Adama: Greetings To The Group On The Mountain

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‘The intense period of activation is far not over. You are all in the middle of the process to get more to understand, more to be able to give forward. The beauty of this process that what you get, you are entitled to give forward. The wisdom and the light can not be only yours especially not now. Welcome for every group activity. It is indeed our honor to greet you here on the mountain. Please feel home, feel the love energy of Telos. Take it with you. Take the light of the wisdom what you are ready to receive. All of the teachings can be transferred to the most sufficient way for every single one of you. Be sure that you got what you are here for. Every step can bring you closer to us. Your heart knows what to do even now. Always always listen to it. Whether you are by yourself on the mountain or at the middle of a gathering, just listen to it.

If the energy is too intense do not worry, just let it flow through you. Take as much as you can, and be aware that you can come back anytime to ‘refill’.

My beloved masters. Let the mountain activate your Crystalline structure. Be connected with us through it. So many will be revealed. The vibration can be raised by the group energy, but the gate will be revealed through your heart by your divine family. Of course no earlier when you are ready. Connect your Higher Self, experience the oneness with the mountain.

Let your light and our guides lead you. We are here to help.

Our love is with you always.


October 15, 2007

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