Lemurian Letter: Silence and Simplicity

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Dear Ones,

After a long silence, I am here with the Lemurian Letters in their new format for the new energies. In these extremely intense May and June energies I will start my ‘update’ from a bit earlier. I am sending all the love from the lands I had the gift to visit in the last few months.
All started with New Zealand in February and March. It was still summer there but something happened with the weather as with all around the world in these intense times. We experienced the rainiest, stormy and cold summer one can imagine. Even the immigration officer apologized for the weather when I left the island.

I am in the middle of my summery about this journey. It was a beautiful completion of all the New Zealand adventures because it was the fourth in a row since my first visit there with Drunvalo in August 2009.  I had yet again a truly inspiring beautiful group. We were traveling around to so many magical places. We opened our hearts fully to this mysterious land and the land opened its heart to us.

Then came Palenque for the Spring Equinox. What a magical journey, yet again. With our amazing guide not only could we go to the heart of the jungle, which by the way still covers 95% of the ancient site, but also we were allowed to enter to some hidden parts of this magical Maya land. On the day of the Equinox even the strictly guarded gate of the Temple of Inscriptions, the tomb of the Mayan ruler Pacal Votan, opened its gate for us. The vibration of this unique ceremony is still in my heart with such a vivid pulsation. It’s like part of the ceremony is still going on. Palenque has a secret. She still holds the ancient vibration of its ancient resident, the First Mother.

With this Palenque adventure a full circle of journeys has been completed. 3 years and 3 months, 22 journeys. Yes indeed it sounds extremely intense. And it was. A major part of the Lemurian Awakening mission, the reactivation of the Lemurian Grid, the Feminine layer of the Crystalline Grid is was completed. More about it and the divine pattern of the journeys will be shared in an upcoming article.

If we want a guideline from the Lemurian Masters for this truly unique year, it is that we are getting into its most intense part right NOW and just proceed further with your open heart, and experience what an open heart is ready to attract – more open hearts. Love emanates back to you. A mirror is the number one symbol to work with in this magical year. All the amazing and powerful astronomical events, the Sun Eclipse – as I am writing this letter today, the Venus Transit, the Solstice – all of them just make this process easier and more intense at the same time. Being ‘present’ in every single moment is the greatest gift and the biggest challenge while we have all the love and the support from the Heart of the Universe.

Everything you are ready to emanate will be reflected back to you. Act from your heart, radiate your love to your reality and this reality will not do anything else but just reflecting back the love you are carrying.

The saying: ‘Be careful what you wish for because you might get it’ is so accurate in this time. But it is not only about what you are radiating for you as a person, this year is mainly about what we are radiating for ourselves as Humanity. Every act, deed, thought and feeling you forward gets onto our planetary ‘message board’, thus creating our collective note about our consciousness. We are so interconnected. Our common ‘message board’ is linked directly to our common one heart. This Oneness that will reflect back in every tiny action we take during these most magical times. And this Oneness is the main message of all the astronomical events we have the privilege to experience all in a row now.

Our mirror reminds us to of this most precious task constantly. The simplest method to experience love, peace and harmony is to emanate these precious attributes to others. You all know what I am trying to say here because you are so good with this method in your own life. If we keep this consciousness level alive, then we attract the most peaceful, harmonious scenarios to unfold not only on our personal stage of happenings, but also on the planetary level.

Our 3D reality is a house of mirrors and reflections. The more joy, laughter and happiness put into this system, the more joyful and enlightened the end result can be. Even though the terminology is that of an ending, it is not, because endings always carry a beginning.

Or: Even though the terminology of this year is of endings, it is not, because endings always carry a new beginning.

Adama’s words about silence and simplicity are keys to attain this constant ‘mirrorish’ approach.

There are so many scenarios still left. We are so deeply involved. ‘The future is in our hands’, as the Lemurian Masters keep saying. And yes indeed in this most intense period of time there are so many things we, as awakened humans can do for ourselves, for our planet, and for the entire Universe.

Keep reflecting the light of your heart and all the love of the universe will return.  This is one of the messages the Eclipse, Venus Transit, and Solstice window is signaling to us.

Enjoy the ride.


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