Egypt, 2012

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Time is running so fast. Spring Equinox and Easter just passed by with all its magic. Here we are in the full bloom of the truly precious April energies with a solar eclipse at the end. Before I send the next Adama message about the beauty and importance of this spring that brings so much change into our lives on so many levels, I would love to share with you my latest article that was published on Spirit of Maat.

Egypt, 2012

It is about the Egypt journey we had on 2012 December. Why have I decided to publish it now and sending it along in this letter?

Well it is so very true that all that happened with the long awaited Winter Solstice in 2012, is still very much happening. We are in the next chapter with all the beauty, challenges and gifts of what that special date completed and is opening up for us.

I realized that in my personal life it took exactly one year to START to comprehend the full importance of all that happened on that special date. We, as humanity, have opened a very important gate in our planetary evolution. There are so many ways to realize all of its milliard enfoldments. It’s a new chapter indeed, and this year plays a significant role in understanding it fully.

This journey to Egypt was the completion of a magnificent ride of 22 journeys on 4 continents in 4 years. All these journeys were truly unique in every sense. Still in their core they were about the completion of a beautiful planetary reactivation. A reactivation following the ancient route the Lemurians left behind to save the universal wisdom of their timeless civilization. This wisdom took us from New Zealand to Bolivia, from South France to Mexico, and from Tibet to Peru, all of the sacred places that once played a significant role in the destiny of our planet. Their reawakening vibrations can be the greatest tool in our own personal reawakening/remembering path now. I am happy to tell you that a book will be compiled about all these adventures.

Also I am happy to tell you that there will come more amazing journeys. A new chapter is forming; beautiful hidden places will open their secret gates to us. Many important destinations are on the horizon. TIBET will be the very first one in August. My official invitation will be sent out soon. Mark the dates if you feel the call in your heart to visit the sacred land of Tibet with its remote monasteries and hidden caves in the untouched beauty of the Himalayas. The pull is very strong to return there after our first journey in 2010. There are certain gates that are now ready to open and take us deep inside the heart of the mountain, the planet, and beyond…
The dates are August 7-24.

So as I said the ‘Journeys of the Hearts’ are returning to the Lemurian Awakening palette. Shasta, Egypt, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, New Zealand, Hawaii are all among the destinations with the most powerful Feminine pilgrimage sites of Europe Fatima, Lourdes, Glastonbury… A new chapter is forming. Stay tuned for details.

So now just take a deep breath and invite in the beauty of Egypt with my simple article. Be careful as it is a long one. Bring your patience, your favorite cup of tea and read it with you heart.

Enjoy the spring, enjoy the silence, enjoy the flow and enjoy the winds of change.

With all my love,


Egypt, 2012

This article was written more than a year ago right after my December 2012 journey to Egypt. Due to some unexpected twists and turns in my life I could not properly finish it that time. The inspiration to publish this now came from Cal Garrison’s videos, especially the one on the Winter Solstice. /

All that happened in our lives on that very special date of 2012 December 21, has a great significance not only in our personal lives, but also on the planetary level. It may take years to fully realize, but it is still happening so we better take our time and listen within. This article is a gentle reminder.

Warning: This is a long article, sorry. Bring your favorite tea, patience and your open heart.

Egypt Forever! – December 2012
‘Firing the Grid’ Journey to the Land of Isis and Osiris

It is 12th of January 2013 when I start to write this article. Exactly a month after we started our journey to the everlasting empire of the Sun – Egypt. Our international group from Colombia, Portugal, Hungary, US, England, Germany, Austria, Canada arrived to our pyramid viewed beautiful hotel on the 11th, to start the adventures on the 12th. Yes indeed it is started with a great adventure. We hit the road to have our 12/12/12 ceremony in Saqqara, more precisely in the Serapeum in Saqqara.

Since my very first visit to Egypt back in the 90’s I always wanted to visit this strange place. It is an underground tunnel system dedicated to the Apis Bulls, the earthly embodiments of Ptah, one of the creation Gods of Egypt.

For some strange reason for me the desire to visit this unearthly place held the same significance as visiting the pyramids. I visited the pyramids on all of my journeys to Egypt (six until now), but the Serapeum was always closed to the public. It was under renovation for a long time. I read a lot about it, but there is always a huge difference between reading about a place and actually being there.

Even though it opened just a few months previously, there weren’t many tourists around. Only a group of 30 young boys who just finished their visit exactly the moment we entered.


12/12/12, at 12:12PM – Serapeum

And there we were, the whole underground structure was waiting there just for us. We had the unique experience of being the only group in there for hours. We had our 12:12 ceremony right around one of the granite sarcophaguses; one of 24 that were dedicated to the Apis Bulls. Without getting into details here are a few notes. They never found any bulls in any of these huge 80 tons black granite boxes – they were empty (they found bulls in some wooden ones, from a later period in a different part of the tunnel). Some of the hieroglyphs cut into one of its sides are much younger than the sarcophagus itself. They were all monstrous, precisely cut and very unique. Imagine a huge tunnel with 24 rooms carved into the limestone for each of these huge ‘coffins’. Each 80 ton sarcophagus is 4 meters long, 2.3 meters wide and 3.3 meters tall. Each room has enough space to rotate the 20 ton lids.

Based on mythology, the creator god Ptah used the bodies of the Apis Bulls as earthly embodiments. What if these sarcophaguses were used for divine beings to get their physical forms? What if it incubated giants from our timeless past? What if these huge monuments still have the secret codes to transform divine essences into earthly embodiments….? (The symbolism was important. There were twelve of us on Dec 12th at 12 noon with our LemurianAwakening mission: to greet the ‘Universal Mother Essence’ back into the Earth from the Heart of the Universe – at a place that served to transform the divine to earthly embodiments from the beginning of time.)

For me just writing about this special place brings back its truly one of a kind vibration. I walked to all the 24 sarcophaguses playing with the idea that all 24 have a unique code for this ‘materialization process’. Acknowledging their ‘ancient wisdom’ is a useful tool that helps these special places reveal their secrets to us. This underground tunnel system is a tiny fragment of a huge ‘city’ below it. This City of Light still operates in the higher dimension. This visible part, with all the granite monuments around, is like a huge doorway to get there. And yes every single room with its 80 tons pieces has a part of the code. A timeless puzzle revealing itself to us, in hopes we put the codes into the right formations. Or maybe not and they are just simple sarcophaguses for bulls… you decide. One thing is sure: it is an amazing structure and an amazing puzzle.

If the Serapeum and its unique structure invites you to research more, I strongly suggest this interesting article from the French author Antoine Gigal:  /

Egypt, 2012

Our ceremony on the 12th of December was the opening gate for performing ceremonies right up to the Solstice day. The opening ceremony could not have happened at better place than the Serapeum. We received the Universal Goddess’ timeless essence back to our earthly reality. This essence is the ‘Fire of the Lemurian Grid’, which is the most ancient layer of the entire Crystalline Grid. This fire could only be sent back to the Grid from one particular place – the Great Pyramid. But before we get there, just few more thoughts on Saqqara – the home of the Step Pyramid dreamt into reality by his architect Imhotep. Imhotep was a great figure of history. He was the sage who mastered every discipline and spread his wisdom to everyone around. Sounds familiar? Quetzalcoatl? Viracocha? Emblematic figures who had a great role in the survival of our civilization. /

Imhoptep was the architect, his wisdom surrounds the entire structure. Above and below. The Step Pyramid also has a unique underground feature. He has the strongest connection to the Serapeum and used it as a healing complex… His name and his wisdom is the guarantee that there is still so much to discover here. Imhotep knew that one day in the future we would reach a point where we would return back to those sacred sites, objects and vibrations. They would be a great tool to help us understand more about our whole history. His wisdom is available for all those who seek. His footprints are all around Saqqara.

We had a magnificent day walking around Saqqara. The Pyramid of Unas was also available for a nice meditation. That part of the complex was closed for a while. What a great underground structure surrounds that pyramid. You can take a closer look of how important it was for them to dig and build deep into the ground. Sorry to mention it so many times. But most of our planetary tunnel systems are still unexcavated (likewise in many parts of the world from South America to Tibet, from South France to Mt. Shasta…). The more we get to know about these complex underground cities, the more will be revealed to us about the existing Inner Earth wisdom of our planet.

Enjoying the peace around the Pyramid of Unas was another gift of this special 12th of December. It is where the oldest religious texts in the world were found. The Pyramid of Unas is the smallest pyramid that belongs to the Old Kingdom, but the finest one in terms of the writing found in it. Having our meditation at the feet of this living library was like an invitation to enter deeper into the invisible realm of the vast underground system, below.

This journey was unique in many ways. One example of this was that we had time to enjoy the peace and unique vibrations of every single beautiful place we visited. We started experiencing this the very first day in Saqqara. This resulted in me making a resolution: “The only way to return is to let enough time to open up these amazing places to us”. Only silence and peace can open the seals. Now is the time for these places of history to reveal their essence to us. The only thing we should do is listening. So anytime we enter any sacred site, we should leave behind time and let ourselves sink into the silent wisdom these places still emanate…

That is exactly what happened to us on Dec 13th. We spent the entire day among the three pyramids on the Giza plateau. What a timeless place, one of the few on Earth where you can connect to the wisdom of the planet in a nanosecond. Just touching the blocks around the two smaller pyramids is like bathing in a sea of pink granite. You immediately feel the connection to the timeless past when these amazing structures were built. You even connect to the Guardian Masters of these sites. You can be lead to those particular points that have a great significance in your own personal journey.

In my previous articles I wrote what I love the most about these journeys – that there are so many layers of them. They can be perceived as your personal journey, which is your own sacred path to understanding more about your own divine mission. When you got a glimpse of your own mastery, you can get so much deeper into the timeless plan of why you are here at this moment of time. When you are in this state, other layers of the adventure easily open themselves up. The ‘group layer’ is opening and you can understand more about the mission of the group you were invited to join. Your group will manifest together as one heart. And the ‘group level’ is only the beginning. When you can tune fully into the group experience, then you are at the planetary level. You see the whole spectrum of the journey you were called to be a part of…That is the very scheme of everything that happens in our earthly adventure but it can be so intense and so transparent on an adventure called sacred journey. Your heart is the key as in everything else in our beautiful lives.

So there we were in the middle of our sacred journey at one of the most important and visited tourist attractions on Earth, the Giza plateau. Yes it was noisy with people riding camels, and all the vendors, but still it was so easy to walk out into the stillness and peace that these pyramids emanate for our eternal eyes. We found our peace and were ready to enter into the wisdom that they were ready to reveal to us. My most powerful experience came when I was waiting next to the Great Pyramid. It was different from my previous journeys. This time the vibration of the pyramid’s blocks was different. I could feel the Heart of the monstrous building. I could feel how alive it is and filled with so much wisdom emanating to all of us, to all of those who are ready to listen. As the biggest transmitter on Earth, it was ready to send love. Soo alive, soo happy, soo wise. Waiting, waiting and pulsing, pulsing. It was really a privilege to be able to connect to its eternal heart, and we did so.


Egypt, 2012

Great Pyramid at Dawn, Isis Temple at night – what a day!

And yes, early the next morning it opened its arms and heart to us. We were its only visitors. We had the privilege of spending time in all its chambers and to connect to it deeply, the deepest our recent physical limitations made it possible.

When you are in the underground chamber of the Great Pyramid, it’s like you are connecting straight to the Womb of the planet. It’s a year later now and I can still feel more and more how deeply this Womb and chamber is connected to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and are connected to the Womb and Heartbeat of the Galaxy through the Galactic Center.

Our ceremony in the Kings Chamber was about sending back the newly arrived ancient ‘Universal Mother Essence’ to the Heart of the Grid. Eons ago, the Lemurians knew the most about this most ancient feminine source vibration. It emanates from the Heart of the Universe through the Heart of our Galactic Center. This flame was present on our beloved Earth already once, at the time of Lemuria and the early phase of Atlantis. Now it is time for her return. For more info on the Lemurian layer and the Fire of the Crystalline grid, read this link =>

The ceremony in the Great Pyramid completed the first phase of our journey. The ancient fire has returned to the Crystalline grid. We were ready for the second phase: sending particular vibrations from the different temples along the Nile to strengthen the newly arrived ‘Fire of the Grid’.

Temple by temple we marched through the sacred energies of Egypt with the plan of returning back to Giza for the Winter Solstice. I had no idea where the Solstice ceremony would find us. I was sure we would end up at the best spot for our Winter Solstice Grid Completion Ceremony. But I had no idea how perfect the spot would be… more on it later.

So anyway back to our Nile temple adventure. If I said that we had peaceful and relaxed days on our journey, this was not one of them. It was the busiest still most amazing day for all of us. We started the day before dawn in the heart of the Great Pyramid, and finished it at the temple of Isis in Aswan by moonlight. It was dark when we entered the Great Pyramid and it was dark when we entered the Isis temple on the island of Philae.

Being on the island of the temple of Isis at night is a gift. Connecting to the most loving feminine vibration of Isis in her home temple is a pure divine experience that is really hard to write about. Her presence was immense. The gratitude we shared also. This was the first temple of seven. The ‘Love of the Divine Feminine’ was sent up to the Heart of the Grid from there.

The mystery of Philae is the mystery of the sacred couple Isis and Osiris. Although the original temple of Isis was moved to Agilkia island due to the construction of the Aswan dam, the timeless presence of her is still all around. According to the legend Osiris’ heart was found here (after the brutal act of Seth cutting his dead body into 14 pieces). As one of his burial sites, every ten days (the length of the Egyptian week) the priestess of Isis visited the tomb on the island of Bigeh. On our way back to Aswan we stopped by this island, letting our hearts feel the timeless connection of the divine couple. Love still emanates from the land and from the water. Under the starry sky with our songs, it was a truly remarkable completion of a truly remarkable day…



The next day we left Aswan on our luxury cruise boat with so many other beautiful groups around. We enjoyed the ‘time travel’ by watching the horizon of the Nile – which hasn’t changed much during the last two thousand years. Our first stop was Kom Ombo.

Egypt, 2012

Crocodiles and Falcons

Kom Ombo is the only temple with a symmetrical architecture design. It‘s a perfect symbol of Divine Balance. One half is dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the other half to the elder Horus. It is a very special temple indeed. It’s connected deeply to the ancient Egyptian initiation rituals and the ancient healing process. Crocodiles had free access to the water well of the temple. Leaving fear behind was the major subject learned by many adepts here. But it’s not a fearful place, not at all.

We walked into the healing chambers one by one. We had our ceremony in the merged sanctuary of the two temples – where the altar stones stand next to each other. What a perfect symmetry and what a perfect wisdom. In the exact middle there’s a small room. The energy in there feels like a straight connection to Heaven. No wonder we sent the divine vibration of ‘Balance’ from that particular spot up to the Heart of the Grid.

Edfu was the next temple. It was another night experience. Edfu, the temple of Horus, is considered the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt. Walking around its walls is like reading about the past. Despite its later construction date, it still exactly reflects traditional pharaohnic architecture. It provides an excellent idea of how all the temples once looked. Edfu is the second largest temple in Egypt after Karnak. This beautiful complex is famous for its Building texts. The ‘Edfu Building Texts’ were written by the first sages of ‘Khem’ (ancient name of Egypt) and they still hold a mystery. Walking around there is truly time travel. Especially when you find spots that still act as a ‘window’. Windows that allow us to get a glimpse of what Edfu looked like in ancient times. We found many, but there was one particular very interesting spot.

There is scientific proof that most of the temples built during the Ptolemaic era were not built but actually rebuilt. You can still find an ancient pre-Ptolemaic era foundation structure in Edfu and Dendera. These are the most mysterious structures, and they hold the most timeless vibrations. In Edfu you will find many wonders if you walk around the sacred chambers around the sanctuary. But you may find something more interesting if you walk between the wall of the inner shrines and the outer walls. This area is where the building text of the Zep Tepi (first times) still resides.

If you want to know more about the Zep Tepi here’s an interesting link and book. They’re the best I’ve found on the Edfu Building text. Definitely worth a look:

Edfu has architectural perfection and an intact history. We sent the vibration of Wisdom to the Heart of the Grid from there.

Egypt, 2012

The singing Flower of Life in Abydos

The next day we visited two temples that are definitely on my list of personal favorites. Abydos and Dendera. Abydos is the home of the Flower of Life symbol on the ancient wall of its Osireon temple. How ancient are these walls? There are many theories, but it is obvious that Osireon is much older than the Seti temple, which was built above it later on. There are many books on the subject. “Graham Hancock Fingerprints of Gods” is one book that deals with the structure and ages of these most unique and ancient buildings. There is truly a one of a kind energy here. It’s not easy to find it with not so many noisy tourists around. But, we got the gift to enjoy its vibration in silence with no tourist around. We did a mediation to let this ancient structure, and the ‘Decoration of the Burial temple of Osiris’ touch our hearts. ‘There is a special tone of this place, a sacred sound that we will get before we leave this place today.’ – That is what I got during the silent part of our ceremony and I told to my group at the end of our mediation.

We didn’t have to wait long for the ‘sacred sounds’ to arrive. At least eighty (!) young Egyptian girls arrived on the plateau above us. We were at the temple below. They looked down at us with cheerful smiles. So much joy and love arrived with them. I asked them to sing a song for us, and for the temple. And they sang. We were so deeply touched by this simple act of love. Their angelic choir of joy was so special for the temple and for the ceremony… We sang back. It was the funniest and still the most beautiful dialogue between our groups that one can imagine. What are the odds that during its many thousands of years of existence, that this temple would hear such angelic sounds of the feminine – ‘sacred sounds’ covering the entire place with Joy, Love and Peace.

We walked back up to the Seti temple above with huge smiles in our hearts. The chapel of Osiris was waiting for us. From Osiris’ sacred abode, we did a ceremony to send the Divine Masculine vibration up to the Grid. In this beautiful chamber we felt the unique vibration of the whole place. We were standing in a circle, but before we completed our ceremony I felt more love surrounding us. I opened my eyes and I realized that seven beautiful ladies out of nowhere had joined us. They made their loving circle surround our circle. It was a Pure Act of Love. The second time in an hour.

Abydos is special. It always has a gift for every single visitor. Our gift was love carried by the group of eighty girls, and the seven ladies from Sweden. It was just simply beautiful. In the home of Osiris which is the home of the masculine, the love of the feminine entered with grace, beauty, joy and laughter.

I walked back to the Osireon temple with the biggest ever smile in my heart. This ancient temple is the entrance to an underground system built before the dynastic pharaohnic times. It has a straight connection to the mountain behind it. Thoth, Ptah and the first masters of this land built a center here. And this underground center is just starting to reveal its presence. We were just part of the opening party…

Egypt, 2012

Hathors in action

Dendera was our next destination at sunset. We were fortunate to be allowed to enter straight to its one of a kind underground crypt. The hieroglyph reliefs there are breath taking. There are no other temples with the same hieroglyph symbols that you’ll find here. I’m sure you have seen one of them. Their symbolism with the mixture of serpent, Djed, Ankh, Solar discs, and Lotus flowers is fascinating. No wonder that for many, they symbolize the ancient use of sophisticated tools to reach ‘special vibrations’, such as electricity. If you look at images from this crypt, this ‘special vibration’ theory seems to make sense…

Apart from this theory, the vibration of this crypt and the entire temple site makes this central Temple of the Hathors very unique. If you’re lucky to be there when it’s quiet, you’ll find the right places to tune in. You can connect straight to the Hathors – the most amazing celestial messengers.

The temple of Dendera zodiac is the home of the Hathors. How perfect is that! There is so much interesting information available on this Zodiac map. While writing this article I was lead to interesting information. They state that this map of Zodiac stars is much older than the construction of the whole temple. “It is indeed the symbol of the sky with the changes of ‘world ages.’ It is a message of time… an ancient map of our journey, through time, a celestial clock that is still ticking the changes in our relationship to the heavens”, wrote Gregg Braden.

The whole Dendera temple is like an enigma left behind by ancient wisdom keepers who knew that one day we would return, and we would find these codes that reveal the message of time that they left behind… Hathors are our beloved messengers. This temple is dedicated to them, with all its unique beauty. It awaits visitors with a living library. The more time you can spend in this temple, the more ancient wisdom will be revealed to you. One thing is for sure. There is no article, book, or website information that can reveal the vibrations and hidden wisdom of this unique place. You must spend time in the temple. The more I read, the more its complexity and amazing symbolism I understood. But nothing compares to the importance of being there on site and feeling as it connects to your heart and gently recalibrates your mind. To be honest, I can’t wait to return. The pull is stronger than ever. The more I know, the more amazed I am. I love the Hathors.

Their energy and their joyful, yet extremely wise presence are all around their temple. It’s no surprise that in our ceremony we sent JOY up to the Heart of the Grid from their earthly abode. And guess what, they sent their joy back to our hearts immediately… There are some particular spots there where you can almost physically feel them. Seeing their faces on the ceiling is one way to do it.

There is a small chapel, the so-called ‘Pure Place’ inside the temple. It’s on the right side with a very special fresco on the ceiling. First I went there with the group, and then I felt the urge to return alone. One of the temple guards Mohamed kept me company. He sat next to me at a distance, respecting my silent contemplation. He was so sweet and wise. He was my guardian angel while I had my ‘talk’ with the Hathors. I think he knew that… Their message was clear and simple. They are here and will stay here to support us in our ascension process. The Grid is and will be protected by them. For any major adjustments to the Grid, their code was/is/and will be required. And, love filled JOY is the key to connect to them anytime, anywhere.

I thought that I had finished my ‘talk’ with the Hathors so I walked outside to get some fresh air. But, my dear friend Louise called to me that I should see something. Behind the temple is a small chapel. If you visit Dendera please do not miss this small shrine called the Iseum. It is dedicated to the birth of Isis. It has a strange orientation comparing to the main part of the temple site which faces East. The Iseum faces North. It seems that the Iseum is the most ancient part of the entire complex – with a very distinctive vibration from below. It’s like a gate to the Inner Earth realms which have such a strong connection to the entire site. (There are 14 crypts below the main temple. Only one crypt can be visited, the one with symbols of ‘electricity’.)

In the beautiful sunset we said good bye to the Hathors and Dendera. The connection was set. The temple is so fully alive and waiting for all those who are ready to know more about our long forgotten ancient history…



Hatshepsut Temple – Grand Opening of the gates

Karnack, Luxor and the west bank of the Nile River were on the plate for us for the next few days. Without getting into too much detail in this too long article, let me share a few things. When you explore the west bank of the Nile, first you will be taken to the Valley of the Kings , Medinet Habu, the Ramesseum, and the Hatshepsut temple. Hatshepsut is the only temple carved inside the magnificent mountain that rules the whole western plateau. This mountain is the home of the pharaoh’s tombs in the Valley of the Kings. It forms a huge natural pyramid when viewed from a distance. This mountain is very special. Take a closer look the next time you visit this magical part of the world. It’s like a living library for all the wisdom that was handed to the Egyptians from the ‘Followers of Horus’. They were the first priesthood who knew how important it is to save and preserve our history… One day we will be able to fully face our past, to be able to become responsible and conscious creators of our future. The West bank of Luxor will have a significant role in this opening.

One day this magnificent mountain will open its gate. The guardians are ready, Thoth is ready. All the wisdom stored there is available for open-hearted seekers. Until now the mountain was dormant. The Hatshepsut temple, which is the main entrance, was not allowed to reveal its real importance, until now. Something has changed, we have changed. It reminds me of the Amaru Muru portal in Peru. It’s just a piece of carved rock for many. But if you go there with your heart prepared, you can feel the holographic gate there. The melting of dimensions allows the secret gates to finally open. This Grand Opening of the Gates to Inner Earth is one of the many gifts our dimensional upgrade will present to us. Can you imagine how spectacular it will be? Sacred sites all around the world: from Bugarach, Southern France to Mount Shasta, Northern California. From Boyton Canyon, Sedona to the Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca Bolivia. From Montserrat, Spain to Potala, Lhasa Tibet. All will open. You can gain access to explore the hidden wisdom of our Inner Earth reality. To be honest, with all the teachings and love I keep getting from the Lemurians in Mount Shasta, I can’t wait for this moment to finally happen…

When this happens, Hatshepsut temple’s inner sanctuary will reveal its connection to the inside of this magnificent mountain. Just a tiny note on the Winter Solstice. At dawn the Sun’s rays run for many miles from the inner shrine of the Karnak temple (the holy of the hollies), across the Nile straight to the heart of Hatshepsut temple’s inner sanctuary. And from there into the heart of the magnificent mountain…

We did our Sun salutation meditation sending Light to the Heart of the Grid in that inner sanctuary of Karnak, two days prior the Solstice. What a magnificent crystal clear navigation of the Sun. What a magnificent crystal clear orientation of the whole temple complex. Ra in it own temple as it takes its ancient position. There is an other temple within the Karnak complex dedicated to the wife of RA, Goddess MUT. She is my personal favorite for her close symbolic connection to MU the mother continent. (That is a whole other article how these ancient names still carry the clues to get closer to the ancient wisdom of this Mother continent. MUt in Egypt, Mu wan Mut, the mother of Pacal in Palenque, Xi Wang Mu in China only the three most significant examples.)

We magically were allowed to visit her temple normally closed to the public. We also got access to the Osiris chapel, in the remote back end of the whole complex. It’s like a secret doorway to a tunnel system underground. The ascended masters have access to the inner part of the mountain. The ascended masters use this doorway to appear in our dimension. Osiris used this doorway to appear from his underworld/inner earth dwelling – in his turquois blue embodiment. Although I visited Karnak at least 5 times, the whole complex is still filled with secrets and surprises.

This journey opened up so many gates. Secret places just opened themselves to us. In every temple we went to, we were invited to enter their secret chapels and inner sanctuaries. Gates just opened magically. Guards were ready to lead us to the most remote or hidden temple parts. That is exactly what happened on the most awaited 21st of December 2012. Egyptian government restrictions blocked entry to the places we originally planned to visit. Thank you so much for the restrictions! They helped us to end up at the most magical places one can imagine. The Solar Cross. If you haven’t heard of the Solar Cross please read Drunvalo’s reference below of this truly important and remarkable site. 

The only thing I knew from the beginning of our journey that we would be taken to the most perfect place for our grid completion ceremony on the Solstice. That is exactly what happened. On the evening before the Solstice I had no idea where we would end up the next day. After dinner I ‘accidentally’ ran into someone who knew the location of the Solar Cross. By 10pm the whole camel caravan was set for our next morning’s adventure. (It was my first, and definitely not last encounter with camels. In our next journey to Egypt we will plan a camel ride into the desert and spend the night under the starry timeless Egyptian sky…)

To make it short, this magical Solstice Galactic Alignment found us at the Solar Cross. I could not imagine a more appropriate spot to connect to the Crystalline Grid. So we did and we sent all our love. We also connected to those who sent their love from around the world for this completion ceremony. Our international team connected the heart of the planet to the heart of the Galaxy from this ancient spot. Teamwork. The Crystalline Grid with its most ancient layer, the Lemurian layer, was fired up. Its ancient perfection has fully returned to the way it was a long time ago. To the way it was long before the demise of the Atlantean civilization, which almost destroyed our planet, and our Unity Consciousness Grid.

Marching through the sacred energies temple by temple we got the key, preparing us for our final ceremony. At Dendera we got the permission from the Hathors to access to the Heart of the Grid through its most ancient layer, the Lemurian layer. The ‘Firing up of the Grid’ happened on this very special date, at this very special venue with perfect alignment with the Heart of the Galaxy. Our heartbeats became ONE with the grid, with the planet, with the Sun, with the Galaxy and with the entire Universe.

Now that our beautiful Unity Consciousness Grid is completed, it shines with its ancient perfection. What does this all mean? It means that many magical things will bring this realization and reconnection closer to us in the upcoming years. Every day we should tune our hearts to it and we will be amazed by the many wonders it can and will present to our most important transformation process called ‘our life on Earth’.

We are at the beginning of a new chapter in our planetary ascension adventure. We are all connected to her most precious heartbeat as we are all connected to the Heart of the Universe, to our Source. Our fully awakened Crystalline Grid is our new navigation system towards the higher dimensions. We got our passports. It is up to us whether we want to use all its great potential or not. The more we connect to it through our hearts, the more of its gifts appear into our reality. They appear through our newly activated Pineal, which is the antenna for it. Enjoy the discovery because it will take us back Home through our eternal journey in the vast Universe.

It is with my most heartfelt gratitude to all who helped this journey to happen. And it is with my most heartfelt gratitude to all who read this extra-long article and who took the time to ’ride’ back with me in time. Egypt is waiting. Yes it is not easy to make a decision to go there due to the recent political situation. But the land of Isis and Osiris is patiently waiting for all those who are ready for its wonders. My beloved friend Mohamed said, “Egypt always was, and always will be”. I feel this deeply in my heart. It is there, and it will be there forever. The more we know about our past, the more we are ready to discover about its vast connection to the Universe. Egypt knows how to awaken your heart for sure. I am truly counting the days to return. Let me know if you feel to join…



Egypt, 2012

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