Lemurian Letter: Venus Transit – Dancing Party in the Sky

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Lemurian Letter: Venus Transit – Dancing Party in the Sky

Dear Ones,

All the love of Mt. Shasta is on the way to your heart. After a long break I finally send my LemurianLetter out from this most precious abode. Two years went by without visiting this sacred place. These two years brought so much beauty, magic, joy and challenges into my life. But the unique vibration of the mountain, and its higher dimensional Masters were with me in whatever part of the planet I ended up. Their guidance and love lead me to different parts of the world from Teotihuacan to New Zealand, from Glastonbury to Palenque, from Mount Kailash to Titicaca, from Chartres to Tiwanaku, and from Monsegur to Machu Picchu.

Yes indeed a long list as I wrote in one of my previous letters, 22 journeys total. And it is done. Returning Home to Mt. Shasta after all these journeys is part of the completion. And now that this chapter is over I can see the whole. I was aware of the interconnectedness of these journeys, but now I can see and feel them as ONE.

Oneness – the divine aim of reconnecting to the wisdom of the planet that we once knew and lived. But because planetary events based on the universal cycle our consciousness levels shut down. These journeys are connected to the most ancient layer of the Crystalline Grid. There are so many things we are just starting to understand. The more our vibration is ready to communicate with our higher dimensional family, the more we will know about the wisdom that our Ancient/New Earth represents for us. Because of this our New Earth will reveal, among the many beauties, all the ones that already were ours a really long time ago. Without understanding our past, and our living planet, we cannot march into our future. This is the simple truth that all the indigenous people around the world are still trying to tell us. This is what all the Lemurian Awakening reactivation ceremonies connected to at the most ancient sacred places on Earth.

There are those long forgotten tools in this process that our Masters are ready to share with us. There are so many beautiful ancient gifts we are ready to rediscover. To know more about the Crystalline Grid around us is one of these tools. This Crystalline Grid, with all its beauty and wisdom, will be our compass, and a great help for all of us. We should relearn how to connect to it. Adama’s message below can be a great help.

All the planetary events in this intense year, especially in this summer (winter in the Southern Hemisphere), brings these tools closer.

The Solar Eclipse was like a Universal Gate opener. And now the Venus Transit has the exceptional potential to help us to walk through this gate. Love is our passport. According to the Lemurian Masters this Venus Transit is like a most sacred dance that Venus and the Sun are performing for us. Love and Light together, what an amazing bonding. And this Universal Dance is manifesting before our naked eyes (with protection glasses of course :).

Connect to this joyful Dance. Around the exact time of the transit connect your heart first to the crystalline heart of the Planet. Send all your love to her, and then with all your love connect to the crystalline heart of the Universe, the Great Central Sun. When these connections are set invite the vibration of Venus into your heart. Feel the beauty, love, abundance and joy she represents. When your heart is filled with all this beauty connect to the SUN. Through the vibration of Venus you are now the one who dances with the Sun. Open your heart for the Light. Very gentle movements of the body can make this interaction stronger. No matter if you sit. Try gentle movements in your body with the love and light that is fusing into your whole body. Star dance indeed.

All the planetary events have one main purpose: opening our hearts as wide as possible, opening our long time ago sealed codes, and opening our divine potential. The aim is no less than to reawaken our interdimensional heart in our recent dimensional reality. That is exactly what is happening with this dance in the sky and in our hearts.

This is indeed a very special time. We are returning home: with all the help of the Masters, and our higher dimensional family at our side.

Enjoy the ride.


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