Bolivia, 2010

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bolivia1In the middle of these extremely powerful first three months of 2010, I am sending all the love of Bolivia to the hearts who are open for its very special vibration. It is the top of the world, one of the new centers of the Divine Feminine. I just got back from a ten days long journey from the heights of that sacred land. A beautiful group gathered again to get closer to our 3rd existence: the love and light of our Lemurian Ancestors who had such a strong connection to this most beautiful part of the world.

I knew that this journey was going to be emotional. I knew that these are the places where the ancient Lemurian vibration was the strongest on the surface for a long time, even after the disappearance of the mother continent. There are beautiful strongholds of this ancient vibration all over the world, but Bolivia is different. Bolivia has had and is having this timeless connection to our ancestors for tens of thousands of years in its untouched, pure, innocent way. Egypt, Mexico and all the other beautiful sites help to preserve something important that was delivered there, but Bolivia and Peru are two of the places where all this wisdom was delivered FROM and not TO. This difference is energetically very important. Bolivia is one of the most ancient sacred sites on Earth. The mission of this journey was threefold: First, to reconnect some of the sacred beautiful places to their original Lemurian vibration by our pure intent and love; second, to make certain preparations for the Worldwide Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony at Lake Titicaca on 11/11/11; and third, to go to one of the most powerful places on Earth, Salar Uyuni, the biggest crystalline salt desert and reconnect to the Crystalline Heart of the planet. This reactivation makes it work as the greatest crystalline transmitter for the planet. It can send the signal out that we are ready to receive all the upcoming enormous lightwaves, which can greatly influence our entering into our next planetary era, the Crystalline one.

We started our journey in one of the most sacred places of the Andes, with a still vivid connection to the timeless dimensions of Lemuria, in Tiahuanaco or Tiwanaku as the Bolivians call it. Tiahuanaco is a timeless enigma for the scientists and a beautiful center of Lemurian wisdom for those who open their hearts for its sacred vibration. There is a huge painting on the wall in the hall of the Museum depicting the entire site, with all its ancient beauty. My heart started to beat faster and not only because of the altitude, but to see this painting for the first time. That is exactly how this site looked like thousands and thousands of years ago. It still stands now, as a real stronghold, the pure symbol of the wisdom of our Lemurian and later our Atlantean ancestors. There are certain high vibration places all around the world which work as dimensional gates in their timeless beauty. Tiahuanaco is definitely one of them. It is a sacred gate to all the other dimensions and the etheric cities above and below.

The Akapana pyramid, like a dimensional gate, greets you as a guardian for all the wisdom and light that was once stored here. It is so ready to open its gate to the open hearted seekers. This is the pyramid which has a straight connection to its feminine counterpart PumaPunku a few miles away. Its energy is like a dimensional gate to not only one, but to many of the higher dimensions, at least to the first twelve in a strange linear measurement. There are places where time and space exist based on a very different reality than what we are used to. I walked to the center of the top plateau among the beautiful monoliths all around. Well, the center of this field is definitely one of them. You connect back immediately to those times when this place was a living temple of all the wisdom of the ancients and had its straight connection to all the higher dimensions and the etheric city formations. Some of these formations have such strong connections still present, that physical underground channels can lead you to some of their energy points/portals. Akapana is like a silent transmitter of time, beaming the invisible but still strong beam of the past, spreading its timeless wisdom to all the hearts who are ready to receive it. There are many very strong parts of the entire site. We had our first Lemurian reconnection ceremony at the feet of the Pyramid where huge monoliths are still visible in a straight line. We got all the help for our meditations and ceremonies from the 3 dimensional guardians as well as from the higher dimensional ones.

bolivia2The day before, I had the privilege to meet the Grandfather of the site who granted his permission for all our ceremonies. He was aware of our coming and we did not have to explain any of the reasons why we were there; he knew and he agreed on behalf of his highly respected ancestors. I thank him for his cooperation, understanding and love even now as I am writing these words. A huge thunderstorm greeted us as well upon our arrival and was kind enough to watch over us from a fair distance not to affect us in any rainy way. We were supported to do what we came for, from all levels.

The next part of the beautiful complex where we spent a lot of time was the Temple of the Divine Feminine, Kantatallita. It is really hard to find the words to describe the elemental power of the center altarpiece here. That beautifully carved rock altar was placed there tens of thousands of years ago, at the very beginning of the building of this whole temple site or even before. That place has the most ancient vibration. It has the strongest still alive connection to the Universal mother energy that Lemuria represented and cared for so long with so much love, respect and wisdom.

It is like a real healing stone. It has the ability to go straight to your cells to clear all the elements you do not need any more on your sacred mission going forward. It is like a most beautiful scan that can see you in your wholeness and heal you right on the point where you need it the most: very special, very pure, very strong.

The Sunken Temple is another very powerful part of this complex. It has the sadness of the sunken continent. Like the most ancient memorial, it was raised for those who lived there and for those who carried on the wisdom of that ancient civilization to all around the planet. It is a living memorial for the ancient wisdom of MU. Our ceremony formed the sacred sevens from all directions that reactivated the long ago stored holographic library. A vast amount of knowledge and light has become accessible with this most beautiful reconnection.

All the other parts of the complex have their own sacred importance: The powerful Gate of the Sun, the awesome ‘hombre’- El Fraile, the whole Kalassaya with its perfect alignment to the four directions, and all its megaliths and strongly vibrating stones — they all play a very important role to keep alive the sacred, ancient essence of this unique place. A very powerful Lemurian temple complex is now connected back to its ancient, vital vibration, helping us as humanity to gain all the wisdom to go further on our most beautiful universal mission, to find the way Home.

Lake Titicaca and the Disc of MU

Titicaca is the most beautiful lake one can imagine. Words can hardly describe the beauty of its sacred water. Divine balance is in the air and divine balance is in the water, with a strong, visibly healed Feminine and Masculine in it. You can feel that whatever you need for finding your own balance you can find it here. Whatever you need to realize as the next layer of your eternal mastery, you can find it here. It is just the perfect next chapter wherever you are on your own journey. And of course it is so much more. We arrived there after a 3 hour bus ride from La Paz.

We went immediately to the Heart of the lake for our first water greeting ceremony. I knew how to connect the guardians of the sacred lake; still it was a beautiful surprise to see a symbol that the lake gave us to use in the middle of its vast beautiful deep blue surface. A symbol of four hearts. This symbol has a strong connection to the middle ornament of the Disc that I discovered later. The Heart of the Lake connected our hearts. With this heart reconnection we could follow our journey into the depths of the energy of this most beautiful place with huge smiles on our faces and in our hearts.

bolivia3Copacabana is a beautiful stronghold for the divine feminine since pre-Inca times, meaning since Lemurian times. A beautiful healing temple was built here a long time ago. The cathedral is now on the same venue. The Madonna in the shrine behind the main temple still has its beautiful, loving very feminine vibration. The whole city is built on the love and peace of the Land itself, simple and beautiful.

Our next destination was the Island of the Sun the next day. According to the Incas, there are three gates to pass through to go up to the top, to feel the vibration of the most ancient part of the Island called Puma Rock appropriately.

These three steps of initiation for us became a threefold meditation: first to CLEAR, then to HEAL our hearts fully, then finally being able to RECEIVE its wisdom, light and beauty. On the top we had the privilege to get the blessing of a Grandfather, Grandfather Angelo who is one of the oldest residents and guardian of the sacred island. After the most beautiful siesta on earth among these sacred rocks we continued our work at the Labyrinth. It is a very strong portal to the underground city, to all the higher dimensions. After a welcoming ceremony it was a long awaited personal experience for all of us.

The top of the island with the entire panorama to the lake and with all the ancient vibration of the rocks on the top, is indeed an eternal segment of our beloved planet. These rocks witnessed the deluge that made major changes in our continental system. And they witnessed many other huge upheavals and beautiful beginnings. Like an old soul with all his/her timeless experiences, these rocks here simply witnessed ALL that was in any way important in our planetary history. They are just here in humble silence, living proof of our ancient past and wisdom, waiting to reconnect every single heart that is ready for this experience.

Legends say that even the Sun and the Moon escaped here during the time of the huge deluge. The top of this sacred island has the same unique very special vibration as the underground chamber of the Great Pyramid. More than ancient, older than anything around it, it is like being connected to a different cycle of our Solar System. ‘Birthing place’ is its sacred Aymara name; no better explanation for the profound and extremely ancient energy to describe it.

After a beautiful sunset walk we found our truly rustic accommodation for the night. Spending the night with a local family is symbolically being the closest to the island, being one with it. That could have been a nice motto if I could have fallen asleep at all. It was cold and rainy but that is not why I couldn’t sleep. According to our plan for the next morning, we would continue to the Island of the Moon. Still deep inside, I had a very strong feeling to return to the sacred spot we visited today. This most sacred site on Earth needs the same CLEARing, HEALing as we had the day before. We had our reactivation ceremony to connect this whole beautiful sacred land back to its most ancient universal origin, but for the full reconnection I just realized that I had to ask the group to join me back for a special ceremony. Early morning at the breakfast table, I shared with them that we had to go back. The group reacted as one heart; they understood with such clarity what I was talking about.

bolivia4This beautiful site witnessed so many things during the thousands and thousands of years. It needs to be cleared and healed for being able to fully open itself again for the ancient universal vibration of Lemuria. It is a huge responsibility, but a beautiful divine task. I asked the group to circle the altar, invoking the healing, clearing Golden Flame for the entire island. A huge ceremony took place; some of the participants were there from the 3rd dimension and a beautiful group was with us there from the higher ones. They formed a circle around us. The Great White Brotherhood was there with us; our guardian master was there also. It was a very special ceremony; letting go of all the energy of the past that cannot serve the highest integrity of the place anymore in its reconnection to the Earth’s most ancient feminine/balanced vibration that was once alive here in the time of Lemuria…

There is a very special part of the lake close to the Island of the Sun, the Sacred Triangle. It is the site where part of the lost city was found under the water. It is the site also where according to the ancient legend the very first couple emerged from the water after the biggest deluge the Earth ever experienced. Three tiny islands are the borders and the vibrations in the middle as well as on the islands, are extremely high. The most sacred of the islands is Khoa. We got the invitation to spend a few hours in its remote pristine and very high dimensional beauty. The sacred mix of the water and the islands — there is indeed something extremely ancient and powerful there. Just sitting on the top of this most sacred land had a very rejuvenating effect on all our physical bodies. But something more was waiting for us. Because of all that this group has achieved up to that point in the journey, we were invited to a very special reconnection ceremony. We were connected and invited to the Golden City in the very middle of this triangle. It was so powerful, almost visible for the physical eyes. That is the sacred center, where the Golden Disc of Mu, the centerpiece resides. This is the sacred center where the Guardians of the lake God and Goddess Meru greet the ready ones. It was a very special greeting ceremony, remaining in our hearts for a long time after we had to say goodbye. Saying goodbye to this tiny island was one of the most difficult parts of the entire journey.

Our next destination was awaiting us. We had our lunch on one of the greatest spots in the entire world, facing the sacred lake and smiling llamas. Our host just did everything to make us feel at home in their rustic and beautiful home. The supper was delicious, while our hearts were ready to open up for the next miracle, the Temple of the Priestesses. This is the site that has the strongest connection to the Divine Feminine and its sacred serpent symbol right now. The guardians of this temple from the higher dimensions as well as from our very 3rd dimension know it so well and keep the vibration of the site on the highest level. I had the privilege to connect to one of the physical guardians. There are wonderful energy holders all around the country, who just simply do what they were assigned a long time ago. It was just amazing to look into their eyes and to see how deeply they are connected to this land and to their sacred mission. Sacred journeys can do a lot of ‘reconnection work’ energetically, but the most important part is always in the hands of those who live there, with full acceptance and understanding regarding their own mission and contribution to the planetary happenings. I have met beautiful women and men with this awareness in their eyes. I am grateful to them for everything they are doing and for everything they were ready to share with us. Eternal reconnections are always the ‘side’ gifts of sacred journeys like that.

bolivia5Last night in Copacabana. I had the privilege to spend the night in a real portal house instead of any hotel. We were so lucky with the weather all the way; it was heavy HEAVY rain during the nights but the sun was always our partner for our daytime adventures. That last night we experienced a little flood. The power of the water is just amazing, whether it comes from the sky or just flooding around. I always see in it the symbol of a new beginning, with fresh, healed start for the Divine Feminine. Of course in divine balance with the most powerful and respected Divine Masculine. In my case, the fireplace with the rain outside was just a simple, yet still beautiful symbol of all these.

Saying good-bye to the lake, saying goodbye to its most amazing violet vibration was on the agenda for the next morning. What could have been a better tool to do that than dance? We had the most amazing morning dance party Copacabana ever witnessed. And we were just ready to return home. Well, some of us to return home, and some of us to start a new adventure called Salar Uyuni in South Bolivia.

Uyuni and its Crystalline Field

I am not a frequent visitor to Bolivia, so I do not have the option to wait or return at the end of the rainy season. Now was the time to go to Uyuni. Friends told me it might be adventurous. Well, I can say I was ready, but I can also say I was not in any way prepared for the beauty and the challenges this trip had for us. Our small but dedicated group started the journey the next evening from La Paz with a 12 hour bus ride. No problem, except if the bus gets stuck in the mud and the driver asks you to walk through the tiny river by yourself; and can only hope to meet on the other side. So we let ourselves be greeted by the love and power of the water yet again.We got to Uyuni after some other great adventures in a sunny mid morning. We headed immediately to the salt desert.

It is the most beautiful, heavenly experience words cannot describe. Because of the rain before, some water still remained on the top of the salt, reflecting the sky and the clouds as a huge boundless mirror. Mirror land with connection to all the way up till the 12th dimension. Being somewhere other than the third. Beautiful indeed.

Scientists say that under the 3 feet of salt there is mud and under the mud there is the most ancient water of the planet. The Sea of Lemuria, the essence of its continent is still with us in its physical form deep under the surface. The intense crystalline presence is like a perfect conduit and helps you to connect to this most amazing Divine Feminine ‘powerhouse’ immediately. It just heals. It brings your long forgotten divine balance out from all your cells. Your body reacts and you feel yourself as being in the 5th dimension immediately. Such a special place to ‘work’.

After a long amazingly beautiful ride we arrived on the other side of the desert, to the feet of Tunupa, the sacred Volcano. We spent the night there in the arms of the mountain and the desert, the water and the fire. The very aim of this trip to the heart of this crystalline field was to connect it back to the crystalline heart of the planet. And to our own crystalline heart. The enormous amount of light and wisdom that this huge crystal field holds for us as humanity for such a long time is now available for every open hearted seeker. And something more, because of this reconnection, this huge crystalline field is able to work as a Universal Transmitter. It can send out the signal about the readiness of humanity, to help us to receive as many light quotients from the universe as possible. The timing of this reconnection was based on the upcoming actions of 2010 as a crystalline year that will bring to our Earth a huge amount of crystalline light from the universe. And, we as humanity, are ready to receive it all. We got all the help from all sides. This huge crystalline field as a transmitter just to make this process easier, faster, more effective. We ‘plugged’ ourselves in as humanity.

This desert is full of surprises. You can use your 4- wheel drive car as an imaginary boat crossing through heaven. The sky and the earth meet right in front of your eyes. There are tiny islands with very special flora. The island of the Inca house is one of them. It is as if in the middle of the most powerful Divine Feminine place on earth there is a Symbolic Divine Masculine stronghold just simply to keep the BALANCE alive.

You can find a hotel in the middle of this timeless whiteness, built from pure salt. There is a center near it with all the flags from the nations that ever visited this highly remote part of our planet. We will return here after our Worldwide Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony at Lake Titicaca next November. We will bring back the flag of Lemuria. I just saw that with such clarity. It is indeed the time to remember. It is the time to understand how our past can influence our future. The more we understand from our ancient mastery, the more we can adopt it to build our future. Our DNA knows this wisdom so well. The only thing we should do is to listen in. Our hearts know the answer. Our hearts are so ready to remember and to reconnect to the timeless Masters who we all really are. Bolivia’s greatest gift to us is in helping this remembering process. It is calling us back and we will return soon. 11/11/11 is already here.

In Lakesh, Kata

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