Adama: One world – one heart

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Greetings to the Masters.

In this new linear chapter called 2009 it is a privilege to talk to you again.

Great changes are on the horizon. I could share my words about how important to stay in balance and keep your focus on your newly gained mastery. I could talk about how important will be this self mastery regarding all the upcomings. I could share the higher dimensional view about all that this year will bring and its great importance regarding the final phase of your preparations.

Yet, I’ve decided to do something different.
I want to take your hand and show you a place. I want to share a feeling that once was yours and on a cellular level you still hold the memories of it. I want you to come with me to a special place where your Mastery was not a question, the wisdom was yours with every breath you took and the way of seeing and living the reality was way beyond your recent ability to comprehend.

I want you to take back to the Sacred Energy of ancient  Lemuria. I am not pushing you to see a certain continent at a certain period of time, I leave it to your imagination and memories. I am here now to share with you this special emanation  to help you to re experience the way of  living as our ancestors did at that time, in the greatest harmony and balance with themselves and with the world around them. The way of living in Lemuria.
Connect your heart to our beloved Gaia and let the journey begin.

Take some deep breath. Start to feel our Love deeply  in your heart and start to feel the energy flow that has started its pure emanation toward your hearts from the center of our own. You will get a special Hologram in your heart within seconds. This is the method of the future with the wisdom of the ancients, this is  to show you a higher dimensional way of receiving  images for experiencing our common reality on its self manifested and long forgotten perfection.  Feel this hologram, feel its vibration and the intense light that is now creating. This hologram is expanding and its is all around you now. You are in the center of this living image, you are in the center of the sacred ancient energy of Lemuria. See its vivid colors, feel its divine energy. Continue with some deep breathing to ground yourself in this special hologram

I invite you to feel this place in ancient history when humans  were able to live a now completely forgotten type of reality. Close to the higher dimensions, actually in constant connection with it. ONE WORLD, ONE HEART – that was the time in human history when living according to this divine wisdom was the most basic reality of us all. Everything that you  perceived went through the heart first. The heart was the key to perceive reality and be conscious participant of creating it.

Living in Oneness  is not a new type of teaching, it is actually the most ancient one.

Being aware of your divine existence and  acting according to this wisdom in every  linear minute through your  many lifetimes. All your thoughts, words, deeds belonged to the Master inside. You were a Master. You had  a vast wisdom of EVERYTHING around you on a  quantum level. Once in Human history this physical manifestation of Eden was yours. You still hold the memory, and your DNA still has this precious wisdom inside.

According to the universal rhythm of the light and the major changes which had to step in, duality came into your reality and all these light based love experiences had to fade away for a while.

Many people started to gain back the wisdom of those times, many tried to realize a new way of living inspired by those memories. Humanity was not ready for this re-membering, until now.

According to all the universal help, according to the light quotient  has arrived  to guide you through these very important period of time and according to your newly regained readiness in your heart, you are at the gate to re-experience this divine oneness. The time has arrived to re-experience all the wonders that the heart can manifest through conscious living in and through it. One method to get through  is remembering. Your long dormant  memories will  help you realize your own divinity, and help  you remember your Mastery.
We  in the Higher Dimensions saved all the wisdom for you that had to fade away for a while from your 3d consciousness.

Your heart readiness is the key as I told you many times to gain back all this wisdom. Let this readiness be the key word for this very special time period called 2009.
Do everything you can to listen to your heart, to  listen the mastery within, to  hear clearly what your higher self ready to share with you. She/he will start with the recollection of these memories.
These precious memories and your reactivated DNA layers will  remind you of the REAL YOU.
This year brings tremendous challenges to refine your readiness  Try to find the living wisdom of Lemuria in your heart and you will find the way home.

Keep this  hologram in your heart with the essence of sacred living in it. This is our gift to help you remember, to help you to be prepared.

Adama and the Lemurian Council of Twelve.

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