Adama & KyraNamu: Returning of the Golden Disc of Mu

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On behalf of all those masters and beautiful souls who are assigned to participate in this most exciting transformational journey of humanity I greet you with all our love and wisdom. We have been waiting for these moments for a long time to finally happen. We have been waiting to celebrate this grand consciousness opening of humanity. This is what these extraordinary times are about and this is what the date 11/11/11 represents with such an accuracy, to celebrate your long forgotten ability to regain your divine balance.

 It is my honor to greet you from our soon to be common reality.  It is my honor to participate in the opening of a new universal chapter for humanity on this very date. As you have heard about it from so many sources, this date is indeed carrying a unique portal vibration. This date in the linear is like a timeless moment where the universal light and love can and will arrive back to your recent limited dimensional condition with a speed and intensity that could not have been witnessed ever before. It is the moment for the Divine Balance to fully return to the planet. The focal point of all these happenings is Lake Titicaca. This lake was the keeper of those ancient vibrations that represented in its purest form the core vibration of this timeless Divine Balance. Alfa and Omega is returning to the surface on this very date. The highest vibrational Divine Feminine kept safe will merge with the highest vibrational Masculine. Just consider this as one among many precious interpretations of the sky dance of the Eagle and the Condor.

There are many beautiful places around the planet that can enhance this returning process. There are those souls all around the planet who just listened to their inner guidance to connect this planetary happening from certain specific strongholds. Your heart knows your requested location. If it is the cozy silence of your home it has the same significance as any spot around the world. I invite you all for a worldwide meditation on this very date. I have the honor to have with me KyranaMu, my beloved Lemurian priestess of the Cosmic Mother from the beginning of time. The process we are here to share is one of those that can awaken the greatest potential from all that this special day can represent.

The simple process of letting the words below enter into your heart can do a lot for this long awaited vibration to return. The ancient blueprint of the healed Divine Feminine/Masculine based balance is invited back and will arrive to the surface. The method is so simple; it is a breathing process to open your heart for this flow fully. The purest vibration of unity will open the gate for a new chapter in your human embodiments.

Take a few deep breaths and clear you heart space for the arriving universal energy. Feel it as a pearly white light stream straight from the heart of the universe touches your heart. This light cord is like an umbilical cord that connects you to your own Divine Self. Send all your love to this stream of light. When your heart is fully connected, a flame will arrive and this pearly white flame will enter into the center of your heart. A warm, cozy, loving feeling will accompany it immediately. This warm emanation is the sign that you are ready to go one step further.

 Play with this flame in your heart. Let her clear, heal and transform your heart center. Send all your love to it, thanking the transformational process she indicated. As you keep breathing consciously, this flame will start to grow. Soon your whole body will be covered with it. When your whole body is in this universal mantel then forward it into the heart of the planet. This white emanation from the very center of your heart will join with all the heart emanations arriving from those dedicated ones who also feel to be part of this process. This huge wave will open the secret heart center of the planet. When this center receives this huge amount of pearly white light, the planet’s crystalline hearts will be reawakened.

This crystalline heart reflects back the love, reflects back the light. Its ancient crystalline vibration represented by the most beautiful light blue color will be sent back to your hearts. The merging of the blue and the white is the code for this long dormant Divine Balance to return. All will happen in your own hearts. The returning feminine will merge with its divine counterpart, the healed masculine in the crystalline heart of the planet and in your own crystalline hearts.

All that will happen to the planet is based on what happens in your hearts. Take nine deep breaths, seal the connection to the crystalline heart center of the planet with your own crystalline hearts. Greet the balance inside. Send its vibration back to the heart of the universe and to the hearts of the planet. You are the bridge. You are the ones who hold the balance for the entire planet now and ever. So you are entitled to go one step further, accessing the secret vibration of the Disc of Mu.

This balance has the key to open the gates to all the Inner Earth realms. The Grand Gate opening is happening on Lake Titicaca. The Disc of Mu is a long dormant but very much living device; ready to present all the wisdom and light codes that were hidden in it a long time ago. It has the pure untouched vibration of the Golden Age of the Immortals. This ancient tool is connected to our recent DNA configuration. The activated Disc will open a long dormant segment in our physical embodiments. The key to our forgotten immortality resides in it.

The Disc, when properly connected can enhance the crystalline transmutation process greatly. There is nothing to compare its ability to speed up the process. Take a deep breath again and feel as if in your newly arrived balance appears a Disc, a Golden Disc, the blueprint of the ancient one hidden under the lake, right in the middle of your crystalline heart center. Feel the warm vibration of it in your heart. Breath through the Disc. Nine times in, nine times out. Slow deep breaths requested.

Feel as if a round plate of swirling energy is forming on your own chest. Feel its white golden light emanation. You have the piece of the Disc of Mu in your own heart now. The fully reactivated Disc is ready now to emanate its ancient vibration for all those who are able to connect it. This is what this reactivation is all about. Being able to access all the beauty and wisdom of this cosmic tool of immortality.

The new human blueprint, the new DNA codes will be available by this reconnection. Take three more deep breaths and greet with all your love this Disc and all its gifts in your hearts. The Disc of Mu finds her place in the hearts of those who will be ready for this reconnection. This long awaited process is happening now. It is indeed time to cerebrate. Titicaca, as a sacred mirror will emanate the vibration of the Disc to the entire surface of the planet. The Crystalline Grid will be fully activated by this most awaited reactivation. It is indeed time to celebrate.

We are here on the surface in this ceremony to greet you all and invite you into a higher perception of reality. The reactivated Disc in your own heart can make it happen. A new chapter is opening with this very date. We are honored to be part of this historical happening. Our merged feminine/masculine balanced vibration will remain with you to help keep this Balance in your heart and through you heart here on Earth.

This balance is the key to the Disc and through the Disc to your immortal DNA and through this reactivated genetic configuration to the new human sojourn and to  our long awaited New Earth reality.

It is time.

Adama and KyranaMu

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