Baikal, 2014

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The invitation to travel to Lake Baikal was quite unexpected and crystal clear, so to say.  At the end of May I had just decided to postpone my Lemurian Awakening journey to Tibet. “Next year would be perfect for traveling that far,” I thought. Then Baikal appeared and invited me with all her vivid pure crystalline presence. Quite unexpectedly I ran into a possibility of traveling there with Celia Fenn and her group. I didn’t answer immediately, as I have felt the lake in my heart and it was definitely on my “to-do” list to physically greet her one day, however, to go there out of the blue with only a few weeks to prepare seemed quite unrealistic.

I asked my Lemurians for guidance and a clear answer came, “GO.” Daniel, the amazing tour organizer helped me get through the necessary administration. The only way to travel to Russia is with a Visa and an official invitation letter, even travelling there from Europe is complicated.

A few days and some ‘dream’ later all was set. Every single day the pull got stronger to visit this most remote land of Siberia and sit on the shores of Baikal, to sing to her. Singing to a lake? It felt so obvious and so simple. I asked my Lemurian Awakening friends from all over the world to sing with me every single day while I was there, as singing is the gentlest way to awaken ancient vibrations in a heart of a human, and in a heart of a lake.

Lake Baikal is one of the world’s most amazing natural eco-systems. It is the world’s oldest lake at 25-30 million years old. It is the world’s deepest lake at 1642m (5,387ft) deep. It contains 20% of the world’s surface unfrozen fresh water. The lake is crystal clear, surrounded by mile-high snowcapped mountains, offering vistas of unmatched beauty. And it is so much more.

Baikal, 2014

Lake Baikal’s untouched core still holds the crystalline wisdom of our ancient planet. Because of the Siberian cold climate, every year for 5 months the lake is covered with three-foot thick ice. This melting/freezing rhythm is one of the reasons why the water in this lake is so special and carries more crystalline vibration than any other water system on our planet. And it is so much more.

Lake Baikal’s ancient formation has so many secrets deep within her. Creation codes from the very beginning of Earth’s history are pulsing there silently, waiting for the ones who are ready to reconnect – waiting for us as humanity to finally reconnect. I received so much information. Even though I arrived with certain expectations in my heart, the Lake’s gentle, timeless, loving, soft, feminine vibration was a breathtaking surprise. It was love at first sight.

But before this ‘first sight’, there was a tiring journey to get there. It took me 3 hours to get to Moscow, 5 hours in transit there, another 5 hours on the plane to Irkutsk, which by the way was very pleasant: I saw an amazing sunset and 3 hours later a spectacular sunrise. Quick night, quick breakfast, and we landed in Irkutsk. There was a cute café with Wi-Fi so I had a nice latte – when you feel like you’ve stepped off the map into an uncharted land, a café like that with a latte like that is a real lifesaver!  All was just perfect. After 3 more hours I met my group. Celia Fenn was the one who was called upon to lead this group; teaching the shamanic wisdom of this truly special land. So, there I was at the airport, meeting my fellow hearts… unknown people greeting each other with such beautiful smiles on their faces. For me it was another type of love at first sight.

The rest was quite an adventure. Seven hours on a bus heading to Olkhon, the biggest island on the lake. When we finally arrived to our modest but cute accommodation, I was a little tired. Well, extremely tired. Plus, there was a 7-hour time difference. This exhaustion brought on the strange feeling of “what am I really looking for her, why have I, yet again, left my comfort zone, my sunny summer terrace at home?” If you have ever been extremely tired because of traveling huge distances with zero sleep, then you know the kind of feeling I am talking about.

And then it happened. On the very first night, the whole adventure started unraveling. I ended up on the shore of Lake Baikal, introduced to her by lovely local people. I never ever will forget that moment. Suddenly, standing right in front of me was the extraordinary amount of beauty with an extremely ancient, loving vibration. She was the size of an ocean, with the calm of a tiny lake: the surface was so smooth and peaceful. As it was summer in the far north, the sun set at 10 PM (!), and I sat by myself in silence for a long while, enjoying the lake as it was connecting with my heart, and as my heart was connecting to the lake. Such deep and timeless bonds were reemerging from the past.

Baikal, 2014

The next eight days were like being in a deep state of remembering. Every single day brought something special. Lesson by lesson, experience by experience, and place by place we were introduced to the deep perfection and ancient vibration of this truly amazing land. I am so not surprised that the shamanic center of the Northern Hemisphere is at Olhkon Island. This is the island where we spent eight beautiful days.

‘The indigenous Buryats, adherents of shamanism, believe the island to be a spiritual place; one of the groups of deities adhered to in Buryati yellow shamanism is called the oikony noyod, the “thirteen lords of Olkhon. On the western coast, close to Khuzhir, is Baikal’s most famous landmark, the Shamanka, or Shaman’s Rock. Natives believe that Burkhan, a modern religious cult figure of the Altai peoples, lives in the cave in this rock. The rock is one of Asia’s Nine Most Sacred Places.”(Link)

This Shaman Rock was walking distance from our motel. It is only one of several power sites that this island is famous for. This truly unique rock formation is a geological mixture of granite, quartz and white marble. From time immemorial this was a sacred place with a cavern accessible only for the most prepared shamans.  Even the acoustics of the place is very special. Baikal, 2014

This place brought my very first encounter with the vivid orange colored cliffs all around the shore. It is quite an unusual color for rocks, especially if the rocks contain high amounts of quartz. It felt even more amazing to me because the only crystal from my own personal collection that really wanted to come with me on this unique trip was a crystal filled with the exact same orange color inclusions. The crystal I brought was the very same color as the cliffs…

<Baikal, 2014

… If by any chance I thought that it was an accident (which I did not) the next day brought a most beautiful surprise. The whole coastline ran into deep space with the very same vivid orange. It was on the Khoboy Cape of the island’s National Park and accessible only by 4X4 UAZ jeeps. (If by chance you have visited a post-communist country twenty years ago, you know exactly what kind of challenging vehicle I am talking about. If not, imagine something extremely uncomfortable… but with such pure hearted drivers…)

I have been to “no man’s land” in so many parts of the world. I thought that the challenging roadways in Bolivia and Tibet were the most extreme I ever would experience. Well I was wrong. The Khoboy National Park, Siberia, Russia roadway is the one. Especially when our driver thinks that he is in a Formula 1 racing car.…

As we rode closer to the truly untouched remote peak of the island, I started to feel a deep joyful sensation in my heart. I feel this when I enter a high vibrational space – where dimensions can easily merge and open up our senses to something unique. It was definitely not a “no man’s land” if we give the definition of a Man from a higher dimensional perspective… It was like the guardians of the whole sacred area gathered there to greet us. They were ready to send their ancient love signals, and to scan whether our hearts were prepared to respond. I believed we were ready. It was like entering a time/space suspension love bubble filled with codes of ancient history. At least that is what I sensed when we were approaching the coastline.

Baikal, 2014

If I would say that “the view was breathtaking”, I would not have said anything. Yes it is a bit similar to South Italy, but its age and the deep silence emanating from the rocks is different. It is like major, and I mean MAJOR events were witnessed by these amazing antediluvian rock formations. What do I mean by MAJOR? Love, Light, and Wisdom related cosmic events, and the very Essence of Creation by our Star Elders were witnessed by these rocks… and yet again so much more…

This coastline of rocks was the very first place on this journey when I realized with crystal clear assurance that – I will return here. This was just the beginning of this timeless reconnection. There is a Creation Portal waiting to be reconnected by those precious hearts who will feel the call to return here. There is like a colony of Star Elders waiting there with their loving patience to finally open the gate to their invisible empire for those who are ready to see.

This is at the northeastern part of the island. It has a 360 view of the lake. There are caves all around accessible only in the winter time on the ice of the lake. If you want to experience something truly unearthly, visit the lake in the winter… Being covered for 5 months with solid ice is one of the reasons why this huge amount of water reflects the clearest crystalline attributes. Her age of 25-30 million years is another reason.

I was sitting there in awe and feeling the presence of this most untouched beautiful stronghold of the eternal wisdom of our planet. There I was shown a spot facing the lake like a sea. I deeply felt its connection to Lake Titicaca. And in the very same way as in Titicaca, there was an unseen reality there… just waiting to be heard and seen by us… by our ever rising consciousness. God and Goddess Meru from Lake Titicaca remember? They have a very deep connection to this lake. This remote untouched reality will become a very important destination of the root race lore. Lake Baikal is the birthplace of the seventh root race. But this is a whole other story.

Baikal, 2014

After I got back home I read a lot about this unique land… Why was I not surprised to read about flying dragons, falling cosmic bodies, powerful astral energies, and the lore of the White Shaman coming out from the water…? Here is a quote with all of these things:

“From Cape Khoboy the legend of the dragon, which is flew over the sacred lake and dropped his fang… Falling to Khoboy the canine mythological animal went deep into the ground, leaving the characteristic trace that outlines the island. Some scholars suggest that this tradition is associated with memories of the fall of a cosmic body (perhaps a small meteorite) that happened thousands of years ago. It is a local disaster and could have caused strong geomagnetic activity, which manifests itself in this part of Olkhon. Parapsychologists who frequent Khoboy, noted in the vicinity of the Cape, constant powerful output of astral energy that is associated with numerous substantiated cases of ghostly appearances here. Local residents claim that sometimes there can be found on the Cape spirits of their dead ancestors, or that they even can see their own previous past life incarnations. One famous spirit is the White Shaman coming out of the waters of Lake Baikal. It is believed that seeing this spirit – is good fortune.
The place has a remarkable polyphonic echo which is reflected from a monolithic rock. Found here are rare and relict grasses. In winter you can explore caves fabulously decorated with ice and transparent icicles. They are at the water’s edge and their entrances are oriented to the north. In the rocks at water level on the Cape, there are caves up to 22 meters which you can only view in winter with the ice.”

We had the most delicious fish soup cooked by our drivers at the end of our trip. I said goodbye to this land with the strong confidence to return and not only return for few hours but also spend a night there. If this untouched land emanated such a strong vibration by day, how special would it be by night? To be under the starry sky in a land closest to those guardian Star Elders… To be honest I can’t wait to return…

With all these beautiful experiences it was still only the beginning of the journey. The boat trip was another adventure where we met the rainy face of the lake. Being in the middle of Lake Baikal is so nice and it truly reminded me of being in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Peace and ancient history all around us and emanating from deep within…

Baikal, 2014
I heard an interesting story from the captain of the boat. I arrived home and did some researched on the Mystery of Cape Ryty. This is the most mysterious spot of the entire Baikal area. Signs of an ancient civilization, plus UFO activity, plus the Buryat shamans’ frightening and highly respected stories are the mysteries of this most remote area. It is accessible only by boat with extra permission required just to approach it.


As you can see there are so many so special places around the lake. If by any chance you have any extra information on Ryty please write to me. It would be awesome to visit this sacred spot. By chance (of course) I met the relevant man who could help me visit Ryty, but only if we get permission from every level of course…

I have written about amazing places so it is time to write about amazing people. I met so many and so beautiful hearts on this adventure. I joined this group ‘incognito’. Nobody knew about my Lemurian work or my journeys. I met those precious ones where spoken words were not required to communicate with. Eyes to eyes, heart to heart and we could perfectly understand each other. I met so many wonderful ladies who knew so much about the Lemurian vibration in their hearts. That was probably the biggest surprise for me. So many of them knew about Mount Shasta, and knew about the Lemurian pure love vibration… I found my heart family on this journey. I can’t wait to return and meet them and enjoy more together from the Lemurians’ wisdom and love.

Baikal, 2014

And there is one more very personal experience at the end of my article. Banya, the rustic Russian sauna. My first encounter was at where else… at the lake. Truly there are no words to describe its purity and power. Heat up your body there and let the crystalline living essence of the lake embrace every single cell of yours. Even as I write about this experience now, my heart longs so to return not only to see all this beauty, but also to feel the crystalline water on my skin. Swimming in this pure crystalline essence… that was the very gift of the lake to me.

If you try to imagine the simplest, most pure picture of this sauna, believe me you are not even close. Here is the picture, actually one of my favorites to show you what I am talking about… see? So you are not surprised that I had the most amazing evening there. The sunset sauna on one of the first nights was the most beautiful fire/water ceremony I have ever been to in my life. And as I am saying this, I am not even close to describing the sacredness and simplicity of this ancient ritual. Thank you so much to my dearest friends who insisted I join them that night to experience heaven on earth… the very gift of my beloved friends from Irkutsk who took me there. Thank you Vlad, Olga, Tytti and Zsenya.

Months after this journey, I am still there in my heart. It is like an eternal bond with the unique quantity and quality of this water. The connection is set. You have Baikal in your heart and Baikal has yours in hers. One thing is so crystal clear in my heart, the fact that I am eager to return. When? That was a question for a while. Because both of these amazing destinations, Tibet and Siberia, have the limited window of the summer to visit them and I felt that I have to choose only one for next year. And my Lemurians helped me with the answer. No need to choose. June is for Baikal, August is for Tibet. All is set. After a long silence 2015 will be the year of journeys… journeys of the hearts… You are always welcome to join.

Let your heat navigate you,


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