The Story of TARA, at least the part I know about

The Story of TARA, at least the part I know about

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This is not a short story but hopefully worth the read. If you are on this website you know that this precious Lemurian mission took me to many different remote sacred places of the planet. Lemurian reactivation ceremonies were held between 2008 and 2012 on many beautiful parts of the world. All my journeys were a special teamwork (part of the team visible part of the team not) and truly amazing secret places revealed themselves to us.

New Zealand, Bolivia, Peru, Tibet, Mexico, Lake Baikal, France, Egypt are among those unique destinations that held those crystalline codes that were and are connected to the Crystalline Grid. So in all these journeys certain parts were inserted back into this most amazing ancient divine Crystalline Mandala called Unity Consciousness Grid.

(A new chapter of these special crystalline activation adventures are taking form again so stay tuned if you are interested. A very interesting and intense next chapter is forming to bring these most special ancient codes closer to our recent field of reality.)

TARA’s story in my life has started where else, in Tibet.

There was a Lemurian Reactivation journey to Mt Kailash in 2010. On our way there, leaving Lhasa entering to the Himalayas we held an opening ceremony. The last part of these ceremonies is always personal. All the participants connect their personal guides getting protection and instructions for the upcoming adventures’ personal aspect. So it was my personal phase also, connecting my most beloved Masters on this journey. Well their message to me was clear, loud and very strange. They sent me back to the mountain pass we just left 60 minutes and 20 km earlier, right before we entered this breathtakingly beautiful scenery of the high mountains of the Himalayas.

These passes have an even higher altitude than the surrounding areas. So returning there was not only a challenge time wise but also a challenge body wise that just started to acclimatize to this really high altitude (around 5000 m.) After discussing it with my group we returned to the place I was instructed to. Upon my arrival the Masters showed me immediately a really nice spot to sit and then started the magical experience right away. They took me deep down into the secret invisible part of the Mountain.

What I saw and experienced there was very unique and so vivid that even after years I could recall every tiny details of it, all its layers, beauty and importance. I was taken to an underground chamber looked like a very ancient temple with a most unique flame in the middle. Unique by form and unique by color. It was not a vertical flame rather a horizontal, forming a pulsing waving infinity symbol with colors of pinkish pale magenta ruby one part and vivid green emerald the other. One side ruby, one side emerald. The explanation came immediately from the Masters who were presented there: this is the Divine Unity flame and what I am allowed to witness in this very moment is how the guardianship of the flame is returning to the Lady Masters after eons of time of male protection. It was a gentle, loving ceremony with three Masters on the left and three Lady Masters on the right, with me and my beloved Lemurian guide Adama in the middle. Right after this experience they allowed me to return to my body to the orange colored rock they ask me to sit on. I lost track of time and my group down there was waiting for me patiently, so even from here now in this very moment I am sending them my deepest gratitude for their patience and silent support….

This vivid experience came home with me from Tibet. (Among many other truly unique happenings of course, here is a link to my article about this journey if you feel to read more about it). It took years to fully comprehend the meaning of what I saw there. If it can be completed ever at all. Whenever I return in my meditation to see feel realize the real beauty of it, I always find something new to smile about… Years passed by and I was still returning to that very moment time to time to try to receive a deeper layer of explanation of what I really witnessed there.

One of this ‘returning’ happened in 2015 January. Right that time I got a loving email from my dear Shasta friend NanO. she is an amazing messenger of the invisible realm and a truly gifted crystal expert. She was on her way to the Tucson crystal fair and asked whether I want anything from there. (Side note: She never before and never since posed me a question like that. We are good friends she know me so I found my treasures from her collection when I am in her magical kitchen where she keeps some of them, but she never asked me in the middle of the process of getting them …)

So because I was in my Tibet experience mentally I asked her simply that if she could find something interesting Ruby or Emerald as reminders of the two colored flame I experienced there she should consider to bring it for me. Well her response never was so fast than this time. She already found me something without getting my letter. A crystal skull was saying my name and she thought also she knew that I was not a skull person (meaning I never met any of those special items that moved my heart, it was kind of a distant respect between me and these beautiful crystalline messengers) she has to have it for me. She never seen anything like this skull before, she is from Nepal getting there from the Himalayas with the most unique decoration of guess what Rubies and Emeralds… A man brought it to the fair straight from the Himalayas without speaking proper English to even explain how he or his special item ended up on the fair…

She sent me photos of the crystal skull named TARA, and that is where our ‘official’ story has started. I remember I was sitting in a parking lot when I saw her photo the very first time. Tears came to my eyes , she was so ancient, so familiar, so regal and so beautiful….

My friend took her to Mt Shasta and I went there to meet her. I never will forget that 15th of August 2015 when I hold her the very first time in my hand. I took her up to the mountain. That is where and when my story has started with her on the physical.

Mt Shasta, 15th August 2015.

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