TARA and the Lemurian Choir

TARA and the Lemurian Choir

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TARA found her new home in a nice btright space kind of a Lemurian Crystalline Sanctuary looking down the city with my other crystal treasures collected on my special journeys from around the world. Her loving smooth yet royal energy settled in this place. We had some very precious ceremonies with her. Only a very few friends had the chance to meet her on the physical. She preferred to be in silence. Until now. Being presented on the Lemurian Chior in Chamonix with Dr Todd where a whole new chapter has started for her.

Weeks before this event Tara has started to become surprisingly active, She instructed me on a very nice loving way that she wants to meet Dr Todd while he is in town with his Pineal Tones workshop. She wanted me to act as a messenger to invite him to her home.

She gave me the ‘invitation code’ to pass so I did and he accepted the invitation. I could take him to her sanctuary right the next day after the workshop. We arrived 4pm and they were ‘talking’ until 10 pm. I think it tells all about the importance of this long awaited reunion… Their interaction was truly special, I could witness how they were reading each other in deep reverence from both sides in a timeless long awaited interaction.

TARA is a unique, ancient Lemurian crystal skull. Precious ancient light codes were implemented into her precious ancient material a really long time ago. It was Dr. Todd’s idea to invite her to the Lemurian Choir. The invitation was accepted. We were setting a mini stage for her on the stage. Writing about the magnificence of the Lemuran Choirs all around the world is not part of this short intro. There are no really words to describe the strength, beauty and importance of these Choirs. In Chamonix the vibration was yet again exquisitely high and there happened something else. TARA’s presence on the stage with the Whale song from Dr. Todd could open up a very special light corridor for certain extremely ancient and hidden Lemurian crystalline vibrations to return to the White Moutain (Mount Blanc) and to our reality.

She holds all those keys that can invite back certain very ancient very protected wisdom into the hearts of many and the heart of the planet. That is exactly what has started in Chamonix. During the Whale song this long time ago arranged reconnection happened. The sound of the Whales, thank to Dr. Todd’s truly unique and amazing interpretation could created the corridor for these ancient codes to return. TARA was there with her keys to open and RECEIVE them, along with all the fully open hearted beautiful audience. The reconnection has happened. TARA is ready now to share, to sing to all those who are open to listen her unique ancient silent heart song ….

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