South France, 2011

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South France, 2011The intense transformational energies of this summer with all the eclipses and astronomical highlights form the perfect playground to continue our personal and planetary preparations. It is ‘prep’ time indeed. There is an intense transforming vibration in the air. Staying in the ‘now’ moments through our hearts is the most simple and still the most challenging method to follow. From there we can handle all the happenings. This conscious ‘participation’ is the best state for being able to listen. LISTEN to the guidance of what to do, and where to go.

This listening is my number one compass regarding the Lemurian Awakening journeys. (A clear communication process opens the way for every decision of where to go and what to do. Sometimes the result is a group event; sometimes rather a personal ‘to go event’. But the essence, the mission is always the same; to bring closer to our recent state of awareness the ancient vibration of Earth. To bring closer the wisdom of those ones who had the most intense experiences with the vibration of the Universal/Cosmic Mother and connected her straight to this planet through that early civilization that was the very first in our recent physical times, the Lemurians. )

So my ‘Listening’ while in these beautiful yet sometimes difficult to handle summer energies this year took me to South France for the Solstice.

South France, 2011The whole story started a year ago when a group formed by dedicated mothers and beautiful kids decided to come with me on a Cathedral Tour of France. It was a truly unique experience. After many beautiful Lemurian Awakening tours with open hearted grownups, a number of kids were also part of the ‘official’ group. Their playful yet mature energies were present all the way, all the time, and in all the places we were invited to go. Orleans, Tours, Mont Saint Michel and Amiens are a few among those destinations these journeys took us, with Chartres at the end for the Solstice. We had beautiful meditations along the way which covered the cathedrals in golden, clearing, healing and empowering light. The Chartres ceremony was different. We went to the underground chapel. If you have been there you know that the so called Crypt is open only at certain hours, meaning that the gate opening allows a lot of tourists to enter this unique underground site.

Being part of the massive tourist ‘invasion’ of the 11 am opening on the Summer Solstice day 2010, it was a miracle that our group had the silence and space to have our meditation in the pillars chapel in complete silence with only us there. With our songs and meditations we invited the heart of the universe and the heart of the planet into our own hearts and into our circle, walking around the ‘secret heart of the cathedral’ as they refer to it.

South France, 2011At the end of the ceremony we greeted the Well that was here long before the first church was built upon this site and which was the most important gathering place for the Druids for hundreds of years, long before the cathedral was built upon its sacred vibration.

There is a special crystal called Aqua Aurora, which has a very strong connection to the ancient Divine Lemurian Feminine vibration. This artificial crystal is the result of the fusion of the wisdom of the quartz crystal and the regal healing vibration of the gold. The Lemurians gifted me once on Mt Shasta with a beautiful piece of it. Since then this crystal is always with me on my journeys. Certain places need its unique vibration. That was the case with Chartres. So at the completion of our love filled Solstice Ceremony we let this crystal find its final place at the very bottom of the Sacred Well, in the secret heart of the Cathedral…

More about this crystal:

South France, 2011Walking back to the surface through the Huge Underground chapel where the replica of the Black Madonna, Lady of the Under Ground, Notre Dame Sous Terre resides (the original was destroyed during the French Revolution) is like a time travel through the ages. The atmosphere still holds the dedication and compassion of all those who planned and built up this extremely important Cathedral that is still the surface stronghold of the Underground Divine Feminine, aka the purest vibration of our beloved Mother Earth. This vibration needs to return fully to the surface all around the planet: However, to be able to do that, certain long dormant portals need to be reopened. This process is happening now. All the ceremonies on sacred places with dedicated hearts are serving the very same divine aim. Reactivating those ancient vibrations greatly enhance the awakening process of our beloved planet and the awakening process we as humanity are going through. This awakening process requires divine balance and this divine Balance can return with the full return of the Divine Feminine which was sent into exile on this planet thousands of years ago.

Chartres has a unique role in this process. This beautiful Cathedral is one of the ‘feminometers’ of the planet. If you want to know and to feel the current state of the Divine Feminine on the planet, go there and you will get the most precise information. Well I have to tell you that a year ago the full return was not an option, YET. Many signs indicated this clearly. Let me share two of them.

South France, 2011During a journey if we plan to visit a site, I try to be there a bit earlier just to feel the energy in silence. We had the gift to arrive at Chartres in the late afternoon for an evening concert in the Cathedral. The doors were open till late allowing us just to walk and to feel its calm, healing vibration. The night energy of the place is way stronger, with no crowd, no daily noises, only Love that filled with merged sacred geometry based harmony between the stones and the music. It is like opening loving arms. This loving vibration has been available for a thousand years with the same ancient untouched vibration that flows freely among the pillars in the evening hours…

The daily face is different. The daily energy is mixed and NOT because of the place or the number of visitors. Rather because of the attitude of those who theoretically are the guardians of the place. As I mentioned above, the next morning, which was the Solstice day, I arrived earlier than the group just to feel how the playful peak of the summer vibration interacts with the place herself. Well what I saw was not really playful. A nice group was there already. They tried to remove the chairs from the Labyrinth on this unique occasion, with respect, patience and love. The guards made it impossible to say the least. It was strictly forbidden and the guards expressed themselves with no respect towards the visitors or towards the place. It was a loud disrespectful incident and I could state that it was not the love filled intention of the group that was the loud part…. The time has not arrived to free the Labyrinth to connect its centerpiece freely to our hearts in the unique Solstice vibration.

South France, 2011Labyrinths have a significant role in the gothic cathedrals, as a symbolic portal to enter to the deepest part of those sites, and through them to the Core vibration of the energy lines of the planet. Like the neurotransmitters in our body they carry information and can detect perfectly the vibratory situations of all that happens on them. Well, based on what happened on the Chartres Labyrinth last year, the message was clear that we were not ready. One day soon it will change and the centerpiece of the Chartres labyrinth will open herself up for the most amazing fountain of Pearly White Light.

Please join our August 15th Worldwide Chartres Crystalline Meditation, detailed below at the end of the article to help for this long awaited opening to happen. (Here is a link if you feel to know more about the labyrinths:

The second sign happened on the same day. We were still walking around the pillars when all of the sudden I heard the most pleasant violin music you can imagine. It fit perfectly with the ambiance of the place opening our hearts even more, and allowing the ancient healing vibration of the site to touch it deeply. It was so special and at the same time so feminine. I had to find the ‘source of the music of heaven’, so I started to walk towards it when I realized that a beautiful young girl in red shirt with long light brown hair with all her love, innocence, wisdom and gratitude was playing this music. It was so ethereally beautiful. Not for long. The same guard came. He forced her to stop. There was no loud argument. There was sadness indeed, sadness of those who were around and sadness of the place herself. There still are those unprepared forces that clearly stop the Divine Feminine to Flow as of YET.

I felt clearly that the place is not ready or rather to say we as humanity are not ready for this most magical place to open her gate fully for us. Things change with such a speed. A year and certain adventurous reactivations later that I share in the next chapter, Chartres is waiting for our return. Ours, I mean the return of our United Consciousness and heartfelt dedication, I invite you all for a Worldwide Chartres Crystalline Meditation on 15th August for opening the flower centerpiece of the Labyrinth. It is very symbolic and very important. If you feel to be with us you can find the details at the end of this new article.

Montsegur — The White Lady of the World

South France, 2011When I organized the France Cathedral Tour last year the original plan was to finish the whole journey in the South with visits to Rennes la Chateau, Bugarach and Montsegur.

Plans changed as always and I accepted this with total peace in my heart that Montsegur was to be a later chapter in this line of sacred journeys. I had no idea that later meant exactly four days after returning home to Hungary. Things happened fast, our friend from Bolivia and his planned Girona visit got cancelled, and the idea came with such a strength and inevitable clarity that NOW is the time to go to the South of France, even if for a weekend only. We got in our car and went back to France.

Surreal plans started to form with a strong pulsation to go straight to Montsegur. The place sent out his inevitable invitation signal. Four of us ended up in a car going to Southern France for that weekend, having no idea of ‘why now?’ and just accepting and listening to the ‘have to happen now’ instruction.

South France, 2011This was the very first encounter with this magical region for us, at least in this lifetime. We went straight to Montsegur. After a really long ride we arrived in the late afternoon. We climbed up just to greet the sunset. The peace of that afternoon was magical. Only very few people were up there. There was one man who seemed to be waiting for us on this strange Saturday evening. Our conversation with him ended up on the top of the highest wall of the castle. He shared beautiful stories of how on March 16th 1244, the last day of this Cathar stronghold was taken over by the Inquisition. How their brave attitude while marching to their deaths remained a symbol for future generations for hundreds of years. Legends also say that at the very end four people, three men and one woman escaped from this steep extremely high wall, carrying away the ‘secret treasure’ of the Cathars. Legends also say that this treasure can be connected to the Holy Grail. The story we heard had an interesting element: according to many, the woman who descended down and still today referred as the White Lady of Montsegur (her name was ‘Esclarmonde’ meaning ‘Light of he World’) disappeared on the mountain on the other side of the road. When I heard this story on the very top of this magical place I was just smiling. On my way up to the castle looking around there was one particular spot on the opposite side of the mountain where my focus was turned to. There was/is an Inner Earth gate on the exact same spot he pointed to. These gates reveal themselves to me at many times. That happened this time on my way up with unquestionable clarity, without knowing anything about this story.

So Montsegur and the Cathars had a special knowledge about the secret of this region. What is that secret exactly? And how are the magical places like Rennes la Chateau, Rennes les Bain, Bugarach, Montsegur and other places around connected to it? The whole region is a huge portal to the Inner Earth realm. Particular gates open particular segments of that vast inner space in different dimensions. Time will reveal more from the sacred role of this regarding our upcoming planetary transition.

chartres9Back to our story, we were still on the top when our guide a full-hearted Catalan man who we met there ‘accidentally’ and I am sure he is one of the guardians of this place explained to us that — ‘By the way this night is the Astrological Grand Cross culmination, waited for by astrologers for many years, finally to occur on this exact day.’ — I am generally aware of the celestial happenings but for some reason this event had not found me until that moment. There was a Grand Cross in the sky when we were in the heart of the Grand Cross land of the Cathars. Within a second it got clear. I realized earlier that this place is not sad in any way, contrary to the fact that as a last stronghold it witnessed hundreds of enlightened soul’s deaths. This place is filled with light and wisdom waiting for those who have the ears to hear and eyes to see. The connection of the crosses is what happened on this magical evening. The White Light of the place was almost visible for the physical eyes. Our pure heart intention was just a catalyst on that particular day. Our ceremony helped to reconnect the crosses — celestial with the historical, and etheric with the physical.

Reconnecting the crosses is like connecting the keys as I learnt it on New Zealand on the Drunvalo journey in 2009. When the two keys meet, the code arrives. That is exactly what happened there: the two crossed as ONE, opening the way for the Code to return. This code as a portal opener will help us to receive more from the wisdom stored in this very place. The white light stronghold known by the Cathars and before them the Druids and before them the masters of earlier civilizational epochs is ready to reveal its timeless wisdom.

South France, 2011Sealing in this magical moment, I felt to leave a beautiful crystal there. I stored it into a spot on the wall however the Crystal started to talk, expressing that with all its respect to the place and with a deep connection to its core vibration it prefers to stay with the guardian we met. Carles is his name. You can meet him up on the hill at every solstice and major celestial event. He is one with the place in a very special way — my heartfelt thanks and timeless love for his dedication.

Leaving behind this amazing place with all these experiences we all were speechless for a long time. We had no idea that a year later, the Solstice dawn would meet us up there yet again in a truly funny yet divine and very unique situation…

More on Montsegur:

Rennes le Chateau, the Magdalene Enigma

And the weekend was far from over. The next day we went to Rennes la Chateau. There are so many writings about the energy of this place. Based on these writings plus my personal experiences last year and this one, I can see that the very intense vibration of this place opens up something that resides deep in our hearts (or deepest relation to our long forgotten archaic feminine part). The reaction to this intense reconnection from such an atavistic depth can vary from running away from the temple, to feeling its universal source from deep down and above the place itself.

chartres11I prefer the information that deals with the secret source of its vibration aka the hill itself that it was built on, rather then how Sauniere Berenger (1852-1917) the priest of the village found his mysterious treasury to reconstruct the whole site and built up the Magdala Tower, the Villa Bethany, and the garden. These are fascinating stories; time will reveal their importance and accuracy.

The point is that these stories, plus the long history of those ancient settlements on this site, were connected to the mysterious source of the energy of Mother Earth and based on that, later on, all were connected to the myths of the Magdalene. Indeed the condensed Mother energy is protected with various invisible sacred geometrical formations which are recognizable but still very well hidden here — the symbols in the unusual temple type Church, in the garden, and in the Magdala Tower are especially significant.

The Magdalene energy as the synonym of the pure, ancient, feminine vibration is presented, although getting access is not granted with the same intensity to everyone. The temple interior works as a detector. You get what you are ready to take. What you project out opens different levels of this vast ‘storage’ type of Divine Feminine center, which is connected to the essence of this ancient vibration through different dimensional sequences. The whole area is protected and different segments add different layers to this well reserved unique universal pattern. It is like a cosmic song sung by the whole area, so perfect and so special. Rennes les Bain with its healing waters is strongly connected into this pattern. After an intense walk all around Rennes la Chateau we ended up in a cozy restaurant on the bank of the river Sal in Rennes les Bains. I never will forget the atmosphere of this most unique lunch. Time opened itself to timelessness. Still in our physical bodies but connected through the very same mission back to the very beginning of any human experience on Earth. Indeed special. Like the thunderstorm we experienced heading to Bugarach. That was the sign that the mountain will not reveal herself to us this time.

All that we experienced was more than enough for a tiny weekend. We started our long journey home with the clear understanding of why this particular date was the one we had to reconnect to this most amazing ancient Divine Feminine stronghold. This was the final leg of the preparation journeys including Egypt, Palenque, New Zealand and Bolivia before entering to Tibet. Long time dormant vibrations were invited to return to the surface. The essence of the well-protected Balanced Divine Feminine was carried back to the well-protected Balanced Divine Masculine stronghold to Tibet. But that is another article.

You can read more on that journey here:

Back to Montsegur, Summer Solstice 2011

South France, 2011I love the way my journeys start to form. First the ‘listening ‘ part, to see the direction, then the ‘manifestation’ part which can attract all the help needed for a particular journey to take form in the physical. I had no idea that this Summer Solstice would take me back to Montsegur until few weeks before the date. (The original plan was to return to New Zealand but things change and our most awaited Aotearoa journey is due to next February.)

So there we were, yet again sitting in a cozy car heading from the Barcelona airport to Girona first. Why Girona? Because it acts like a gate if you feel the call to enter, or rather if you are invited to enter to the mystery of the Pyrenees. There are some books about this unique energy, known to the ancients so well that it goes straight to the heart of that mountain, Mt. Canigou. There was once an initiation journey through sacred spots strongly connected to the wisdom of the Kabala and earlier Celtic traditions which took the adepts through 11 portals. This initiation journey traced on an earth map the Ursa Major Star Constellation all around the region, ending up in a sacred march to Mt. Canigou.

Because of the intense energies of this summer, plus because of the strong invitation we got to be here, our ‘initiation’ journey took us straight to the heart center of this route. There are those types of information you cannot find in any books or on any internet website. There are those sacred spots and portals that reveal themselves only to those who have the keys to open them.

chartres13The Pyrenees have these secret portals. You enter into its reality and you let yourself be taken to the right places at the right time. That is exactly what happened to us when we ended up in the tiny village of Clara. So tiny that it is hard to find on the map. Still there is something very special above it on the mountain… There is a remote chapel, not written much about. Still I can tell it has, or rather the mountain behind it has, an extremely strong vibration. If you are guided to be there you just sit and the whole mountain is ready to open her secret history and most protected treasures to you. There are sealed entrances to this reality kept invisible for thousands of years. And now they are gradually ready to open their gates for us.

A very sacred spot revealed its ancient secret to us here, leading deep down to the Crystalline Heart of the Mother in the Earth. It was so intense, there are those places that have the strongest connection like a straight light corridor to the crystalline heart chamber, the purest Mother vibration of the planet because of the purest Mother vibration of the Universe (Tiamat) that they are still connected to. This same straight connection I felt in the bottom of the Underground Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Gizah, at the Puma Rock on the Island of The Sun on Lake Titicaca, and at Lake Manasarovar in Tibet. These secret light corridors can take you straight to the hidden heart center of the planet. And there is one of these above Clara, which by the way means ‘light’.

After this intense ‘opening’ we continued our journey through the Pyrenees back to the Languedoc region of South France, to the Grand Cross Land of the Cathars. We proceeded on a reverse route compared to last year. We climbed up to Bugarach first. If you manage to sit on the top of this mountain you will get your gift for sure. (As got for example, Jules Verne the French ‘father’ of science fiction who wrote his famous novel “The Journey to the Center of the Earth” here. What a coincidence to write fiction about the Hollow Earth here hmm…)

chartres14This mountain is still a headache for geologist, with its top being millions of years older than its base. It has a significant role to play in the future. Not because it will be the only place to survive at the end of 2012 as many believe, but because it has a very ancient system of caves connected to those tunnel systems that covers the inner surface of the entire planet. And yes it is a man made by humans system if we accept to call those earlier civilizations that once lived/arrived here, humans. The unique vibration of the mountain allows us to see or to get a gift that greatly enhances your personal preparation. And no need to climb to the top for this, but you need to find your silence there.


More about this unique mountain:

Our next destination was Rennes les Bains. This year we had the time to walk up to the ‘Seat of Isis’. There is this forest around the village with amazing rock formations all around, one of many is the ‘devil’s armchair’ as referred to by many till today. The ‘Seat of Isis’ name fits this chair better due to its uplifting energy I can say. The other very special spot is the ‘Fountain of the Lovers’. The healing and clearing attribute of this very special water comes from deep down. Just breathing and being connected to the fairies around can make the necessary preparation needed both on the personal and the group level.

Rennes la Chateau is filled with tourists or rather to say the seekers of its secret. It is more and more challenging to find some quietness in the Magdalene Church. But if you need to find that silence you will get it for sure. Returning to this special place exactly a year later was like opening a new chapter, or rather officially completing the previous one for Lemurian Awakening.

The Divine Feminine based ancient Divine Balance is ready to return to the surface. All the challenges we as a humanity, and we as you, me and others are facing and more importantly are reacting to, make this returning gradually possible. Marching toward this balanced state of being is the main purpose in our lives. We have our own personal to dos and the planetary to dos to make this march easier, and indeed it is getting easier. Not because the circumstances are getting any lighter, not yet, but our attitude and conscious approach act like a catalyst to make it happen. Full hearted ‘beingness’ in every single moment is the key and the method at the same time. Still there are those moments that need to be sealed and apart from the now, which need to be taken to the ‘Eternal Now’. Every moment of our life can add something to this level, to the eternal way of living. Still there are those moments, places and energies that help us greatly to connect straight to this ‘Eternal Now’. Spending the Summer Solstice night up in Monstegur is definitely one of them.

chartres15The trip to Montsegur took hours longer than planned. We arrived at sunset just to experience the most, and I mean the most amazing cloud formations we ever witnessed. After the climb we found ourselves in the quite crowded castle site. The solstice energy invited a lot of beautiful hearts to the very same spot. With all these people around we got the clear instruction to spend the night in the tower. A beautiful altar was made with very special Lemurian crystals, essences and an Inca flag I got from the elders at Lake Titicaca last year. The colors of the rainbow with the Pearly White Light in the middle were present there, shining through the starry night with our candles all night long.

There are those special nights in your life that you never, NEVER will forget. Because of the most beautiful energy of the surrounding hills, and the special emanation of Montsegur herself; plus the returning of the Pearly White Light with a beautiful solstice ceremony in the evening ; plus the White light emanation of the place itself; plus the presence of the White Lady of this well protected ancient stronghold of the Cosmic Mother; plus the visible presence of my beloved Lemurians; and finally plus the night long dancing in the Moonlight, all these ‘pluses’ and many other segments together formed the most extraordinary night one can imagine.

We were the guardians of the White Flame during the night that returned with full strength on that Solstice and will remain there to witness the most amazing transformation our planet and humanity are marching through. This Pearly White essence of the Universal Mother that was so well known by the Lemurians and tens of thousands of years later by the Cathars has started to return to the surface at full speed. New Zealand was the very first destination for the flame herself to emerge from a Tibetan ‘exile’, and now through the walls of Montsegur this most ancient vibration is fully back. This was celebration time indeed.

chartres16The celebration continued at the Solstice dawn when a huge group of beautiful people arrived to greet the morning Sun’s spectacular emanation on the Montsegur castle wall.

They all came to the tower room where we ‘guarded’ the White Light all night long. The fact that they showed up at 4:30 am made the moment funny and memorable at the very same time. Just imagine that you are in your sleeping bag privately, it is still dark, when all of the sudden 30-50 people arrive to wish you good morning in the exact same moment. It was intense indeed, as was the whole event itself.

After this night and not a single hour of sleep we were back to Barcelona. With the Pearly White Light in our hearts and in the heart of Montsegur, our journey was just completed perfectly.

The Fountain of the Mother — Worldwide Crystalline Meditation August 15, 2011 — Chartres

And now a final chapter is waiting. The reason why I shared with such detail these latest journeys is to see their connection to each other, and to the Lemurian Awakening mission. As I wrote at the very beginning, and I am honestly sorry to keep you reading such a long article, which started with the Cathedral Tour at the last year’s Summer Solstice 2010.

Back home in Hungary when I was checking the pictures I realized that one of the cloud formations in Montsegur looked like the center of the Labyrinth in Chartres. Montsegur and Chartres are indeed connected. The Pearly White Light is now ready to return to the heart of the ‘feminometers’ which I referred to when I was talking about the ‘Labyrinth in Chartres’.

August 15th will be the date I invite you for a Crystalline Meditation for the full opening of this timeless, Divine Feminine portal. The worldwide meditation will start at 3 PM GMT.

chartres17Here are the details if you feel the desire to join us:

After a few deep breaths send all your love to the heart of the planet. When you feel the connection and your heartbeat connects to the heartbeat of the planet send your love to the heart of the Universe. When the love of the universe and the love of the planet merge in your own heart, it feels like a constantly flowing infinity symbol with your heart in the center. When you are connected fully to this flow, then start to invite into your heart this most beautiful Pearly White Flame. Feel as this flame emerges in the very center of your own heart, feel its warm healing loving tender vibration, then with a deep breath send it to all the hearts around the world who are participating. Your heart will know how to connect them. A Love Circle will form, a crystalline RING that embraces the whole planet. This Ring of the Pearly White Cosmic Mother flame will open the Heart of the Labyrinth. So the center will be opened ONLY by our heartfelt united intention. The only way to make it happen is if we act TOGETHER. The light emanations from our hearts manifest this special ring. The ring’s condensed vibration will act as a key to open the center, and the Fountain of the Cosmic Mother Flame will be restored on the surface. Imagine a Huge Fountain that can touch every tiny segment of the surface. The Mother Flame can cover all.

If you feel the wish to join us you are so welcome to do so. Why the 15th of August? This date has the same significance as the solstices and equinoxes regarding the transition of this planet. Exactly two years ago the Waitaha Maori wisdom keepers invited Drunvalo to New Zealand for a very special planetary occasion on 15th of August. It was indeed important just not in the way it was expected. Exactly one year ago the Hopi went to Santa Barbara and we were the closest to Mt Kailash in Tibet for a Worldwide Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony on 15th of August. It was very much connected to the emergence of the Pearly White Flame and now this vibration is ready for her full return. Please join.

Love and only love,

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