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Web of Lemurian Light

Greetings to the Masters in your hearts,

I am here to talk to you about the Lemurian Reactivation Ceremonies worldwide. It is indeed ONE important worldwide event. There are those long dormant sacred places which need this conscious approach and love filled awakening method to be utterly at the service of humankind. You should know that many of these sites were created for this very aim. To hold in their holographic design the sacred vibration and to be at your service when time comes. When time comes for what? To receive back all that once was yours but according to the divine plan humanity had to lose its sight for a period of time. Well, the time is here again to regain completely the wisdom of these long hidden secrets or tools. These reactivation processes have twofold aims. One is to help to reactivate energetically the sites themselves. Most of these places have a sacred crystalline structure in the Higher Dimensions, sealed with the purest intention to wait those who can emanate the same and with that can open the gate for further disciplines. These crystalline structures are the keepers of the codes. Those codes that could assist the very same reactivation processes in your  Heart.
This DNA activation manifests for those who participate on the physical, affects those who join in through their hearts‘ intention, and there is a very special ‘side affect‘  for all those who are ready for this kind of frequency work without being there on any of the above mentioned  conscious ways.

You can imagine all of these Ceremonies as centers of these sacred pulsations, which emanate their invisible waves for every living creature around, affecting  those ones who are ready to open their hearts for these pure love-filled energies.

When our beloved civilization had to disappear with all the sacred wisdom from the humanity‘s consciousness field, all these places with all the vibratory elements, manifested in the Divine Rays were swept away from the surface. Everything had to be erased, a Tabula Rasa period of time have started  to let people realize their own chances and responsibilities to build up AGAIN their own divinity. There were stages of these sacred ‘building’ periods. The consciousness level of humanity was raised step by step  to the very peak where it is now. After so many attempts and so many lessons you are at the gate to access all what once belonged to you.These reactivation ceremonies are useful tools for the very end times to recover all the wisdom and light of your own ancestry. This is one of the sacred tools to help to connect your heart back to Divine Balance and through this balance  to the Crystalline Grid, to connect you and your planet back finally to Divine Oneness.

Regarding the schedule so to say. Teotihuacan was the Grand Opening which will be followed worldwide based on a certain plan involving all the sacred rays and the wisdom of your ancestors.  Seven major reactivations will happen around the planet This can be followed in every major region with further regional reactivations. The plan is to restore the Lemurian vibration on a strong and visible way worldwide, always in full accordance with the readiness of the certain region for that all. A Worldwide web of Divine Balance will be achieved by your diligent work soon.

Some of the most prepared regions are the Central and South American region and Spain in Europe. No surprise to see so much eagerness and openness in the subject. These hearts are ready to open up completely to the wisdom of the ancients.

Every event will affect all the upcoming. Egypt and Tibet will be on the palette soon. In the meantime be open for any changes. These are not plans set in stones. The living grid is our common compass. It will always show the direction to follow.

The Lemurian Reactivation Ceremonies are tools to help the Ascension process on personal levels and on the planetary ones. If you feel to be with us on those occasions we appreciate it fully from our dimension and we send you our Love and Gratitude for being with us in our historical reconnection mission.

Let the wisdom and light of your hearts be the key to your newly set Reality.
We are with you always in love

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