Adama: 2011, The Year of Moving to Your New Home

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2011, The Year of Moving to Your New Home

Greetings to the Masters,

If I was allowed to call you Masters in our earlier conversations it is so much more potent to call you that from now on. I truly greet you as Masters of all the Happenings and Masters of all the Lessons and Changes you have gone through just recently. All the major changes you have experienced brought your divine essence closer to the physical formation you are in right now.

Next time you see your face in a mirror, just greet the Master who you really are. Look into his/her eyes and feel all the wisdom this beautiful soul has experienced already, feel the light she/he has and give her/him permission to bring all that light into your very recent life stream. This life you have chosen to live will be the most significant of all. Not only because you are in it with all your fully regained wisdom but also becausein this life you will experience the most miracles humanity is going through. There can be many names for the changes you are in the middle of right now, we prefer to call them miracles. Not because their only manifestations can be bliss and beauty right now, but because the very result can not be less than realizing that you are – with all the lessons, all the challenges, all the seemingly physical obstacles – in the most beautiful fairy tale, at least as humans you can imagine. Living in your physical reality is such a challenge and a gift at the same time. One of the missions is to find all its sacred beauty and transform your every day routine according to that. Living in your next reality level has the unique opportunity to keep certain physical conditions and merge them with certain 5th dimensional elements, merge them with the divine, held dormant in your DNA for a really long time.

You are able to manifest miracles. That has been the teaching of many beloved Ascended Masters lately. I am asking you all not only to believe in the new paradigm but also to transform your way of thinking, based on that new premise. Bring miracles into all your tiny physical to-dos. If you would like to know the definition of miracle, I would like to bring you one. I would, if I could. No explanation of this here. No such distinction as miracle here because we call it just reality. The beauty of divine creation is so deeply part of this world and so ready to be part of yours. All the happenings now are subject to be described as miracles and will be essential part of the New Reality you are about to experience. Open up your imagination, fuse it with the light and wisdom of your heart and here we are, in the middle of co-creating your New Reality.

2010 was the year of clearing out obstacles. You are living in a seemingly troubled reality. There are so many difficulties to deal with. But parallel to that the New Reality, your new crystalline matrix is right there and now you have the biggest gift, the ability to switch. At the beginning you can enter to the crystalline matrix by clearly expressed intention. But one of the gifts this year will present is the smooth transition process of finding yourself ONLY in your New Crystalline Reality soon.

Certain clearing, healing, closing process needs to be done. That is also what this year is all about. Imagine that you are invited to move into a new, beautiful house with all your loved ones. You accept the invitation and before you leave your old house you clear it and you leave it behind with your gratitude that it served you so well UNTIL NOW. Leaving behind your old home is the process you are all going through this year. All the changes you are and/or will be experiencing are just part of the divine process of the greatest transition humanity is going through. Say goodbye to the old and greet with all your love and newly regained wisdom the New. Crystalline Reality is the keyword.

There will be those amazing chances to learn more about this new paradigm. There will be challenging moments as well. Entering into something new always has its difficult moments. Human brain can feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar situation. You will need all your newly calibrated senses to get used to the new environment. This learning process is what awaits you all in this year. Wherever, whenever you feel stuck, just breath. Send all your gratitude to the Master who you are and let your inner guidance navigate you through. A great linear year is ahead of you for teaching you a lot about your New Crystalline Reality. All the old patterns need to be released. It is time to discover your New Home. This is what 2011 is all about. All the universal help, all the requested support is on your side. Just breath, smile and feel the Love of the Universe all around you.

This year will be an amazing ride. You will experience something that even imagining with your old paradigm based mind set would be challenging. Just open your heart and breath, and enjoy the biggest gift you can have: being in physical form in this most amazing moment of time.


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