Adama: Our New Earth – Your New Reality 2/2

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Greetings to the Masters in your hearts,

I am here to continue our conversation regarding the preparation for the upcoming changes in your reality matrix.

Be prepared for the ride my dears. How, just with the focus that I suggested earlier. There will not be any necessary physical methods to follow. Stay in the focus of your heart, rely on your newly gained senses and the way to your New Reality will be full with peace and light. If you start to build a certain fear wall or strong resistance around your self it cannot and will not ease the process. You have entered into the most extraordinary period of time that humanity as collective has ever experienced. The essence of this time is the level of consciousness that you have brought with yourself. Those times are over when in silent operation we were next to you to theoretically make your progress easier. The transition has already started. Be aware of your responsibility with a huge amount of peace, love and light in your heart.

If you decide to be a conscious partner of the Universal forces and the Higher Dimensional Masters for this process, as the Masters of their own future you will be able to manifest miracles. Miracles in a sense of old fashioned point of you, ordinary elements of the New Reality matrix tomorrow. You were born into this lifetime with a masterplan to fulfill. You are here now because you are fully aware of the importance of the shift. Your conscious participation in the upcoming  is a well planned contribution from your own Divine Identity to the Universe. If you feel these words are too big to use, you´d better get used to them because you will be able to see the entire plan soon and you will realize with your own new sight the beauty and the importance of your own role in this matrix. I am talking to every single one of you. Your conscious participation is the essence of the smoothest transition to your New Reality. So many adjustments are required. There will be some which will challenge you greatly. Stay focused. There will be some which will cause some temporary discomfort. Stay focused. All the unpleasant side effects will disappear according to the speed of the ability to adjust them.

More to come. I am here to assist  through my love and wisdom.I intend to be at your service with ever growing intensity. Set your intention in motion. Be in conscious connection with us. Your wonderful senses are more and more capable of perceiving the wonders to come. You would be amazed to see the intensity of the preparations that we are able to see from ours, soon to be your dimension . Keep up the good work. I will come back soon. Your readiness is our primary goal for the upcoming period of linear time. All will accelerate and your light will render a great service for yourself, for humanity and for the planet as well.

Lemuria was the time that once experienced some levels of those things awaiting you now. Be fully aware that I am not referring here to the sad ending part. I am talking about the great wisdom and light which were consciously able to reside in every heart those times. The importance of remembering can bring part of the feeling about how a society can work with these premises. We are the proof of its ancient existence, you are the other half with your dormant memories to be awaken.

Wake up from your sleeping state. Be fully aware of your divinity. The period  destined to keep you in uncertainty and powerlessness is over. Lessons had to be learnt. You have had your experiences how it feels not being fully aware of the presence, power, wisdom and love of the Creator force of our beloved universe. Be seen by your regained wisdom and light. Be seen as the Master who you really are. We are so proud to see the speed of your awakening. Join us in your consciousness. Let´s build a wonderful New Earth together, home of the light-hearted ones who we all are. My love is endless and I leave you now to breath all that has been forwarded seemingly through this words, actually through the language of our common heart.
Never forget: working on your own mastery is the most important element right now. We will be at your assistance, as always.

I am yours, at the service of humankind.

July 2009
Mt Shasta

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