Adama: Pay Attention to Your Physical Body

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Pay Attention to Your Physical Body

My most beloved Masters, I greet you all from my heart. I am Adama, the high priest of the Lemurians in Telos and the Universal master of New Humanity. I am in the position to witness all of your efforts. I am in the position to cherish all the developments you have attained in your latest linear years. I have the privilege now with all the Ascended Masters to be welcomed in so many hearts.

The process is getting faster. You are in the middle of your own self realization journey which can be the greatest help for your beloved planet as well. Finding the way to the silence and wisdom in your heart is the very first phase. Understanding your dormant abilities are the second. Waking them up for the rediscovery of all your dormant  potential is the third. So many of you are already in the third phase, patiently waiting for the next one. Well I am here to tell that this next one will involve your physical body. All the re-awakened divinity has the greatest influence on your newly formed crystalline body. This is the adjustment that needs the most understanding and time. Be patient and open for all the signal of your own body. Be the first who understands all it’s signals. Your conscious connection with your physical embodiment is the best tool to start your separation from it. Love your body as you love yourself. Take care of it on all levels. If you are conscious in every moment regarding your own physical temple you will be more open for the same caring, loving attitude toward every living creature on Earth. This attention can greatly affect your ability to sense the invisible beauty around you. Attract to the physical level all that is the best for your body through your heart. That will attract the attributes best for the planet as well. You are connected in such a way it is hard to find words to describe. Find the feeling in your heart. Feel how the Earth is breathing consciously and feeling her heartbeat is the best way to reconnect.

There are certain higher dimensional tools for us to be able to monitor all the changes on the surface. These changes are based on your expanding consciousness. Our dimension is merging with yours through this process. As you are getting closer to your ascension, all the divine help and our active help in the process can get closer and more available to you. We cannot and will not interfere in any way unless you consciously invite us into the process. This is true on every level. Cosmic law needs respect and understanding. All these words are addressed to assure you that whenever you are ready for our higher dimensional assistance we can be there to step in. Your love-filled intention is the invitation.

What we can see is the vast amount of love and light that you are ready now to manifest: in your own body, mind, heart and in your own lives for personal well-being as well as for the greater good of your planet.

If you are ready to act for the planet, you connect your heart to the Universe. This is the most beautiful divine matrix connecting every dimensions and every living formed and formless co-participants. You have arrived from those dimensions that hard to comprehend with your available senses. Your journey will lead you back to your home with the tremendous experience you walked through. You are the greatest assistance for all that is now accelerating on this tiny, still greatly beloved part of the Universe. Feel the pure essence of your recent embodiment, feel its timeless connection to the divine being who you really are. It is the time to be able to see the ‘Big Picture’ with all its sacred dimensional layers in it. Formed and formless light are all around. Open up your new senses to see, feel, comprehend all of it. We are waiting in patience and love and now we see the timeline to the merging of our dimensions. We are getting closer to you not because we lower our vibration in any way, but because you as humanity are raising yours.

Your consciousness is the key to your own most awaited self discovery. 2010 will bring all its lessons and beauty. Your readiness will bring the happenings on all levels to your recent reality. There is one important thing which will differ this year from the last ones. That your dimension is now closer to those we are operating from. All the diligent work, all the consciously created light have brought you closer to the Assistance and Love what we can offer to you.

At this stage  pay more attention to your physical body. It needs nourishment, love and patience. Certain symptoms will speed up the process. Your heart will know what is the best way to adjust to all the long awaited changes.

This unique evolvement is the key and will accompany you to embody the Crystalline Divine Being in the heart of the universe of who you all are.

We are here to love and serve

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