Adama: The Mirrors of MU

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Lemurian Letter: The Mirrors of MU

Is it challenging to find your balance and to keep your harmony in the chaos that manifests all around you? Does it take extreme effort to keep a pure ‘heart oriented’ approach to the daily events in your lives? Peace, love, harmony, compassion, balance and gratitude are fading into empty words… instead of being shining, heart empowered vibrations? Extreme fatigue, strange physical symptoms, impatience, stress and emotional roller-coaster type reactions… are they making your days even more frustrating sometimes?

Stop hurting yourself with your impatience, with judging yourself for your inability to see the whole picture. Stop punishing yourself by thinking from the limited perspective of your 3-dimensional existence… it limits what you see. Breath… BREATH IN PEACE… it is there. It is up to you whether or not you allow yourself to see the perfection of EVERY SINGLE TINY EVENT OF YOUR OWN PRESSENT REALITY. LEAVE BEHIND all your expectations and let yourself just go with the flow.

It does not mean to be easy going with things. But it does mean to realize that there is a divine system of higher perfection that is taking care of your own personal reality. Do recognize the Blue Flame of the Will of God. Every single moment brings something to your reality from your own timeless perfection. There is a type of rhythm that your mind dictates for accomplishing things. And there is another type of rhythm, in all things, that will present ‘ALL’ in the right moment and place. Noticing the Rhythm of Perfection in your own reality is the very first condition to be able to interact with it.

This ability to influence the events in your own reality cannot come from your mind’s ‘must dos’ or ‘have to dos’. It can ONLY come from the PEACE OF THE HEART. Yes, that is a very good question of, “how can you implement this peace in the total turmoil presented all around you on many different levels?” Maybe not at your own personal level, but look around yourself and you will recognize the existing chaos, in its many disguises… Still peace creates peace, and love attracts love. The symptoms of chaos keep trying to enter into your life. You are not a Saint… at least not right now. And for you to be able to become a saint, and an angel, and the master who you really are… you need to follow the universal protocol. Sometimes it is only a tiny and sometimes it is a robust signal from your heart. That shows you the way.

Tuning into the peace of your heart, is the ONLY place where you can find THE Peace needed to proceed further. There are six basic vibrational levels to invite in and implement into your heart. All of them have a very distinctive light pattern. Invoking them into your consciousness can create the bridge out of your recent 3-dimensional limitations. Many mystic schools taught the protocol for thousands of years only to the chosen adepts who were ready for the MIX that these vibrations can create in your physical body.

Due to the recent cosmic cycle that humanity has entered into, access codes to these vibrations can be implemented into everyone’s system with no further preparation needed. You are all collectively prepared for this next chapter. Pure intent and calmness can open the gate. Peace – Love – Harmony – Compassion – Balance – Gratitude. These are the petals of the ancient Lemurian Seed of Life. Together they represent the pillars of perfected physical reality. Their combined vibration allows you to invite into your own physical system, your higher dimensional self. Start working with these vibrations in your heart. Feel as one by one they find their perfect place into your entire physical body.

Sit with the Peace. Work with the Peace. Feel as this Peace becomes part of you and emanates from every single cell of yours. Every cell and every breath can be filled with it. When ‘Peace Breathing’ is the type of breathing that you practice in every conscious moment of your life, then peace will indeed be presented into your system. ‘System’ in this case means so much more than just your physical body. ‘System’ is the entire physical reality around you.

When peace starts becoming a Pillar of your reality, then the mirror starts to work. The ancient Lemurians were fully aware of the universal law that anything they wish to see in their lives, needs to be manifested from within. The Mirrors of MU was the tool to keep this wisdom alive. The reflection from the mirrors was their reality. Mirrors were present in their homes, and mirrors were present in their temples. The Temple of Mirrors was the home of the Disc of MU.

Do you know when these mirrors reflect ‘total divine perfection’? When they receive from the onlooker the impulses of PEACE LOVE HARMONY COMPASSION BALANCE GRATITUDE… If you feel to invite in one of the most ancient Lemurian gifts into your life, just place a mirror into a sacred place in your home. Placing a sacred mirror is like accepting the beauty of its reflection into your life. Your beauty will be reflected around your home, and your beauty will be reflected into the reality that is all around you.

How can a mirror become a sacred mirror? By the pure intention of the user. If you bring to the front of your mirror, your own inner wonders, then they will be reflected back to you. First from your mirror, and then from your life. Peace is the very first emanation that needs to be reflected. With deep breaths, feel as peace is taking over the lead in your entire physical body. Peace needs to shine through every single living cell of your body. When Peace is present in every conscious breath, then next do the same with LOVE: feel Love with every conscious breath that you take. Love will open the way to Harmony. Harmony is the next attribute. Harmony will open the way to Compassion. Compassion to Balance. Balance to Gratitude. These are the six sacred petals of the SEED of Life.

Practice daily this Mirror Ceremony and you will experience miracles. Plus this will open your physical presence to the return of the fifth dimensional Lemurian love vibration. What is this vibration is about? It is about the pure unconditional love of ONENESS in the diverse beauty of the manifested world. It is about the constant common heartbeat with the creation forces of the universe and beyond. The more you are aware of your connection to your sacred mirror, the more visible your new shining diamond higher dimensional body will become – in your recent  3D ‘playing ground’ called Earth. These living vibrational attributes create your new aura. Your Crystalline Body connects every cell of your physical body, to every living cell of the universe… it looks like the brilliant shiny ice cover of a winter forest. It looks translucent, but just wait until it catches the first glimpse of the SUN… They become a sun multiplied by thousands of suns.

Everything is vibration. Learning the basics of your new reality helps you to be able to dream into physical form your new life accordingly. You are ready to create. You are ready to ignite your divine power. Use your wisdom and invite your divine Light into action. Mirror your perfection into the world.


December 2014

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    Thank you for sharing these lovely messages from Adama, Beloved Kata. ❤

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