (jemn80@aol.com, in English) or Carlos (charlie_471@hotmail.com, in Spanish)

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