Winter Solstice Trip to Egypt, December 15-22, 2010

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2010 has brought intense changes into our reality matrix. The wisdom of Lemuria, the wisdom of the Cosmic Balanced Divine Feminine energies are ready to return with full speed into our lives. Egypt is the wisdomkeeper of those times when this vibration was part of our reality. The only thing we need to do is remember. The opening of the sealed memory codes in our own DNA is one of many gifts this year has brought to us. Our New Reality, the secret of the 5th Dimension is available for all the open hearted seekers we all are.

A smooth, week long journey all the way to the most beautiful temples of Egypt will help to open ourselves up for these memory codes. Everything that we have recently experienced both on a personal and a planetary level need to be completed by the end of this year. The energy of the Winter Solstice will greatly enhance this integration process. After visiting Saqqara and Abu Sir we will fly to Luxor to spend a few days at the Nile, visiting the most beautiful temple sites of that area: Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Hatsepsut Temple, Medinet Habu etc. We will go to the Divine Feminine stronghold of Dendera and will meditate in Abydos in the Osireon, one of the oldest temple sites of Ancient Egypt. After this preparation time at the Nile we will go back to Cairo to complete the week long journey in the Great Pyramid with a private Winter Solstice ceremony in the King’s Chamber.

The essence of the Sacred Lemurian Journeys of this year will reconnect the Pearl-White flame of the Cosmic Mother and this flame will be taken back to the Underground Chamber of the Great Pyramid and through it to the heart of our beloved Gaia.

Magical one week is awaiting at the end of this magical year.

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