Adama: Cherish your Victory and Create your own Freedom – Harmony-Gratitude Operated Matrix

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Sit back and breathe deeply. Enjoy the peace that surrounds you now. In your planetary journey you have achieved a level where you have fully gained back all the tools that once in your divine enbodyment already belonged to you. The time when the veil did not allow you to see the whole spectrum of ‘happenings’ around and within you is finally ending. This is a new chapter when you can gain back your FULL comprehension of all the limitations of the dimensional setup you entered in your recent 3D human experience.

There are many parallel unfolding scenarios running and ruling the planet at the moment. It is up to your own personal ‘system’ which one you choose to live in, which one you choose to support. By ‘system’ I mean the very beautiful connected heart related mind setup that allows you to perceive and create certain types of realities…

Yes this planet is full of chaos and anger and fear at the moment. And yes this planet is bathing in its newly forming crystalline perfection, and enlightened way of peaceful living as well.

You have been told so many times that you create your own reality. Indeed, the power of creation is in your hands… or more accurately in your heart. Those who see, feel, and experience fear and chaos are getting farther and farther away from their ability to realize their own responsibility in every single thought, feeling, and action. But here you are who read these words. And here you are who has the ability to create through conscious presence in every single moment of your life. You are the ones who manifest victory, peace, and harmony both in your life and on the planetary stage of happenings. More balance can be achieved more easily by regaining your ability to translate all the happenings around you. By translate I mean decoding – that which helps you to understand the very nature of the forces at play in the happenings around you. This can give you the wisdom to react properly.

This phase is the most intense part of the whole transformation process that you, in your human embodiment, can experience. Storms can come but nothing, and I mean nothing, can affect the Heart Harmony that you are ready to emanate. The Heart Harmony that you emanate for your own personal setup, and for the planet. This is the key to be able to be constantly present in the crystalline harmonious reality, one of the realities running parallel at this time.

This harmony is the key to enter into this realm. It is here. This will be your final moments of chaos if you choose to feel to live by those cherished and long forgotten harmonious disciplines that once were fully yours. The Now is your opportunity to tune into it. You have countless chances to do so. So do so. We are here waiting for the moment to finally greet you in our common dimensional reality called the New Earth.

There are tools that can help this creation process. Clearing your system is happening now to be able to fully create your long awaited harmonious prosperous living. Give attention to all the symptoms. Acknowledge their presence in your life. Greet them to view and understand them.

Indeed, Shasta is the gate to one of the Inner Earth strongholds. There are others. Gates are opening. Our common New Earth reality creates a playground for all of us together. The physical conditions of Humans will reach the requested frequency limit to be able to see us, to greet us on the surface and be able to visit us in our homes. Be ready to see us with your crystalline adjusted physical eyes. Adjusting your system is the process you are going through at the moment to realize the first time in your current life:

1. How much strength resides within you. You are able to handle all types of physical challenges from your heart harmony based reality.

2. How easy it is to alter your reality to regain the ability to create instantly. Do this by learning the dimensional limits and limitlessness.

3. How easy it is with your fully awaken crystalline cells to bring back your immortality. No need for the death related break. The shift happens when you will be able to consciously and constantly observe the ‘whole process’ from within your new crystalline body, connected to your Higher Self always…

And these are only a few of the gifts of the new reality you are about to enter fully in your physical body.

I keep saying and it is so true, that these are historical times indeed. Your newly calibrated senses bring a new level of reality, and a new way of living into your system on this planet. Cherish the moment of your victory because after your long march through extreme density, you deserve to. You managed to gain back your fully potent divine memory of who you really are, and what you are really capable of…

Historical times indeed. And not only because the Inner Earth gates are opening on the physical level. But also because you realize that the physical, as it used to be, does not exist anymore…

I leave you with all these new paradigm related statements to contemplate on. Get used to a new freedom -harmony-gratitude operated matrix. No more limitations. No more challenges. Just the New Earth and its fully returned divine inhabitants.

Cherish your victory over all the limitations your dimensional reality presented to you for such a long time. A New Chapter has begun. We are celebrating your wisdom light, but also, and most of all your Hearts’ Harmony that will create this all.


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  1. Ann Renée Graham
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    I am beginning again to return to my ascension process! I am starting to feel a large excitement within me after struggling so much lately! I am so blessed to find this site today I am so grateful for all of you and looks So Forward to joining you fully in my wholeness Thank you for hearing me, responding to me, for your love for me, Beautiful Gentle Ones I have recently debuted my website for my Wings To Wisdom Soul Art Studio: And would like to be able to use it more effectively for the blessing to others as one who is fully connected with all of you

    Love and Blessings,

    Ann Renée

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