Adama: Past, Present, Future in the NOW

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Past, Present, Future in the NOW

Greetings to the Masters.

The time is right to look back now on this linear year to realize the developments you have made  until this moment. The intensity of the happenings around you will accelerate to such a speed it could not  be faster. Find the quietness in the middle of all these events and look back. Look back with the present moment in your heart, with the most precious NOW moment you can connect to. Look at the past as part of this present moment. Look all the wonders you manifested for yourself just recently. There are those signs in your life  able to show your path with such clarity now. You have the new ability to read behind the seemingly 3d happenings. It is the process to regain your Higher Dimensional wisdom so to say. All that will come to you through the understanding of the tiny events of your days is here. The Master inside is ready to realize the divine in everything. The Master inside is ready to maintain the focus of his/her newly gained consciousness level through this ALL.

There is a lot ahead of you on this special year and there is a lot to settle already. In this unique energy formation called 2009 I ask all of you to work on the tools now available because of your readiness. Keep up the vibratory level you have achieved. Look with your inner eyes everything you went through and everything that is still ahead. All the understandings, all the realizations have a new base now. Feel the power and light of your own heart. That is  the greatest gift this year could bring  you. The sensation of your newly found  heart center is the focal point of all. Whatever you face just bring it to your heart. Find your space to stay in there. Quietness is the key to open its gate. Do not  let inn the 3d reality. Create your own new reality from within. That process will be helped greatly in the upcoming months.

All the help is on your side now, it is  your turn to be ready to integrate them. Your quite heart is the place for this unique experience. Discover more and more of this endless and timeless beauty.

It is always a privilege to communicate to you through written words. It is  always a privilege to see through your hearts and see the great developments  you are  ready to complete and see all that has been completed. Great tools were manifested to help you to keep your focus on your journey, meaning keeping the focus on your hearts. I can see every single heart  here. I can see all the efforts and miracles that have brought new and new realizations to you about the power and light of the Divine Source you are heading for.

I am  here to say that although this year is not  over yet it is  time to start to create your future strictly based on the now moments you are  building it up from.
Linearity is a tricky tool we’ve talked about it many times. You think, feel that some happenings are ahead but in your heart, if you take a closer look from the aspect of your higher self, it is happening the same time when you create them by your intentions. Pay attention to your future not by being obsessed by the desired happenings but with the tool of conscious co-creation of it. Stay in your heart and feel the power, the peace and the balance to be ready to manifest everything you feel to bring into the light of your own reality from there. Be a conscious partner in co-creation. Try not to attract the pieces by your mind. Find your balance and feel from the point of view of the heart what kind of experiences you really need for raising your consciousness level and you will get them.

It is so true but not said enough times  that the future is in your hands. There are indeed certain scenarios of all the cosmic cycles-related events. Indeed these are those ones which will culminate in the upcoming future. Still in this grand  scene called Human History you are the ones who have the power, courage, light, love and the long awaited consciousness to affect greatly all that  is ready to manifest.

Use all the divine tools handed to you just  recently. Look behind and see your own path, see your own unfolding divinity. Feel the reconnection to your Divine Self. It is the most beautiful connection to help you to reconnect to the Source of ALL that you are part of. You are the Masters keeping their focus on their own hearts in a timeless NOW. If you keep this connection alive on a daily basis you connect yourself to the Heart of the Planet and the Heart of the Universe. Be the conscious planetary citizen you really are and take the responsibility for all the beauty awaiting you on your personal levels as on the planetary ones. There will come those happenings which will question your present ability to comprehend. Still with your conscious approach you will be able to alter and soften them greatly. Keep the focus on your heart and your trust in the Masterplan we are all unfolding together.

Your awakening DNA in your cells brings a lot into your newly gained awareness. Your cells will help you greatly because they have certain memories as your soul level have some of them, the most personal ones you ever experienced from your very first incarnation on Earth and before. These two need to be reconnected to let your DNA through your cells awaken your heart and your soul´sessence completely. This is the final process to regain the Mastery inside. This is the way to raise your consciousness way beyond the physical limitations.

You are here in this most magical period of human/planetary history to do what you have been assigned a really long time ago. You are the Master who feels the calling to remember and to reconnect. The great tools of this year helped a lot on in this process. Your journey has not stopped here. On the contrary here is where it really begins. Your consciousness will bring all the New Chapters to live. Breath the wisdom into your heart with the invocation of the love of your planet and the Universe.

We are here to witness all the wonders you are ready to manifest though your Mastery. We are waiting for you from the Higher Dimensions where you soon will step in with the necessary adjustments you are in the middle of right now. Past, present and future will be ONE again, signaling timeless beauty in the eternal NOW. Keep up the good work, my beloved Masters. We count on you. As your Divine Self does. We are one in this Great Universal mission and we greet the planetary citizens  you really are with all our love and the wisdom soon to be yours.

One World, one Heart, one Family.

October 2009 – Mt Shasta.

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