The Full Return of the Disc Sacred Journey to Bolivia and Peru – November 6-17, 2011

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We as humanity have arrived to our next planetary milestone in the extremely powerful universal vibration called 2011. Along with our beloved planet we are invited to proceed further on our ascension path. There are certain sacred places that can greatly enhance the energy of this transition. The call of Lake Titicaca and the mountain range of the Andes never was so powerful than this time. The moment is here when the Lemurian (aka Balanced Feminine light) vibration stored hidden in and under the Lake can return completely to the surface. The wisdom of the Ancients is fully available for all open hearted seekers. The love vibration of the Disc of Mu is ready to reveal its eternal wisdom to all of us.

After a memorable ”preparation” journey at the beginning of last year, we are invited back to complete the Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony at the Heart of Lake Titicaca.

Every site visited in this eleven days has a strong connection to the wisdom and vibration of Lemuria and its ancient treasures, kept hidden in the remote regions of this land. The gates to Inner Earth are ready to gradually be opened all around the planet. There are many important sites with their secret entrances to this realm but two have a unique significance regarding the flame that all the Sacred Flames derive from: one at Lake Titcacaca and the other in Tibet. Alpha and Omega are ready to merge into ONE as the Eternal Love Flame of the Universe. 11/11/11 is the gate that opens a new chapter for humanity. If you feel the urge to be with us in this ceremony you are so welcome to do so. Being with us on the physical is one option. You can be with us through your heart in a meditation if you feel the call to participate.

This journey will lead us to our own hearts and through our hearts to the heart of the planet. We will awaken in our heart step by step, all the beauty, light and wisdom of those ancient sites that will open their gates for us. We will connect our heart to the Guardians of the Lake God and Goddess Meru and to the Lemurian Masters who will assist us to reawaken our long dormant DNA codes. We will open our hearts deeply to the sacred water of the lake and we will discover its timeless healing vibration. We will reconnect the Disc of Mu and through it the Universal Mother Flame. We will reactivate the crystalline codes of the lake and the mountain to recalibrate them in our collective consciousness. This sacred land is a living code for the wisdom of the Ancients. The time has arrived to invite this wisdom fully into our hearts and through our hearts send it back to the heart of the planet and the heart of our vast Universe.

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