Adama: Quantum Transportation The Crystalline Grid and its Help with the Dimensional Switch

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Adama: Quantum Transportation The Crystalline Grid and its Help with the Dimensional Switch

Greetings to the Masters,

It’s always a special occasion when I feel to talk to you directly. Yes indeed this is again one of those occasions. We just left behind my previous Summer Solstice communication about the magical realization of how the fluidity of time can alter your reality. If you observe time from a different point of view you can immediately find yourself in a more enlightened reality. In this reality everything happens in the right moment, and the time of this right moment is NOW. ‘Time measurement’ is a well-planned system that was adjusted perfectly to assist in your planetary preparation. Before we get deeper into this, let’s stop for a moment. Let’s stop and look at the other subject related to defining reality called ‘Space’.

Learning the new paradigm of Space and Time

When you start opening the gate of ‘perceiving Time from a different point of view’, one of the automatic consequences is to also start ‘perceiving Space from a very different angle’. Your reality is based on the matrix implemented into your mind structure. Deep meditation can take you closer to the ultimate truth: that this reality is up to your personal readiness. When your consciousness is ready to experience another way of perceiving, then that is the point where the dimensions can open up their secret gates to you.

And yes there are universal points in your planetary calendar when this realization can be much easier. I suggested playing with the gifts of the Summer Solstice because we were playing with time. Bringing up this topic several weeks after the Solstice, was part of the method of approaching time differently.

This is the first time I had to refer back to a previous communication with such intensity. But yet again the explanation is simple: Time & Space and understanding their old/new paradigm is about working in pairs. All your experiences with Space can start when the tricks of Time are perfectly conquered.

The Crystalline Grid in Action

The next universal phase in linear time that allows a greater understanding will arrive with the Autumn Equinox. Take your ‘time’, use this chance, work diligently; and be ready to understand more of the real possibilities you can have with your recent dimension. Your 3D reality has limitations indeed. But this is a divine structure, and you have the key to leave it behind. 3D reality was planned to serve you for a while. When you the Master is ready, this structure will dissolve into a greater reality. Layer by layer, based on your own personal readiness, you will be allowed to discover the whole concept of your physical and nonphysical world.

It is a milestone you are approaching now, and this milestone takes you to the final phase of your preparation. This Equinox and the period after, can be the perfect occasion to learn more about Space and the physical limitations you are ready to leave behind.

When your vibratory structure allows, you can have experiences that were attained only by disciples subjected to strict tutoring by the Masters for hundreds and hundreds of years. You will be ready to step out of this density and your present physical body. You will then arrive to another point of Space and restructure your physical body there. You will stay in a meditative posture when viewed from the outside, but in reality you are far away from the spot where your physical body is. I know you’ve heard stories where this was possible only with a Divine Master’s assistance. Well it can  not be done without a Divine Master’s assistance, even now. Your own light body will be your vehicle. But, it cannot happen without the divine presence of your own Higher Self and the Divine Guides from the Fifth Dimension.

To be part of this special Equinox gift you have to follow the ancient protocol. Raising your love vibration is the first gate. Take deep breaths and connect your heart to the crystalline heart of the Planet, and then to the crystalline heart of the Universe. Your heart is in the middle. Your heart is a transmitter which receives and forwards the pure love vibrations of the Planet and Universe. Feel this Flow in your heart. As your heart’s vibration expands, a beautiful golden sphere of light forms around you. This golden sphere can connect to the Crystalline Grid around the Planet wherever you are. The Grid is ready. In the near future you will learn a lot about the Grid’s newly arriving gifts and abilities. One gift can be yours from this Equinox and it is called ‘Quantum Transportation’.

The more you learn about the dynamics of the 5th Dimension, the more you will understand its limitless possibilities. Just like a brand new playground for the new kids of the new reality. Having a ‘childlike attitude’ is a must to play with all these new toys. This is not an ordinary toy so don’t worry if your preparation is not complete, the childlike attitude alone will not be enough. So many brand new things are waiting. My point is when the dimensional door finally opens this childlike attitude can be a great help for the adjustments you should go through.

So your Golden Sphere the very first time at the Equinox can connect the Crystalline Grid with such a special way that it can transport you. From this Equinox for the very first time your Golden Sphere will be able to connect to the Crystalline Grid for taking you wherever you want to go.

Mount Shasta’s Inner Earth gate is opening

For this unique occasion I have a humble suggestion. Come to Mount Shasta. There will be a Grand Opening Gathering in and on the mountain. We will be celebrating those who connect their Golden Sphere to the newly born Grid system for the first time. Come and enjoy not only the hospitality of the Lemurians, but also through our ancient pure love vibration connect to your own Divine Mastery.

This is the very first time the gate will open so wide. Your heart vibration is your passport to come. Your eagerness to discover more about the Crystalline Grid’s newly arriving tools and its vast possibilities are your vehicle.

Have your own Equinox meditation. Build your golden vehicle and come celebrate with us. Your physical senses will feel the magical touch of the realities opening. You can travel through space in a different way. It is time to learn about it more.

This Grand Opening will be the beginning of the final part of this magical year. The gates will remain open. Our only goal is to assist in your preparation. No need to wait for any major impact on your physical reality to be fully aware that it will change completely. Being prepared for the dimensional switch is the most important process to go through in this unique vibratory period called the end of 2012.

Our hearts and our gates are open to assist you in any way. Your dream state was the method used to connect to us for a long time previously. Now that the vibratory structure is transforming, a more direct communication and work can begin.

We are truly honored to be part of this process. We already experienced a paradigm change once. However, that paradigm change took us deeper into density. Now with all the help of the universal forces and all the readiness you as beautiful human masters went through, we are entering a new chapter in human history. This chapter will merge our dimensions and our long awaited Oneness will be our common new reality.

We are counting the moments in our non linear reality.
With all our love,

The Ambassador of the Lemurians and all those Masters who currently reside in Inner Earth

September 2012

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