Adama: The Lemurian Way of Creating Harmony

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Adama: The Lemurian Way of Creating Harmony

Greetings to the Masters,

Take a look behind yourself as this powerful summer, which was filled with intense transforming energies ends. So many major achievements have paved your path up until this very moment. Ascension is not an easy ride. Your heart with its eternal wisdom knows this very well. But still there are those moments when you simply lose the ability to see the whole. There are those moments when you disconnect and forget the major achievements that you have already completed with such perfection. Take a deep breath and find your silence in your noisy days. Give all your gratitude to the guarding forces around you that lead you to this moment.

There are so many more achievements on the way. Use your inner sight to see all the changes, and all the challenges that you have just completed… with excellence. Your transforming life will transmute the world around you.

“How can I find peace when all around me there is so much pain, agony and despair?” The world is in chaos. “What about those dear souls who became victims of all the planetary turbulences caused by wars, aggression and terror?” Many of you have these questions in mind.

Peace is an extremely fragile essence of the planetary transformation that you are ALL marching through. All of the precious souls who gave their lives keep sending supporting love energy to you from the other side of the veil. Their wish is to witness that their efforts were not meaningless.

The unfolding global scenario on the physical plane needs to be understood at the heart level. Peace from your hearts will create peace at the global level. All those who gave their lives for this peace are brave masters of light who are disguised as victims. They are not victims. Their loving support and presence is the greatest contribution to humanity for finally finding its original peace and harmony that is in perfect alignment with the eternal love vibration of the universe.

You all are witnessing major adjustments now. Your contribution is the other major part of planetary events. Your own vibrations, and your own conscious presence in your life, can calm the escalating forces. Breathe in peace and create harmony. I cannot emphasize enough the nonjudgmental loving approach, and your own conscious presence in your own life. The loving essence in your heart is ready to manifest peace around you. Just nourish it with your thoughts, deeds and feelings. Humanity will experience miracles when you are able to manifest them.

Try to keep your vibration at its highest in every single moment of your life. Feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth and feel her radiate love to Father Sky. The heart of the universe is connected to the heart of Gaia THROUGH YOU indeed. If you nourish this heart connection in every single moment of your life, it will greatly influence the unfolding reality around you. Keep your focus on your heart and this loving attitude will create a peaceful harmonious reality for yourself, for your beloveds, and for the entire planet.

Yes, there is nothing new in this message. This is the ancient way to create peace, this is the Lemurian way of creating harmony. These are the times when this ‘well known’ wisdom needs to be recalled and seeded deeply into your reality. I am calling upon every single heart to have this wisdom implemented into every segment of your precious earthly existence.

You are the masters of light in your human embodiment. You have the birthright to remember how deeply your existence is connected to the loving heartbeat of the cosmos around you. Peace, love and harmony are the three major components of the ‘Music of the Spheres’ in the cosmos. This was one of many sacred manifestations of the Trinity in the time of Lemuria. These three components are what your planet needs the most to be able to reintegrate the multidimensional reality field – the field which eternally exists around your planet.

This conscious approach can and will open the gate to Gaia’s long awaited full reconnection to the higher dimensional realities. This is called ascension. You are the ones who will not only witness this most awaited event to happen, but you are also the ones who can support it with the reemerging wisdom of your hearts. Every effort counts. Every conscious thought, deed and act have a huge effect on the whole. Every single breath of yours has its direct connection to the heart of Gaia.

There are so many messages about the importance of breath. And about the importance of being conscious, and about the importance of the power of being connected to other hearts giving the same effort. Here is the Lemurian way to ‘dance’ it into reality.

Lemurian Peace-Love-Harmony Act

Every single morning we will send our love, and the codes of eternal peace and harmony to the heart of Gaia with the rising Sun. Together we will do it with you from our abode on Mount Shasta. You will do it from the heart space of your home. You can join us at any sunrise you feel to. No need to be with us every single morning unless of course you feel to. But choose one. Dedicate one morning every week to be part of our Planetary Peace Dance Ceremony. We will breathe with you. We will feel your heart as you feel ours. This is simple, but still an extremely powerful contribution for Peace, Love and Harmony on the planet, and for every human heart.

This method cannot be simpler. Send love with five deep breaths that reach out to the loving, beating, crystalline heart of Gaia. Next, take five more deep breaths to connect Gaia’s heartbeat to that of the Universe right through the rising sun. Next, take five more deep breaths to connect both Gaia’s and the Universe’s hearts, to the crystalline grid of Gaia. In this simple breathing method through the rising sun, you can feel our heartbeat becoming one with yours. Dance with the sun and dance with us. Your heart will recognize the rhythm. Your gentle movements will raise the vibration of your body. Your connecting heart will spread LOVE PEACE HARMONY all over the planet.

There is no other method more powerful with less simplicity. Your heartfelt connection brings it into action. We are just humble participants. No divine interference – this is the only way it is allowed and supported from the highest universal level. Major changes still await you all. No need to fear, but every single effort are precious and make you more prepared. A planetary web of loving hearts is the most powerful gift and tool that you can operate with. Learn to use it. Not only will world peace come closer, but also all the millions of effects that ‘conscious loving creation’ can bring, will unfold with this realization. Be with us with your conscious breaths at dawn and feel our loving presence as it stays with you all day long.

We are here to help and we are so ready to emerge into your loving, peaceful, harmonious physical reality. Prepare your planet for us. This is a very special moment in your human history. We who are from the higher dimensions are closer to you than ever. We are here. Our hearts beat as one. Let’s meet at sunrise. As the sun runs around the planet, the loving vibration emanating from your hearts covers Gaia in peaceful, eternal harmony all day long. This cover is her newly calibrated crystalline outfit. The unity crystalline grid is active. The Loving vibration of Mount Shasta is calling to you all. Let’s create planetary Peace, Love and Harmony together.

Adama & Kata

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