Adama & Thot: The Crystalline Grid’s Fire Ceremony

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Adama & Thot: The Crystalline Grid’s Fire Ceremony

Greetings to the Masters,

This is indeed a special occasion. Let us bow our heads and cherish this very moment which has finally come. This is a historic moment indeed. More than ever before, you are the closest to us. We address you with words filled with love and light, straight to your hearts like never before. There are labels like Atlantean, Lemurian and believe me they are not meaning anything from our multidimensional reality but symbolize something very special for you. Lemurian and Atlantean vibrations are presented together now. Love is presented and wisdom is presented in Oneness, as it did so already a really long time ago. Open your heart to the words and more importantly open your heart to the eternal love vibration coming with these words from the Heart of the Universe.

And here you are, at the very dates that you have been waiting for.
What a gift for you to witness it all. What a gift to be active and conscious participants of all these happenings. Yes indeed, as it was said and written so many times: “the future is in your hands”, and the future is right here, merging with your very present experiences.

And here are the long awaited special dates. Triple date never has a greater significance than now with the culmination of all these planetary /universal happenings. These dates are universal: everything that happens on your beloved planet has a great impact on the entire multidimensional Universe. A smooth transformation is the divine aim. With the help of the cosmic forces all around you, you are here with all your readiness and open hearts to bring it into your reality.

12/12/12 is the date to receive the love emanation of the Universe into your reality matrix.  This is the formula for every single triple date or “Stargate” openings. However, 12/12/12 has something else. It is the culmination of all previous gate openings; a historical opening indeed.  This is the date for the Highest Vibrational Universal Mother Essence to return back to our planet after a long EXILE. This Mother Essence has nothing to do with the Divine Balance based Feminine – which is the counterpart of Masculine forces. This essence is the primary source of the material universe and the eternal heart vibration of any creation. This essence is the source vibration of the physical universe and is the highest quality building block of any multidimensional reality. This eternal cosmic vibration essence will return to Earth on this very date. Through her return you will be connected back to the Source and you will be able to remember who you really are. You will awaken and be able to ascend consciously. But first you have to receive this most important cosmic vibration essence into your hearts. And through your hearts, into the Crystalline Grid is where she will find her ancient/future nesting place.

Our humble suggestion is to find time during this very special day to connect.  Around 12:12 PM is the best time to maximize your receptivity to this arriving cosmic emanation essence from the very heart of the universe. If you open your heart to the fullest, and if you connect the heartbeat of the Universe to the heartbeat of your living planet, then you will feel their love in your own heart. This highest frequency vibration of unconditional love can open the GOLDEN DISC in your hearts. The Disc already has been activated by the divine balance that you attained through your preparation process.

Find your peace and sit quietly. Feel your own heartbeat. Feel as every living creature around you has the very same unconditional love toward you, as you have toward them. Feel the love stream to you as a beautiful golden color, just like the most special aura that is emanating from every living thing on Earth. Get used to your inner sight for this most precious illumination. Feel your own golden heartbeat and send all your love to the crystalline heart of the planet. This heart is smiling now. Feel the joyful reconnection and the synchronized heartbeat of Oneness. You and the planet are ONE.

This Oneness is the invitation signal for this Universal Mother Vibration Essence to enter your reality. Feel warmth in your heart. Feel as the Disc in your heart opens up to merge with this long awaited precious vibration. Feel as your whole physical body gets the sensation of this gentle, yet powerful cosmic essence. The Disc and its long awaited vibration are ONE; pulsing the love of the universe in your own physical embodiment. Get used to this unique vibration. You are the ones who can carry her back to her ancient home, back to the Lemurian Layer of the Crystalline Grid.

The triple date is dedicated to the arrival of this vibration. Your heart will be filled with it. The smile of the beating heart of the planet will appear in your own heart. And this divine smile will help this vibration to get stronger. This vibration will stay in your heart for the next nine days with the very same intensity. Find your peace every day and connect to your fully alive Disc in your fully alive smiling heart, until the Winter Solstice. Feel that you can be connected immediately to the heartbeat of the planet. Enjoy as your inner sight is getting used to the pure golden light emanating from every single thing during this most special transition. Feel the warmth in your heart. Feel as your heart is connected to our beloved Sun, and through our Sun to the Great Central Sun in the heart of the Universe. The heart of the Universe is the home of the universal mother essence that is the home of your multidimensional selves.

The day of the 2012 Winter Solstice is when our illuminated heart will fully reactivate the Crystalline Grid. All the layers it once had, and all the layers that were erased by the demise of the Atlantean experience will be recalibrated. There are many layers of this most precious garment of the planet. The Golden Disc in your heart, with its precious vibration, will find its way to the most ancient part of the grid, the Lemurian layer. The ancient Universal Mother Essence vibration will find her ancient resting place there. The Lemurian Layer has a particular color, which is Orange. This is indeed the FIRE OF THE GRID. Human readiness is the key for this final reconnection to set fire to the Grid and to breathe love, light, forgiveness, joy, wisdom, truth and balance into it.

During your Winter Solstice meditation, when you feel the heartbeat of the planet and the heartbeat of the Universe in your own heart, just feel this most ancient fire within. Connect the Lemurian part of the Grid with this fire in your heart and breath. Take one deep breath to set the connection between the Disc in your heart and the Grid. Take one more deep breath to send all your love to the Grid. Take one more breath to send Light, one to send Forgiveness, one to send Joy, one to send Wisdom, one to send Truth, and one to send Divine Balance. When all these precious attributes are sent from the Disc in your heart to the Lemurian layer, then taking one more deep breath will seal the connection. Be ready for the chain reaction that will start happening after this.

With the Lemurian Layer reconnected, the WHOLE Crystalline structure of the Grid will return to its ancient perfection. The fully reactivated beautiful Crystalline Grid will start operating with the most illuminating colors of the Rainbow.

This multidimensional ancient Crystalline Grid with its eternal perfection will send the divine signal first to your Pineal Gland. Your Pineal, with its full activation, will immediately form the bridge back to your hearts. Mind and Heart will be connected with their most awaited ancient synchronization. Your body starts the completion of the crystallization process. You will be fully ready to become the cosmic citizen with multidimensional perfection that we all are.

This transformation is the biggest gift one can get in physical human form. Nine deep breaths at the end of your meditation will complete this historical transition. And be not surprised: for all will be different. Your multidimensional senses will be ready to operate in full gear. Yes it will cause challenges. BUT the major transition between realities will be completed. New discoveries will build up your reality. You have arrived to your fullest potential: being eternal in your physical embodiment. Enjoy the gift the Universal Mother Vibration Essence implemented into your heart now and forever. You will be allowed to keep the eternal feminine essence in your heart. The Fire will remain within. That will ease the process and keep you smiling most deservedly forever.

Your New Earth reality has arrived. Enjoy the ancient song the Grid is ready to sing now. Sing with it, sing with us.

With all our love now and forever,
Adama & Thot

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