I am sure you have noticed in your personal lives that all is just happening with a speed that was hard to imagine few years ago.

We are indeed in the most important period of our lives. It is true on every levels: on the stage of our most personal happenings as well as in our society around, or in the global one. I don’t intend to say a word about the global problems here but being aware that all that is manifested in our very personal lives can be found on a planetary level is a very important sign to start to act accordingly.

This brings a new level of responsibility into our every day living. We should act, think and breath as consciously as we are able to, to maintain the highest available vibration not only for ourselves but for the entire planet. More and more people realize that every conscious heartbeat counts.

If I see my work and the wonderful people who I have met all over the world it is clear that this process is unfolding with a great speed in our lives.

More and more people are open for example to the teachings of our Lemurian Masters . Not because they are ready for a ride back into our ancient history, but rather because they realize that the basic wisdom of our beloved planet was well cared and loved during that time. And our only chance to experience the upcoming planetary changes toward the Higher Dimensions that we are all going into – in peace and harmony – is to build this wisdom back into our society and Earth again through the help of the ancients.

Lemuria is only a tag as they say. The point s the Wisdom, Light and Love, a way of living in Divine Balance that was existed once on Earth history and the time is HERE NOW to create it back on a higher level of our cosmic spiral by US with THEIR help.

The time is NOW to remember who we really are. The time is NOW to reconnect the Master within. The time is NOW to take sides consciously in the present. The time is NOW to find our long forgotten Divine Balance. All these happenings belong to our New Reality. Experiencing it will bring new adventures into our days.

The Letters below can help the process. Upcoming messages from Adama will bring a deeper understanding of these changes. He will present this wisdom not only as a Lemurian wisdom keeper but also as a Melchizedek High Priest responsible on a universal level for all that manifests on this part of the endless Cosmos right here, right now. All that manifests has a greater importance in the entire Universe. And all those hearts that participate consciously in this process have an important role to play from the very beginning. You are all so loved for your mission. Be the light and wisdom of the Universe on your most important journey home.


Lemurian Letter: What a time to live!

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Dear Ones, What an amazing gift to witness all the challenges we are going through in these important times. As we become more and more trained to see though these primary happenings, it will become easier to decode them. We … Read More

Lemurian Letter: Venus Transit – Dancing Party in the Sky

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Dear Ones, All the love of Mt. Shasta is on the way to your heart. After a long break I finally send my LemurianLetter out from this most precious abode. Two years went by without visiting this sacred place. These … Read More

Lemurian Letter: Silence and Simplicity

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Dear Ones, After a long silence, I am here with the Lemurian Letters in their new format for the new energies. In these extremely intense May and June energies I will start my ‘update’ from a bit earlier. I am … Read More

Lemurian Letters Archive 2007-2011

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Here you can find archive of Kata’s letters! Enjoy! LL37: The year of the Water Dragon. LL36: Journey to the Land of Ever Shining Light, New Zealand, February 22 – March 3, 2012. LL35: Adama & KyranaMu: Returning the Disc … Read More

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