Lemurian Letter: What a time to live!

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Lemurian Letter: What a time to live!

Dear Ones,

What an amazing gift to witness all the challenges we are going through in these important times. As we become more and more trained to see though these primary happenings, it will become easier to decode them. We realize how perfectly these happenings fit into our personal mandalas, and through them to the most beautiful mandala of the planet. Every single one of us has a major role to play: being consciously present in every single moment. Seeing through the happenings, greeting them with openness and love can be of great help to understand their importance.

We are the ones who co-create this reality. The closer we get to our common consciousness shift, the greater is our realization of what it can bring into our lives.

Just sit quietly for a while every day and see though the noisy happenings of your life. You can sort through all of your experiences on a daily basis, and recognize the ones that lead you to your own personal perfection. Soon you will realize that all of them have this unique attribute. Greeting them with gratitude and love is the key to giving the most to you, and to the planet.

The universal gift we are all receiving is the ability to understand. Yes indeed the “Veil of Isis” will be lifted as Adama talks about it. Every single one of us is ready to get his/her new abilities of seeing, hearing, and sensing. We are indeed transformed by all the changes this very important year has presented to us. We are able to comprehend a much bigger picture of the “Whole Divine Design”.

You posed the question so many times to your own heart of: “who you really are”, and “what are you really here for”. You can have your own answer. Nobody can tell you the answer imprinted into your heart, only you. And now is the time to get the answer in its full perfection. That is the gift the end of this year will bring. And, this is one of the many layers of the process of reconnecting to the Heart of the Universe that we are all going through.

The more consciously, you can feel the heartbeat of the Universe in your own heart, the more of your multidimensional self can enter into your own Earthly reality. Listen to you heart as always and enjoy the revelation. Watch your own movie and enjoy the happy ending that you, and only you, can create for yourself.

Focusing on your own mastery and understanding its connection to the “Whole” is the most we can contribute to the changes ahead of us.

Enjoy the ride and feel the changes. What a time to live!!!

Love and only love,

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