Adama: The Blue Diamond of the Universe

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The Blue Diamond of the Universe

Greeting to the Masters,

Take a deep breath. Before your eyes run through and read the following words, open your heart so the vibration of this message is delivered straight to the center of your heart.

One more deep breath. Feel your higher dimensional family of love all around you. Finally you are entering the completion phase of this year. All the preparations have been completed for you to enter into the vibration this culmination presents. You have your own access to the center of your heart. You are ready to feel the heartbeat of your multidimensional heart. Your heartbeat is your passport between realities. Finally you can set foot in all of them. With the highest perfection you will be shown how to start operating from your new heart in your new reality.

All the building blocks of your recent 3D dimension will be shifted. Everything you do will need a new approach. This new approach needs one thing only: your constantly raised consciousness. Being able to see through the veil is the gift this precious period of time will bring to all of you.

Your limited ability to perceive the reality around you is shifting. The more conscious you can be with the upcoming changes, the easier the transformation it brings will be.

There is this ancient method I am here to introduce you. Let’s call it the “GAME of ROR”. You can do it anytime you feel to. You can easily transform your daily routine into a constant divine operation with this imprint of breathing.

The first breath is to RELEASE all that you do not need anymore. Just release all that creates obstacles to be seen through, all that tries to keep you in your old paradigm, and all that stops you from seeing yourself as a cosmic citizen with eternal history. So this first breath is to release. Visualization always helps this method. Feel as if your heart and entire body are experiencing a sacred wind. This wind is strong enough to diminish all the blocks that keep you at the level of duality when you are ready to fly further.

The second deep breath is about OPENING. The Lotus of the universe is opening up at your crown chakra. As it opens, your pineal opens with it. As your pineal is blooming, your heart is doing the same. Three Lotuses are opening up their petals at the very same time. These are the most precious receivers of the cosmic love emanating from the Heart of the Universe. So, first focus on their opening.

When your heart is open and you have your inner smile, you are ready for the third deep breath of RECEIVING.  You are ready for your newly opened centers to receive ALL THE LOVE OF THE UNIVERSE. You can never get enough of this most precious vibration! It is the new fuel that your multidimensional body relies on. It is the unconditional love vibration form the Source. It is the essence that is leading you back to the Divine Master who you really are. It is the essence that keeps your 12 stranded DNA active. This is the tool that keeps your vibration beyond duality. With the universal love vibration in your heart, you are ready to comprehend the eternal perfection of the planetary mission you are so deeply involved in.

It is time to fully remember your divine origins. You are a galactic citizen with a truly precious mission to fulfill here on Earth. It is time to remember. A new chapter is forming for humanity and through it to our beloved planet. Your full recovery from your limited existence as 3D humans will soon be over. That is the gift of the shift to you. Build this simple exercise into your daily routine. Three breathes repeated consciously several times a day. Release – Open – Receive. The difference is imminent. Enjoy your new reality; you so dearly deserve all its beauty and gifts.

Walking through dimensions, or rather, being able to witness consciously the merging of dimensions is the greatest experience you all will be part of. The more heart centered you are, the easier walking through dimensions and adjusting it to its fullest potential will be for you. All your challenges and all your experiences were your personal activations to recalibrate your DNA to its full potential. Your physical body is transforming and it will be ready soon. This last year brought many changes.

Among the many important happenings, one was it brought back the requested “Balance” to Earth. The last time this balance was here was in Lemuria; with the highest respect to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. This balance is the primary condition needed to reactivate the Golden Disc of Mu. The Disc has been reactivated and its ancient vibration can return to all who are consciously inviting it back into their hearts.

Connect to the Golden Disc in your heart. This multidimensional device helps you navigate through all the earth changes. The Disc of Mu was presented for the first time on Earth in the early times of Mu. This Disc was responsible for keeping the vibrational level of our blue planet and its newly arrived citizens at the highest level. It was connected to the Crystalline Grid that dressed our planet. This Grid was the most beautiful crystalline garment of our blue planet that one can imagine. It had all the wisdom and beauty to keep her and her citizens at their highest vibrational perfection.

The Disc was the key to connect to the Crystalline Grid. The Grid was the universal passport for this planet to be a part of the Source family of enlightened planetary embodiments. The eternal love of the cosmos was reflected through this ancient crystalline structure. It was the tool to maintain the vibration at a certain high level. Thus our past period of lowered dimensional reality was not able to set foot in it for a long period of non-linear time.

The basis of the “planetary experiment” was to allow lower dimensional forces to enter into the reality of Earth. It caused all these sacred tools to shut down. This caused, among many other consequences, the sealing off of your DNA. Another consequence was the limiting of what you remember, thus making you feel at home in your limited three dimensional existence.

This period is over.

Your memory codes are returning to you with the arriving universal vibrations. The “photon level of the invisible realm” has a great impact on your inevitable openings. Note that what is happening is far beyond the rhythms of the “13,000 year long cycle”.

It is time to regain your divine mastery. It is time to send the signal to the Heart Center of the Universe. The planetary experiment of “free will” on Earth has been completed with perfection. It is time for all the changes and all the openings.

We are the wisdom keepers of your planet and of our beloved universe. We are here in our higher dimensional Lemurian embodiments to help you to reconnect to your eternal mastery. Your involvement is a must. You are the ones who will make this great leap and ascend into your higher vibrational existence along with your planet. You are the masters of creating your own destiny.

It is time to “know yourself” – the motto said by the Oracle at Delphi – at the beginning of your recent civilizational sojourn. Lift the Veil of ISIS, and dare to step into the reality of the eternal master who you all really are.

The Disc is alive and ready. It has its full potential in every single heart to emanate its sacred transmission as it did a really long time ago. The Grid is ready to receive all the love vibrations from those hearts who will connect to it consciously once again as it did a really long time ago. All is set for the Grand Cosmic Event of Reconnection. This event will connect your planet to her ancient destiny, and again she will become the “Blue Diamond of the Universe”. She will shine the Love, Wisdom and Light of all those who were involved in her great experiment. The experiment of bringing eternal love to the densest part of the Cosmos, to the part called life on Earth.

The realm of Lemuria is the reality of Love, Wisdom and Light in its blissful balanced and enlightened formation. This realm is ready to return to this planet. The eternal love vibration of the already returned “Balanced Divine Feminine” is ready to send her signal back to the Heart of the Universe.

It is time for the final ceremonies to connect the Disc of Mu back to the Crystalline Grid as was done back when it was able to pulse the heartbeat of the Universal Mother. The vibration of this ancient feminine vibration is returning. The first physical embodiment of this feminine vibration was this very planet billions of years ago. “The Blue Diamond”, as it was called then, is ready to shine again. Her ancient Heartbeat is now here in your hearts. Feel it and be ready for this long awaited beautiful ceremony of connecting your precious heart through the Disc, to the Grid again.

Human hearts united in love will transmute the planet. That is the culmination of all the happenings this shift presents. This act of “unity consciousness” will be seen throughout the entire universe. This will prove the readiness of humanity for the next evolutionary step of leaving duality behind for the eternal bliss of love.

I am Adama, ambassador of the Lemurians from the higher dimension. We are here to witness this most important moment of time, we are here to honor your divinity, and we are here to assure you that our common new reality has already arrived.

We are one in Love.

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