Adama: Be the Light and spread it through

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Be the Light and spread it through

Greetings to the Masters.

It is always a privilege to address my words to you. We are getting closer to those times when this type of communication will come from your heart straight to ours and get back in the same manner. We are indeed close to experience our seemingly separated realities as merged into one. Every happening in your daily life is a lesson to bring it closer to you. In this magical year the separation between the dimensions will be shortened to the fullest. Your heart will take charge of all the happenings.  Not saying here that the mind won´t play an important role anymore, just that the priorities will change smoothly. You are in the middle of this process. The focus remain inside but the mind will give its place to the heart. New experiences will sharpen the senses. Just rely on the faith of your own divinity and power. Nothing will come to you without the perfection behind to help you heal and be healed, to help you see and be seen by your own Master inside.

Those times  when you could act without full responsibility brought consciously into your light are over. We help you to get the new senses for the full understanding of the plan behind. Your senses to understand the meaning behind the happenings will bring great calm, balance if you use them well. Words can help you to sense a greater part of this reality but there are more important tools to use. Try to connect your heart fully to the heart of the Universe and in the meantime to the heart of the planet. This state of beingness is the greatest door to step through to the New Reality around you. Stay in this state of your heart all day long, just find your new center point of observation and action. Place yourself completely into the heart. Once you have done it, you will know how to find your residence there. There was a time when living mastery was the basis for human existence. Your ancient codes are ready to be reawakened now. Your ancient layers are holding those memories which can help you the most in this process. Great realizations are waiting in the subject. Here is the time to reconnect  with those personal experiences on a timeless manner. Your divinity resides within. Bringing it to the surface is the easiest method to connect to the Master who you really are.

We, as Lemurian Masters, are one of those who are here to help you to remember. We, as Lemurian Masters, are one of those who are here to help you to connect you back to your own divinity. We are here to create our New Reality with you. This historical moment is just few steps ahead of us. The new Human Blueprint is ready to be activated. We will go through this most awaited creation process together. Your fully reactivated DNA is the key. We are here to help. Your readiness is our greatest priority. We are glad to be at your side on this most magical journey home. I am Adama, high priest of the Lemurians in the Higher Dimensions and the Universal representative of New Humanity. I am honored to address finally these words straight to your hearts. You are indeed prepared for the wisdom of your own heart. Let us help you on your most amazing journey home. Important happenings are on the horizon, your consciousness is the only tool to influence them greatly. You are the creator of your own future and we are one in this most beautiful experience. Let your heart and eternal wisdom guide you through.

And now allow me to address  my words to the travelers who experienced our vibratory existence on the physical just recently in New Zealand on the Waitaha Elders Gathering. I am talking to those but I am also talking to all of you because you are all travelers  of the greatest journey of your own life with all its personal and planetary happenings. Trust in the Universe and all its unfoldments. You are so good in it and you should share it soon with others to learn.

You all got the piece you went there for. They got the piece they were waiting for. Physical manifestations are always the platform to ‘fool’ the expectations around.  Better not to use any of them to try to create the future. Leave it to the Higher Selves and the Universal forces.The encounter with the higher level of existence from  the Universe, meaning the reconnection with the ancients from the future has indeed happened. On the time it was predicted . On a more personal level than on the group one. Certain heart reconnection will be the proof soon.

With all its uncomfortable or unpleasant elements I am here to declare that the journey has achieved the divine goal that was invoked for from the timeless dimensions. Truly gifted hearts were present to get something special for further adjustments. A huge Mirror was created from both sides to look into. You got your personal ‚snap shot‘ to work with. You got exactly what you went for. In certain cases time will reveal clarity; in some other cases  it is already brighter than the Sun. Leave time to create understanding.

Divine mastery acts through the hearts. A new level was achieved first in recent history with this size of a group of Hearts. Not because we can see and greet a homogeneous outcome, just because we can already sense  the vibratory result. No need to see any shift on the physical to see the effect of it. Your universal family was present. Time will reveal the truth. In the meantime keep trusting your perception and senses, they will show you the reality you are ready for.

The love of the Waitaha  is one of the most ancient vibratory reminder of your true origin on Earth. You were invited to experience it your own way. Your heart is filled now with this vibration. You were invited to serve. You are one of those beautiful souls who were assigned this a really long time ago. You were invited to get what is the most required in your personal journey to step further, to be the Master who you are, to help others to remember their own mastery. Look within and sense the depth of what you have just experienced on this journey, let this special Mirror show you the message you were there for. Let the healing energy of this beautiful and very special land sink  into your cells and blood. Let your blood start to vibrate  the light manifested in love for thousands and thousands of years. Let the family of your divine origin finally greet you. Let the magic begin. I am talking to all those who read these words here. One needs physical reconnection to regain full clarity. One needs different tools. Be the light and let your heart spread it through. The aim is one, as the result at the end. To reconnect to who you really are.
We know you. We love you. We remember you.


August 31st, 2009

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