Adama: The Pineal Gland and the Crystalline Matrix of the Universe

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Adama: The Pineal Gland and the Crystalline Matrix of the Universe

Greeting to the Masters.

What a great scenario to unfold in your planetary paradigm. I am Adama and I am here with Saint Germain the Master of Transformation. We are greeting you with all those Ascended Masters who were assigned a long time ago in your linear measurement to be here now, and assist with all the changes you are experiencing in every level of your existence.

Indeed you have entered the final chapter of the planetary changes that were planned based on the cosmic cycles a very long time ago. Vibrational changes are on the horizon with much intensity. You are simply in the middle of those changes you were prepared for, before your recent physical assignment.

The planet is ready for the transformation. The same readiness is valid from your side. All that will unfold is not in a future time anymore. In whatever form, these transformational energies can be brought into your reality field. Just stay tuned to the navigational system your heart is connected to. There is a delicate balance between your newly forming mind set and the heart. Brain and heart are connected in a way that could not have been presented earlier. Your mind is ready to feel while your heart is ready to think. This is the most important sign of the readiness.

There is this mysterious center in the middle of your mind set. This tiny organ is the living center of your consciousness in the physical, and still your recent science knows little about it. The Pineal Gland is transforming into its ancient beauty. There are phases of this reactivation. As I said your recent science understands only a fragment of its great importance and its connection to the upcoming physical adjustments your body needs to go through. If you really feel the call to start remembering this center in your head, then a reactivation dance can start and continue to reach to your interdimensional heart through some very distinct steps. These steps were called the Initiation path in your ancient mystery schools in the past. Now this reactivation is available for all of you. It does not mean anybody without any primary conditioning can access it. It simply means that many are capable to maintain these primary conditions.

This reconnection was symbolized by our ancient term ‘The Blue Jewel in the White Lotus’. This is like a blue flame merging with the pearly white – it will open the gate with ease for all the adjustments your physical needs to go through. This is happening now with many of you and it is happening to the planet.

This process can be enhanced greatly if you are able to connect your own transformational process to the Planet’s. There is the Crystalline Heart of the planet and it is fully reconnected to the Grid system and its newly reactivated layers. There is one particular layer, a significant part of the grid, the layer of Divine Balance that was guarded by the Lemurian Masters called the Eternal Fire of the Mother.

This particular vibratory pattern was sealed off with the disappearance of the Divine Feminine. From our collective history this occurred with the demise of the Mother continent. In parallel with that occurrence your Mitochondrial DNA also devolved. Its base pair numbers were reduced from their original capacity and number. This particular segment is ready to return after her long period of silence. Many sacred sites all around the planet storing the ancient vibration of this grid were sealed off. Codes were guarded by sacred sites and the people who live around these places. A whole sequence of vibration was sealed into ancient temples, rocks & waters, mountains, hillsides, lakes and rivers a very long time ago.

The Grid is due to the dedication of all those who felt the call to connect their hearts to the heart of the planet is ready to be activated fully. This heart essence of the Crystalline Grid, which is protected by dedicated Lemurian and Atlantean Masters with divine collaboration with the Higher Realms, is being implemented back. The reactivation process is almost complete. The Unity Consciousness Grid’s final layer, the ‘Eternal Fire of the Mother’, is returning in its ‘Full Regalia’. This ancient feminine/masculine balance based heart essence will be connected back to the Crystalline Grid.

The cosmic events on the planetary level are bringing this layer into full existence. The same process as your heart and Pineal connects, is how the heart of the planet connects to this particular layer of the grid. The ‘Seat of the Soul’ is how the Pineal was described by your great thinker Descartes centuries ago. This ‘seat of the soul’ is indeed the Crystalline Grid in its fully activated ancient eternal form.

The Solar Eclipse opened the gate for the upcoming astronomical events. All the solar activity effects will be increased.  Solar storms and winds are just the beginning of this phase. The more you are able to tune into the transmission coming from the sun, the more you will be able to reactivate your own system and assist the Planet’s reactivation. Ra, the Primary symbol of the eternal Light in your solar system, has all the attributes to make the transformation that you and your planet are going through right NOW.

Our beloved Venus Transit is the other phenomena needed to be mentioned here. The last eight years in liner time was indeed the final chapter for the culmination you are witnessing now. There is such a potential for love and compassion in the upcoming vibrational pattern arriving straight from the heart of Venus. This transit will greatly enhance the heart opening process you are going through. Whatever methods you are involved in; this great planetary alignment will enhance its effect. And it will help for your heart to reach its great timeless cosmic potential. What is the hearts’ cosmic potential?  It is its total reconnection to the Crystalline Matrix of the Universe. It has its planetary level in the manifestation of the GRID. And this newly calibrated planetary grid has the straight connection to the Crystalline Matrix of the Universe.

That is the system that was so well known by the elder civilizations. It was created or invited into existence on this particular layer of reality in the time of Lemuria and it had to fade away from your consciousness for many reason with the demise of Atlantis. Still today this cosmic potential is imprinted into every single physical form of existence on Earth. With the huge cosmic waves of light, plus the completion of the planetary cycles, this cosmic potential for eternal living is returning with all its milliard (billion) manifestations.

The vast wisdom left behind by the elder races is stored in your recent physical conditions and is ready to be reactivated. It is time. It is the time for the recent human race to regain its long forgotten divine potential. Your DNA is being reactivated, and your reality as a mirror is reflecting back the changes you are going through.

It is indeed a rollercoaster in many of your lives because the changes and transformations on your personal level are accelerating. Keep up the good work beloved ones. These changes you are experiencing on a daily basis now are all the symptoms of the greatest transformation you as humanity are going through.

The best thing you can do is to keep alive the connection between your mindset and heart. It is like a brand new navigation system that served humanity so well in earlier epochs of planetary history. We are here to remind you of your greatest potential as Divine Masters. We were here witnessing earlier civilizations on Earth, and we are here now in the purest heart connection to every single one of you to cherish your improvements.

It is indeed a privilege to witness all the efforts and to be the humble servant of humankind during its greatest transformational journey.

the High Priest of the Lemurians in Telos under Mt Shasta and the Universal Master of New Humanity.

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  1. robert moskau
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    I’m on my way to meet my lemuria family.

  2. Patricia Parsons
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    Yes! I’m on my way to reconnect to my Lemuria family as well!

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