Soon!!! Heart Harmony in Action. Lemurian Awakening Journey to Lake Baikal

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The arriving cosmic vibrations help us to receive more from the eternal wisdom of the Universe. Our great great ancestors were fully aware of the importance of the universal cycles. To implement the wisdom of these rhythms is a must for being able to gain access to our own mastery, to the very core wisdom of our eternal existence in this living universe.

We have arrived here with a clear mission to reconnect the Source Wisdom of the Universe in our human form, through our human experiences.

Heart Harmony was the living reality of the Lemurian collective civilization. With the returning cosmic cycle through the light emanating from the Galactic Center, the time has returned to easily gain this wisdom back to our reality . We can awaken the deepest harmony in our hearts to create our collective harmony, a world filled with love, peace, compassion, balance, harmony, gratitude.

If you feel to experience this Heart Harmony once was fully experienced on this planet in the time of Lemuria, you are welcome to join to one of our Heart Harmony Tour. The very first of these journeys will take us to Lake Baikal in June 2016. The untouched crystalline beauty of the lake has the very essence of this universal harmony. The Crystalline Heart of Lake Baikal has the Source Codes for our collective Heart Harmony…

We will visit truly untouched, very powerful sacred places on this journey. We will connect the guardians of the lake as we get step by step closer to her ancient crystalline wisdom… The crystalline essence of this lake can work as a catalyst for creating collective Heart Harmony for the entire planet and beyond. If you feel the call to be with us on this truly unique adventure please press link below for the detailed information.

Our hearts will beat as one with the lake and with the wisdom and love of the ancients.

Let’s create our future together,

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