New Zealand, 2011

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New Zealand, 2011I just landed in Los Angeles after a ten day ‘holiday’ in New Zealand. It was one of the most amazing journeys of my entire life. The beautiful part is that I can say these exact words after any of my journeys of the last two years. They all had great significance and had something to add to the greater picture they fit in with such perfection. Still it was very different. First of all I went by myself. This was my third time on that magical land. First with Drunvalo in 2009, then last year with a beautiful Lemurian Awakening group, and now I felt the urge to go by myself. The call was so very strong. So many things happened in 2010 and somehow all that unfolded on my magical journeys and experiences from that year needed to be taken to Aotearoa.

The last year was extremely intense for all of us. I started it with a series of magical journeys; three continents in three months. Palenque, Mexico, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and New Zealand — all these very special destinations were just part of a nice mandala type image. They all have their importance and they are strongly connected to each-other. Later on that year, we had a very special ceremony in Chartres in the Cathedral at the Summer Solstice and an unexpected weekend in Montsegur and Rennes la Chateau on the Grand Cross day of 26th of June. We completed a 16 days long unique adventure to Tibet in August, being the closest to the heart of Mt Kailash on the 15th of August (exactly a year after the Drunvalo journey to New Zealand and the Waitaha prophecy about August 15th, 2009 — see later). The series of the Lemurian Awakening journeys of last year ended up in a Winter Solstice ceremony in the Great Pyramid’s Underground chamber at the exact time of the Total Lunar Eclipse. (There is a secret entrance to the heart of the planet from that chamber. The whole ancient structure was built upon this sacred point.) There are those most ancient sacred spots all around the world that form a beautiful web, connecting certain very special entrances to an ancient underground reality. Most of the Lemurian Awakening journeys are linked to these special portals.

Lemurian, in the case of these journeys means that working with the most ancient, Cosmic Mother vibration that represented Unity and Balance on Earth a really — and I mean a really long time ago. Every journey had something to add to the whole, add something to the full return of a timeless ancient vibration that was presented with such a divine perfection the last time on Earth, in the time of Lemuria. (You can read about their quantum wisdom in many Kryon messages, here is a link to my favorite one:

New Zealand, 2011Each adventure had lessons to teach to those who were there physically as well as those who felt like connecting to us during the worldwide meditations through their hearts. The Lemurian Reactivation Ceremonies had a profound connection to the Seven Sacred Flames that are very important tools for our own journeys to find our way back to our home to the Source. The vibrations of these flames are ready to return to the surface to help us with their unique vibration pattern to get closer to those long forgotten codes that can take us even further. This ancient Cosmic Mother energy is so ready to return. The Balance represented by her ancient existence can be found in so many cultures from Sumer’s Tiamat through the Mayan’s First Mother, Egypt’s Goddess Mut and Isis until the Christian’s Mother Mary and the Cathars Magdalene. After thousands of years of invisible silent presence she is here to take her long reserved place consciously into our own hearts.

When I returned from Tibet last August I just realized that all these journeys are about so much more than bringing the healing, transforming vibrations of these flames back to the surface. It is about adding these Seven into ONE which is the Diamond White reflecting all the colors like a rainbow still collecting them into Oneness with all their vibratory patterns and love frequencies. This Pearly White is the flame the Lemurians knew the most, this White is representing the most ancient vibration of the Universal Feminine, reflecting Balance, Unity and the wisdom of the MUltiverse. More details about it later.

It took me 21 weeks after Tibet to fully understand that all our experiences from our journeys brought the essence of this most ancient love vibration closer to us. This love vibration has everything, our immortality, our divine heritage and within it all, our future. After an amazing Winter Solstice Ceremony in the Underground Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt, a new chapter was ready to open up. But first the essence of all these ceremonies, the essence of the flames, the purest diamond white was ready to return to New Zealand.

New Zealand, 2011So that is where my story begun in New Zealand on 2nd of February this year, knowing nothing about the journey except that Loma will pick me up at the Auckland airport and soon after I will meet Ruth, Walesi and Peter, those beloved hearts I met on the previous trips. (You can read more about Loma, Ruth and Walesi in Drunvalo’s Serpent of Light book’s New Zealand chapter. Peter is a highly respected Maori elder, a medicine man, a true renaissance soul with a vast amount of wisdom, love and light in his heart. You couldn’t wish for better company.)

The first night we ended up in Waitangi, spending the night in the very special energy of that very special land. (Not only because of the long flight from LA but rather the vibratory difference between the hemispheres, the first few nights are always unique on that land. In my case it meant that I woke up in the middle of the night and received some really clear ‘instructions’ for the upcoming days. So on the second day I could see clearly what to do and where to go. I felt the extremely powerful call to return immediately to one of the most sacred places of the North Island called Spirit Bay.

Spirit Bay — this most special White Flame needed to be taken there.

The very first time I arrived to New Zealand with Drunvalo was because the Whale Grandmothers started calling me to reactivate a Lemurian Crystalline Temple in the Pacific close to New Zealand. The second time there, they showed me the exact location of the temple closest to this most divine setting called Spirit Bay. Imagine a coast with a huge, beautiful rock forming a huge, beautiful whale shape with sacred caves and rocks on it; with a view from the top that no words can describe. This is where we went now, because this is where the Pearly White flame wanted to arrive.

New Zealand, 2011This White Flame as I said is one of the carriers of the most ancient wisdom regarding our divine origin and destiny. It has the unique essence of the healed Divine Feminine as well as its divine complement, the healed Masculine. It holds the Balance and it holds the codes for our eternal existence in the Universal Mandala called life on Earth. During our most dense period of human existence there were always those chosen ones who were assigned to keep this wisdom alive. The wisdom keepers’ brotherhoods and sisterhoods secret formations went through our human history. Amongst them were those beautiful women whose role was to maintain the hidden vibration of this wisdom. Because of the dense vibratory environment, the only way to keep this wisdom alive was to wrap it up in pain. Pain was the key to keeping the vibration and the wisdom connected to it alive. Isis, Magdalene and all those who were part of this universal story at a certain point in their lives experienced extreme pain by loosing their divine counterpart, loosing in this density their Divine Balance. This sadness, this deep pain of loosing their beloved Twin, was the carrier of the ancient codes for thousands of years.

With the return of this flame to our very reality, we are now allowed to wrap it up into something else. Pain as a code keeper will not exist anymore. JOY will take the ancient part. That was the main reason for this journey; taking the pain back to its sacred destination, eliminating it and transforming it into joy.

On the way to Spirit Bay, Loma felt like taking us to one of her favorite mountaintops on the Mountain of the Rainbow Warriors. We had a beautiful meditation there, overlooking the entire Pacific and the islands. Being there in silence, all of the sudden these most beautiful rainbow warriors appeared in front of my inner eyes. They gently took over all the pain this flame was wrapped up in and lead the way up North to Spirit Bay. What a joy arrived to the top immediately. The relief could be physically felt. That was the grand opening to the process of taking back the flame.

New Zealand, 2011On the way down from the hill I started to clap my hands in a particular rhythm. Seconds later I realized that it was the exact same rhythm I got after a beautiful meditation with my group in the Jokhang Monastery in Lhassa. The Tara energy was presented to us there and now here in the heart of New Zealand, too. What a connection, I thought. And I could only smile when Peter told me later on in the car that before Spirit Bay we will cross by Taratara, their other sacred mountain. This beautiful mountain, visited many times by Tibetan lamas has a strong connection to Tibet and more importantly to the Underground Reality that has such an important role in our upcoming future. A beautiful smile of Tara yet again showed herself on a Lemurian Awakening journey exactly the way it happened in Tibet; strong connection indeed.

Stopping by at that mountain I just felt what separation really meant in our human experience. Just looking at that mountain, it was like a perfect symbol of tearing apart from our Real Self from our Divinity a long, long time ego. Still just being there in silence I also felt that this separation is over. It will soon be visible even on the surface, meaning that even this beautiful mountain cut into two will become ONE again. It has been done, it is only a matter of time and will be visible for all of us. I was smiling and I was so ready to return to Sprit Bay.

There is one particular cave there, holding a very special ancient vibration, having yet again a straight connection to the heart of the planet. The White Flame in a pearly white crystal heart was meant to be taken there, as a purest symbol of Divine Balance. The crystal, after a beautiful Maori/ Lemurian ceremony was taken back to the heart of the cave. At the exact moment of its entering to the cave, I was invited to enter to the ocean. I was invited for a swim. All the love of the whale grandmothers were with me in the water facing this most beautiful rock formation from there. That was one of the most powerful, most healing, most loving swims of my entire life…


New Zealand, 2011We spent the next few days in the center of the Waitangi Festival building up around the Waitangi Day that commemorates a significant day in the history of New Zealand. It is a public holiday held each year on February 6th to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document, on that date in 1840.

Although it has a great significance and still an issue to be talked about and lots of healing to be done for them, for us this whole weekend was so much fun with so much healing energy. It was just amazing to be in this ancient/ modern mix of traditions, and most of all, in their loving, accepting, welcoming vibration. I met some of those dear friends who I know from two years ago. We had time to talk, to walk, to enjoy the peace of the land, even in the middle of this noisy but fun event.

There is a tiny, ancient Marae (meeting house in Maori) close to the river, which for some reason had a great importance regarding the 15th of August in 2009 (the Waitaha prophecy marked this day as the beginning of a very special time for us as humanity). Few of us ended up there from the Drunvalo group on that particular day in 2009. It was the biggest surprise for me to return one more time there last March, having no idea that this sacred hidden place is part of our official itinerary. And it happened again: I had the privilege to spend some beautiful, quiet time yet again in this remote, but extremely special venue.

New Zealand, 2011There was another remote place on the agenda to visit after our rejuvenating weekend in Waitangi. After these healing days thanks to the hospitality of my dearest friends Walesi and Minnie, we headed South to return to Miringa Te Kakara. This is another highly respected ceremony center from ancient times: the Crosshouse of the Four Winds. I feel like copying here a small excerpt from the Lemurian Letter I wrote after last years’ experience there.

‘The following day we arrived to the Crosshouse, Miringa Te Kakara, referred to it as one of the most sacred sites in Aotearoa by Drunvalo in his Serpent of Light book. This is one of the places that has a strong connection to the Waitaha prophecy about the 15th of August of 2009. This prophecy, according to Drunvalo’s comment is a ‘pivotal moment in history, which may or may not be known publicly but it will be the beginning of a new human dream…’. Based on the wisdom of the Lemurian Masters the prophecy has connected our collective dream of reality to our potential future and it is indeed manifesting as our New Reality. And it indeed has a strong connection to this most powerful place, the Crosshouse, Miringa Te Kakara. The history of this place goes back in ancient times. There are many theories about what is beneath the cross. An ancient beautiful crystal is indeed there. The timeless symbol of the restored Divine Balance is indeed there. As the living symbol of this balance, this place holds extremely powerful vibration, and the Key to the future of New Humanity.’

We arrived there this time in the middle of the night. Due to some seemingly unexpected car problems we could not get there earlier. The sky was cloudy when we finally entered but after our quiet greeting ceremony all of a sudden the whole Milky Way greeted us back. The dawn was extremely peaceful. I took my sleeping bag sensing the invitation of the cross to be there with my crystals. In this quietness I understood that Miringa Te Kakara was that particular place that certain wisdom and codes were taken at the dawn of our human dream here on Earth for our safe future to unfold. Our only mission here is to listen. Listen to all the wisdom that our beloved ancestors left behind a really long time ago. The sacred geometrical references plus the extremely untouched vibratory settings make this listening audible for the naked human ears and hearts.

New Zealand, 2011In the peaceful bliss of the dawn there I had no idea that two days later I return for the completion of a long started Lemurian ceremony…

If you think that the Big Apple exist only in US you should stop by the most famous caf? place on the way back to Raglan where we were headed. We had a great breakfast after an adventurous night enjoying the lovely stories of the owners whom Loma (of course) knows so well.

Our next destination was the Bridal Veil, this breathtakingly beautiful waterfall nearby. At 55 meters tall it is one of those remote places that have their own secrets ready to reveal for the quiet heart. I suddenly felt the beautiful presence of all those Lady Masters from our history who ever had any connection to this long awaited Cosmic Mother flame to return. The pain as the sacred tool to use through thousands of years now was collected to a huge violet sphere/chalice in the middle. I asked Peter as the one who has a deepest connection to the wisdom of the Violet to remove this sphere with all its content to somewhere inaccessible, beyond our human understanding, to remove all our pain from the past Forever. I have no words to describe the joy and light that I experienced as I saw with my inner eyes the love filled dance of these most magnificent ladies with their beloveds. As their blissful joy transformed into a Rainbow/Diamond sphere with the extreme brightness of our Sun, it was such a vision I still keep in my heart with its very powerful emanation. And I kept hearing the ‘Over the Rainbow’ song again and again as the symbol of the presence of my beloved Lemurian Masters.

Our journey was ready to be completed. At least that was what I thought, leaving behind this most beautiful place. However a flat tire, a peaceful morning walk in Raglan and a strong invitation via the Orcas later, we found ourselves in the car going back to Miringa Te Kakara. Why? Well… We left four crystal hearts there for the four directions in a Divine Balance’s greeting beautiful ceremony. We placed them in the ground in the secret heart center of the complex, which is not the exact center on the physical right now. These four hearts were calling us back to connect them by four hearts on the physical level.


New Zealand, 2011This time the whole setting was different, we arrived at sunset. The Four Hearts on the physical opened the gate for our beloveds on the higher dimensions to step closer to our reality, or rather this Grand ceremony allowed us to step further to our 5th dimensional family. (My whole journey with the Lemurian Masters has started on Mt Shasta in Northern California where they explained to me how they raised their vibration to the 5th dimension. You can read more about it and their Underground existence in the Telos books written by Aurelia Louise Jones.)

The merging of the dimensions, creating a platform for our future common existence, reactivating our long dormant Lemurian DNA layers — only a few of those divine topics that were part of this long awaited ceremony on the physical. Closely guarded by the Spiritual Hierarchy we made a huge step toward our common physical existence.

Now our journey was ready to complete with one last stop at Piha, one of my favorite beaches close to Auckland. The last time I was there with my Lemurian Awakening group. We visited the North part due to the tidal conditions. We went into three beautiful and very powerful caves. Caves as wisdom keepers have a very special vibration. If somewhere at all, than in New Zealand, Tibet and in the Andes it is extremely true. This time due to the low tides, I was allowed to walk to the Southern part of the beach normally completely blocked by the huge waves. I am writing all this because it has a reason why it is protected so well. There are those ancient beings who can be connected to a selected few at selected times. Who are they? They have the same most amazing love vibration as I experience with my Lemurians from the 5th dimension. Still they have chosen a different type of existence closer to the 2nd dimension and its crystalline embodiments. As the gift for the whole journey I was greeted by them, I could feel their ancient love vibrations and actually I could experience their sense of humor. They were in silence for thousands of years waiting for our vibration to archive that requested level for communication. More and more will experience their presence now on. They have a very important piece to add to our planetary evolution. Our DNA will be reactivated from both sides, from the future and the past. Their wisdom is the key to our future.

And that is where my story now ends for a while. For a short while only because guess what! The very last day before my departure back to Los Angeles we went to Mission Bay (where else after a journey like that) and Loma, Ruth and Peter have started to weave our next New Zealand adventure into reality. The call is strong to return with a group for the Summer/Winter Solstice in June. The work with this most amazing White Cosmic Mother Flame has just begun. The next chapter is awaiting us when we visit those sacred places with strong connections to her ancient/future existence. Returning to New Zealand in June is the first step. Going to Lake Titicaca for 11/11/11 are the others. These sacred destinations have a pivotal role regarding our future. The future, which is in our hands. And our hands are forming a sacred circle all around the planet for holding her with love and care. What a privilege to witness a tiny part of this most amazing mission. Our Crystalline Earth is ready to be born. Our biggest gift is witnessing it all as crystalline humans. And that is where my story will continue soon.

Namaste, Kata

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