Adama: Divine Oneness and the Harmonic Universe

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Adama: Divine Oneness and the Harmonic Universe

Greetings to the Masters,

The merging of dimensions has so much difficultly.  It takes an enormous effort to cope with. But, this whole challenging process is also about learning to live in several different frequencies, ‘under different pressures’ so to say. Your whole being needs certain adjustments to do this. The whole process takes a huge amount of energy. Now you focus needs to be on what’s above. Your lower Earthly ‘to do list’, and its effort to keep you down here in only your 3D reality, becomes vain and fruitless.

You are learning to keep your essence in your heart. You are learning not to forget who you really are – in every single Earthly second of your life. When you attain this constant awareness, it will reflect your wisdom, peace, gratitude and compassion. Not your ego in any way, so not to worry. The answer to the question ‘who you really are’, can be the simplest and yet the most effective catalyst at a certain point in your evolutionary leap you are ready to take. So take this leap NOW.

Keep reminding yourself who is the Master within. Your eternal heart essence is the divine part of yourself that you are learning to communicate with. Realize that this communication is connecting you fully, inseparably, internally and externally to your own divinity, and also to your own wisdom and mastery. This realization will enhance the process. Practice is the key. Do you remember? The more you practice, the more of your consciousness can be kept in your daily activities. When fluency is effortless, and when it comes as natural as breathing, a precious switch will occur. Your personality and ego will meld into the divine oriented eternal you. You the Master arrive.

This switch will open the gate to the understanding of the very nature of the higher dimensions. These dimensions don’t follow each other in a linear manner; rather they organically grow out from one another. They are simply part of the ONE reality. The numbers, such as 3D and fifth dimension that are used to distinguish the dimensions are only tools. Tools giving a tiny bit of help, so that the dualistic mind can comprehend. After the gate opens, you will see the whole and get a glimpse of the realities that live in oneness. A oneness separated only by the consciousness of the observer. This divine ONENESS is the Harmonic Universe you finally have gained access to.

A whole new world will be discovered from now on. And the most beautiful part is that this adventure is part of your daily reality. No need to go deep meditation and leave behind your noisy reality. No. IT IS YOUR NEW REALITY. It is the life you are part of 24/7, as your modern expression describe it. It’s not a ‘leave behind your body and come with me to another realm’ type of experience. Not to reduce any of its validity or importance, but this is a whole new chapter for you.

Your physical body is deeply related to this process. It is not a journey played out only in your consciousness driven mind. IT IS a new stage of reality. It is you the eternal Master living in a physical body in a seemingly physical world. I use the word ‘seemingly’ because your higher understanding will reveal the true nature of your physical world. However explaining its holographic nature is not part of this message. For now let’s leave these delicate issues for later messages.

Being part of your reality from your breath – the breath of the eternal Master who you really are – that is called Ascension. This is happening now. You will not leave behind your present reality by this evolutionary act. On the contrary; you will find the real essence of your current state of being by witnessing it dissolve.

The adjustments your body goes through are enormous. Be patient and be aware. Approach any strange symptoms or feelings with openness. But, don’t be sure of the nature of the symptoms until you get a clear validation of its source. Where can you get this validation? From your own body, and from your own heart. Ask to be in constant conscious connection to your body. Listen to what it is ready to reveal regarding the most important process it ever has experienced. Observe yourself with care, and handle your body with love.  Headaches, extreme tiredness, ear ringing, back pain and dizziness are a few of the symptoms. Observing the symptoms your body present gives you the freedom to handle them with your newly gained mastery. Your body is the most precious tool you have for the divine transformation you are going through. Gratitude toward your body is a must; it carries all the wisdom for your wellbeing.

The magnetic changes of your planet have a great impact on your adjustment process. As your body transmutes, your planet is also. You both are deeply connected. It’s one thing to learn from a book, but another to learn from personal experiences of its very nature. Great changes are ahead on micro and macro levels. Your constant connection to your own mastery will lead your body through these changes. Being prepared with love, gratitude and compassion is a must and they come with every single breath. As does the knowledge that you are finally ready to learn about your own self. They are as easy as breathing. Who you really are; it is time for you to know.  

You are love in the disguise of a human being. That makes you special, unique. You are carrying the Heartbeat of the Universe. Wholeness resides within. The time has arrived for you to know the secret.  It is time to remember.


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