Winter Solstice – Crystalline Grid activation from Egypt December 11-22, 2012

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Dear Ones,

As we get closer to our precious Winter Solstice more and more is being revealed about the importance of it. In all the different places, all the efforts are greatly appreciated for sending love and light to the newly formed beautiful Crystalline Grid; the new garment of our planet.

 As some of you know Lemurian Awakening is preparing to fulfill a journey through the Heart of the Great Pyramid, to the ancient land of Isis and Osiris. The most ancient venue to reach out directly to the newly completed Crystalline Grid. First we will open the Heart of the Great Pyramid on the 12/12/12 portal date. We will connect this Heart to a most precious secret tunnel that connects the Heart of the Planet to the Heart of the Universe. Next we will travel temple by temple up the Nile connecting the secret shrines where the temples of the Seven Sacred Flames were kept hidden for thousands of years – since the time the grid was broken.

 These vibrations will be invoked back to the surface when we journey to the Heart of the Great Pyramid. We will have our Crystalline Grid completion ceremony on the dawn of the Winter Solstice in the Great Pyramid’s Underground Chamber. The Golden Discs of Mu will be connected to the Hearts of many people through the Crystalline Grid on this day. The Great Pyramid, which is the greatest prism on Earth, will emanate the vibration of the returning universal androgyne feminine to this ancient venue. The Lemurian layer of the grid will be complete. After its long exile all the pure unconditional love vibrations from the heart of the Universe will return to our New Earth. The “Pearl of the Universe”, as our planet was called a really long time ago, will emanate this most precious flame, thus signaling the everlasting love of the Mother back to the Heart of the Universe. The universal experiment will reach its end. With all the beautiful ceremonies worldwide on this day we will get back our birth right; to enter our love filled New Earth with no separation and dissolving duality. The mission of this cycle of bringing back the eternal unconditional love vibration to its ancient abode will be completed.

 If these words resonate with you in any way, and you would like to be part of our journey please contact us. You can be part of the greeting ceremony in many ways. If you wish to participate from your home through your Heart, please request a copy of the detailed meditation. For those who wish to be part of this completion process in the physical reality, below/attached is our detailed travel program. Either in the physical or from your home, please join us at

Love, peace and compassion,


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