Adama: 11:11 – Gate Opening Meditation

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Greetings my Beloveds,

This is Adama, high priest of Telos.

It is always a privilege to talk to you directly. What a wonderful experience for us to see that you are able to receive more and more from the Eternal Wisdom. The wisdom which help you on your path into Ascension. These are indeed very special times. Behind and ahead. The New Energy which help to open your heart is here. The Light of the Photon Belt is getting stronger every day. The profound Light energy from the divine Source has started to manifest in your lives with the greatest intensity, ever.

The heart opening process is happening all around the world. Your 3d perception probably tells you the opposite, but from a higher point of view, all is just according to the divine plan.You have no idea how wonderful to see that the calling from Inner Earth, from Telos, the calling of our ancient Lemurian heritage can reach open hearted people literally from all over the world.

I have a gift for all those who feel in their hearts this calling recently.

The 11:11′ s wonderful energy has arrived again.

All the open hearted masters can be in a special mental, emotional, spiritual state during this day. But this is different now. The arriving of the New Energy is more intense this time. If you are ready, take this special day as a day long meditation which can connect you with it. What I offer for this mediation is our assistance. 11:11 is the most precious symbol of the Awakened Consciousness. If you see around in silent meditation that day, you will realize a completely different form of reality around you. This special gate help you to see everything in its true divine form. Just try it.

The intensity of the 11:11 energy this year brings something new. If you are ready, you will be able to connect through your heart to the Great Central Sun and the Great Central Crystal Sun in Inner Earth in the same time. We will be next to you if you feel the urge to complete this process. Connect your wonderful heart with the activated light codes to the Great Central Suns. Your divine self will help you with the details. You are able to connect the Heart of the Earth with the Heart of our Universe. What a wonderful mission and what a step in the ascension process for all of us, including our beloved Gaia. Your heart is the key, as always.

And now something special. As you probably know, the physical embodiment of the Great Central Sun on Earth is our wonderful mountain, Mt Shasta. If you connect your heart to the Central Suns, you are able to connect your heart to the heart of the mountain, too.

On this very special occasion if you can connect your heart to the mountain, the Higher Council will open the gate to Telos for you.


The protocol is still the same, and still very strict. But now is different, the intense energy will help you get through. What a wonderful chance to greet you my beloved masters here. The merge of the two civilizations is getting closer every day. We will visit you soon in our physical form, and soon groups can be entered to Telos. But now for this very special occasion, you can visit us without the strict protocol. Come and be greeted by us. Come and feel the love of your Lemurian family.

My beloved Lemurians, it is so amazing to see you, to connect you, to realize that the awakening process is activating your DNA, and you are able to feel the ancient wisdom with greater and greater intensity every day. The process is on ‘full gear’ now.

Get ready for the wonders, because the day is close when the two civilizations will be once again united.

Adama – high priest of Telos

November 10, 2007

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