Adama: Summer Solstice – Breathe in your Freedom and Create your Harmony

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Adama: Summer Solstice - Breathe in your Freedom and Create your Harmony

Greetings to the Masters,

What a year you are marching in. You have left behind a very special chapter with all of its transformational energy. And here you are today, with all your clarity and wisdom in the chapter called 2014. Yes indeed the transformation you are going through now is huge. Yes indeed sometimes you can hardly cope with its size and magnitude. Your whole ‘physical structure’ is about to change.

‘Physical structure’ means your body first. Your very own physical self. All your senses are in the middle of experiencing something new. The coordinates of the previous paradigm are fading away, bringing in the sight of a new one. This period is about to set into motion this new system. This period is about learning its rules, or rather remembering them. Nothing can remain, and nothing will remain the same. Your heart can keep you grounded. Your gratitude filled conscious approach to all of the milliard manifestations of change around you can and will keep you grounded.

If by some chance you tell me “there are no changes that you are experiencing”, around and within… Well, I ask you to reconsider that statement. Maybe all your changing adjustments at the moment appear only on the micro level. But, believe me soon it will bring in the fruit of major transformational changes into your stage of living.

You were born to live in harmony and ease. You carry your code to your freedom and happiness. There is no need to do anything. Just accept your core wisdom, which is carried by every single cell in your body. Your inner voice is becoming loud and clear. If you feel harmony you will face it. If you need conscious effort to change, you will be prepared to do so. Just listen within. You can create your own peaceful surroundings anywhere. I mean anywhere. Inner peace creates its outer surrounding counterpart. You have no idea how powerful a creator of your own reality you are.

There were teachings of this ancient discipline for a long time. That was all theory, now it is becoming your living truth. Breathe in your freedom and create your harmony.

“How can I do that Adama?”, you may ask. “I look around and I see just the opposite in every level. Pain, sadness, despair, poverty, injustice…” Yes indeed at the very first glimpse many of these things ultimately show you signs of a very dysfunctional way of existence. But look within. Do you visualize for yourself that type of living? No? Instead, do you have a clear vision of what you are looking for, and what you are here to create? Guess what, there are millions of people all around your beloved planet with the very same vision, and the very same dreams. What about considering the ancient wisdom of ‘dreaming together’? How about giving credibility to the ancient teachings that, ‘this planet mirrors the consciousness of her inhabitants’. What about finally coping with your responsibility, and leaving behind your false victimhood…

Create. Dare to believe that you have the power and wisdom to create your own peaceful harmonious life. Be the first to set your heart to attract this harmony by signaling it towards the many other hearts.

Change your way of living; bring your full attention to keep its vibration at the highest. How? Just feel your heart vibration all day long. Feel that your planet appreciates your effort. Feel her heart. Feel Gaia’s heartbeat and feel the appreciation and love of all those who are around you in their visible, and/or invisible ways.

The web of love is changing your planet. Express your love with your smile – do you remember that message? – and express your gratitude. Seek occasions to serve. Service from your heart is the best tool to keep your heart vibration at the highest.

And now here is the secret which is not a secret at all. This love focused serving approach creates your new aura. A sparkling diamond white sphere filled with divine love. That’s what you look like to those gifted with divine sight. This diamond white sphere is your new ‘outfit’, dressing you up in harmony, freedom, peace and love.

And the most remarkable attribute of your ‘outfit’ is that it attracts other surrounding diamond white spheres… No need to be in the same geographical area to perfectly detect and connect to all the other diamond white spheres. Your spheres are the new aura for the planet. Gaia’s aura is made up of thousands and thousands of your diamond white spheres created with love, gratitude, compassion and service. Just close your eyes and see this new outfit of Gaia. Isn’t she astonishingly beautiful?

So the next time you read or hear about major changes your planet is facing, just smile and know that you are the change. With your very own attitude, you attract the sparkling white light of the heart of the universe right into your heart. Radiate it forward with the deep confidence that you are emanating the beauty of your own future. Creating it with millions of other hearts. Creating everlasting peace on Earth, NOW and forever.



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