Adama: All is in Change – Anchoring your Crystalline Light to the Heart of the Planet

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All my love is there with you. If you keep your heart wide open you can feel my presence around you, all the way long, all the daylong… I am not in the visible spectrum yet but soon, and it’s not because my vibratory components will change. This whole period is for you, and for all of you it is about change. ALL IS IN CHANGE. The speed of it is quite intense. There is no harmony for you in 3D stability anymore. You wish there would be, but because everything around you and I really mean everything around you has started its precious march toward the higher vibratory existence, you cannot keep your 3D stability without symbolically moving along with it.

Your reality as you used to see it, and used to perceive it, is the major factor of your change. You cannot place yourself in the 3D status quo anymore as you used to for such a long time. The time for the SHIFT has arrived with ALL its milliard attributes. The best advice we can give you from our level of existence (which will be shared with all of you soon) is this: Let the flow take you wherever you need to be. Let the flow show you whatever you need to do. This will bring this transformation as smooth and fast as possible.

What does this ‘flow’ mean? There is a movement of energies around you arriving from the Heart of the Cosmos that is causing this whole process. The more you can tune into the Source of this movement of energies through your heart, then the more flowing and fluent the transformation can be. There is a long forgotten ‘navigation system’ within your heart. There is a ‘control panel’ that connects you straight to your divinity. It was activated lately. Your heart is ready to communicate fluently with the higher dimensional realities around you. Your navigation system is ready to perceive your new reality with its many magical unfoldments. Things may personally happen to you that will reactivate your system. If you experience a major emotional shock, or if something happens that drastically drops you out from your comfort zone… If these arrive your way, then greet them with love and understanding. Your whole reality will go through a major upgrade.

And yes, all these changes can bring massive challenges into your life – to reawake all of your dormant abilities and senses to full scope. There are none, and there will not be any scenarios without the full awakening of your own mastery. 

Time and space as you perceive them will go through a major adjustment. All will change. Except for your peace, love, harmony, compassion, balance and gratitude… that you constantly should, and can emanate from your heart to every sentient being around you.

Anchoring your light to the heart of the planet is a must. This is your grounding tool and protection shield. Keeping this vibration in your heart makes you able to observe all the physical happenings from a much different vintage point. Your new navigation system, located in your own heart, can translate all that happens to you and decode all your challenges. Yes there will be some challenges. But this is the nature of the SHIFT.

You choose to be in human form and to be the witness of this most unique transformation. This is your historical arrival into your higher dimensional reality – through your conscious physical presence in your life. It is the biggest challenge AND the biggest GIFT at the same time that a human could wish for.

We are here to remind you that all the divine abilities to help with this transformation are ALIVE AND FULLY ACTIVATED in you.  We know this because we were the human prototype a long time ago. We were the ones who implemented all this wisdom into your physical structure. MU was the period of time when the ‘physical human’ was dreamt into reality. This was the time when the crystalline codes were sealed into your human design. The codes that can help you now to scope ALL OF THE CHANGES.

We are your family. We are here to support this most unique transformation you are all going through. All the changes are necessary steps. Every challenge brings pieces of your wisdom, memories and strength alive. Greet your life and all its milliard aspects with reverence.

You are doing something extraordinary. You are the living witness and proof that peace, love, harmony, compassion, balance and gratitude can open the dimensional gates on the physical plane to manifest life with divine loving perfection.

You are the ones we were waiting for. We are the ones who will transform the whole universe together. I greet the master within you. I greet the New Humans of our common New Earth.



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